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Top 32 Teams at the 2013 United States National Championships

Players put everything into their teams last weekend to make sure they would finish in the Top 12 for the season and earn the much-coveted Worlds invite. Here we have the teams that made the Top 32 cut in the Masters Division at the 2013 United States Pokémon Video Game National Championships. Of the Top 4 players, 19 different Pokémon were used in the 24 possible team slots. Overall, 51 different Pokémon helped their trainers achieve the cut this year:

The Teams

1. Gavin Michaels (kingofkongs)


2. Enosh Shachar (Human)


3. Demitri Camperos (darksoulSP)


4. Randy Kwa (R Inanimate)


5. Stephen Morioka (Stephen)


6. Harrison Saylor (Crow)


7. Alex Valente (avdc90)


8. Jason Fisher-Short (Fish)


9. Richard Ashby (TheAshAttack)


10. Adib Alam (honchkro13)


11. Scott Glaza (Scott)


12. Tiffany Stanley (Shiloh)


13. Aaron Zheng (Cybertron)


14. Jun Tumaneng (Cypher)


15. Nicholas Seman


16. Kevin Fisher (Uncle Taint)


17. Geoff Hamilton (PROFESSORLABCOAT)


18. Zach Jens


19. Giovaine Neita (jio)


20. Kevin Reed


21. Rick Guerra


22. Winston Chan (Chanman)


23. Ben Rothman (Nightblade7000)


24. Jonathan Neville


25. Clark Stan (LilWhiteRice)


26. Trista Medine (ryuzaki)


27. Maurice Easterly (Reeseesee)


28. Brandon Mitchell (Bisty)


29. Andrew Burley (Andykins)


30. Jean-Olaf Magnusson (gene)


31. Chaston Williams


32. Jonathan Rankin (JRank)


Frequency Per Pokémon

Keep in mind that this only counts for the Top 32 Cut! If a Pokémon appears even once on this list you should probably take a look at its properties. Anything that appears more than a few times is a Pokémon to watch out for. And of course, if you hit the double digits, that’s a Pokémon you’ll absolutely need to account for to win.

Cresselia 22
Tyranitar 22
Thundurus 11
Metagross 11
Amoonguss 6
Volcarona 6
Rotom-Wash 6
Gastrodon 6
Hitmontop 6
Landorus-Therian 5
Gyarados 5
Excadrill 5
Salamence 5
Scizor 4
Zapdos 4
Conkeldurr 4
Scrafty 3
Latios 3
Breloom 3
Heatran 3
Tornadus 3
Ninetales 3
Abomasnow 3
Ludicolo 2
Bisharp 2
Togekiss 2
Escavalier 2
Politoed 2
Kingdra 2
Hydreigon 2
Virizion 2
Terrakion 2
Jellicent 2
Garchomp 2
Misdreavus 1
Rhyperior 1
Landorus 1
Heracross 1
Steelix 1
Suicune 1
Glaceon 1
Chandelure 1
Exeggutor 1
Sableye 1
Manectric 1
Mamoswine 1
Dragonite 1
Yanmega 1
Rotom-Heat 1
Latias 1
Rotom-Frost 1

Thanks to everyone who helped compile this information.

Photo Credit: Robbie Miles (Biff). Check out more of his event coverage on his YouTube channel.

About the Author

is one of the co-founders of Nugget Bridge and the Community Manager for eSports Tournament Platform Battlefy. He has been playing Pokémon since 1999, competitively since 2007, and attending tournaments since 2010. He lives in Vancouver, Canada with a degree in Interactive Art & Technology + Communications. You can follow him on Twitter at @rushanshekar.

26 Responses to Top 32 Teams at the 2013 United States National Championships

  1. Scott says:

    The best part of our current missing data is that I’m sure people are going to calculate usage % and then when we get the rest of the data it’ll screw things up and they’ll have to recalculate. Beauty!

  2. Adib says:

    Kevin Reed had Salamence/Tyranitar/Excadrill/Cresselia. I can’t remember the last two, sorry.

  3. Cypher says:

    Ninetales 3
    Politoed 2

    Ninetales was here, Politoed is a loser
    Sun was here, Rain is a loser

  4. Chanman says:

    I also used Metagross and Salamence

  5. Firestorm says:

    I also used Metagross and Salamence

    Kevin Reed had Salamence/Tyranitar/Excadrill/Cresselia. I can’t remember the last two, sorry.

    Thanks! Added. Salamence surprisingly popular this event.

