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No Canadian Video Game National Championships in 2013

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The Pokémon Company International has just updated the page for the autumn regionals taking place this weekend with slight adjustments to the prizes which reveal that plans for a Canadian National Championship have been scrapped.

Travel awards and byes are awarded to the winning player and are awarded to the U.S. National Championships. A Canadian player is therefore eligible to win a travel award to the U.S. National Championships, as there is no Video Game Nationals in Canada in 2013.

Unfortunately the Ontario Regional is this weekend so if you had plans to just attend the Canadian National Championships next summer, you're out of luck. This brings down the amount of Worlds Qualification events (including the LCQ) to 5 in 2013 instead of 10 in 2012 with Europe's system also changing. The Canadian TCG National Championships will still be in Toronto as scheduled. The silver lining to this news is that we shouldn't see a split in the playerbase when Nationals weekend rolls around. And hey, maybe we'll get a few more invites this time too?

Thanks Omega for the tip.

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    • By MudkipVGC
      so i sadly dident TC this year due to a miss play but i still had fun. but the way this team works is pretty much switch gain momentum until a primal can sweep. most of the time i follow the rule of chose Thundurus or Cresselia chose if you want both primals if not take both intimidaters if so pick 1. since the team only has Mawile as a mega and theres matchups you want Landourus over Mawile you have to learn to play at a slight disadvantage. when bringing TR mode i like to lead Landourus Cresselia so T1 i can U-turn and TR and then i chose a primal. when bringing Thundurus theres a lot more switching involved. Mawile is mainly my mega of chose because it works well in TR and it gives me answers to Yveltal and Xerneas. 
      Groudon-Primal @ Red Orb  
      Ability: Desolate Land  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 252 HP / 196 Atk / 60 SpD  
      Adamant Nature  
      - Protect  
      - Fire Punch  
      - Precipice Blades  
      - Substitute  
      Kyogre-Primal @ Blue Orb  
      Ability: Primordial Sea  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 252 HP / 204 Def / 52 SpA  
      Quiet Nature  
      IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe  
      - Protect  
      - Water Spout  
      - Scald  
      - Ice Beam  
      Mawile-