    If you guys have the data team-IRC-users-furiously-using-google-spreadsheets didn’t let me know and I’ll edit it in.

    It was a sight to behold when that went up and people instantly filled out most of the data. Thanks everyone!

    Ninetales was here, Politoed is a loser
    Sun was here, Rain is a loser

    Yeah, one of the bigger surprises of Nationals for sure!

  6. BlitznBurst says:

    The thing with Sun being there more than rain I believe is because people have finally found a use for Ninetales. No one prepares for Ninetales, but almost everyone finds something to be ready for Politoed (and more than usually Kingdra). I find this really neat, thanks for getting this info 🙂

  7. araluen7 says:

    Ninetales was here, Politoed is a loser
    Sun was here, Rain is a loser

    Thanks a lot Lajo..

  8. Andykins says:

    My last one was Tyranitar

  9. TKOWL says:

    Lol at all those people who still think the meta has gone stale and that all teams are made out of the same stuff

  10. bellanko says:

    Man, can anyone tell me External. I’ve seen it in many Nationals this year :_:

  11. joej m says:

    The teams in the finals are super wonky and awesome.
    nice to see some variety ^^;

  12. Baz Anderson says:

    I’ve seen that Japanese team a few times, but I am more amused by Google’s translations into English of the various Moves & Items… it’s like a game in its own figuring out what they are…
    “Feelings scarf” and “Feelings headband” must be Choice Scarf and Band
    “The waist of eating”, hahaha – Leftovers
    “Do not the children of the light” – what on earth?? – Cresselia’s Item…
    “The chewing” – I found amusing as Crunch
    “We’re Gonna Do freezing” – hahaha, what? Icy Wind?
    “Do not children of the anchor” – what???? – Rage Powder???
    Follow Bellanko’s link above and say yes when Chrome wants to translate it for you. It’s fun…
    As for the article, I’m not surprised Tyranitar is common, but I didn’t realise it was THAT common.

  13. kswas says:

    If the one you suggest is rage powder is indeed that, I would guess Cresselia’s item is Brightpowder.  Not sure how “do not children of the” = “powder,” but that appears to be it :D

  14. MrFox says:

    Maybe people are finally realizing that Bisharp is 100% better than Scizor.

    People besides Cybertron anyway.

  15. Calm Lava says:

    wow steelix?? I never saw that! I would love to see that set

  16. LilWhiteRice says:

    Man my team is so standard compared to everyone else’s teams

  17. Lajo says:

    Ninetales was here, Politoed is a loser
    Sun was here, Rain is a loser

    Including 3 Abomasnows, Rain is the worst weather in US^^

    Thanks a lot Lajo..

    You´re welcome :P
    No surprise in the Top4 most used for me, but 6 Amoonguss is a thing- TR and Rain will have a hard time thanks to that.
    Gyarados finally gets a comeback, too, probably Japan had quite some influence here.
    22 Teams were using at least one intimidate-user, with 23 overall, with Landorus and Hitmontop being the most-used. Seems like this is the most reliable option to deal with sand for most teams, so no wonder the japanese team still works so good with Bisharp.
    I really like the high variety, though. Something like Heracross, Exeggutor, or even Manectric, Steelix and Misdreavus(!!!) are very rare to see and I´m glad some people could do so well with it :)

  18. bcaralarm says:

    The lack of Garchomp was, in my opinion surprising. I don’t think that the popularity of Landorus-T had affected the usage of Garchomp so much, with only one apprearence out of 32 teams (in comparison to Landorus-T’s 6).

  19. Fatum says:

    Wow, so few Dragons.

    And RIP Therian Thundurus, for America knows not thou exist at all.

  20. Pokealex says:

    and the seniors?

  21. LPFan says:

    and the seniors?

    I agree, would you guys be kind enough to do seniors?

  22. Reeseesee says:

    I had Garchomp over lando T. I’ve never used lando period. xD

  23. Scott says:

    Fixed, though I’m not sure how that one happened since I’m almost positive I entered it correctly in the spreadsheet at one point…

    I agree, would you guys be kind enough to do seniors?

    I think Fatum just showed you how to get that done if you want it to happen.

  24. Technoz says:

    Yes, this needs to be done for seniors. Aside from that I think having more Ninetales than Politoed is hilarious.

  25. Foob says:

    Yes, this needs to be done for seniors. Aside from that I think having more Ninetales than Politoed is hilarious.

    It would also be funny if they did this for Juniors as well.

  26. LatiosIsCool says:

    If you do senior I would assume you would do top 16 and not 32 right? 😛

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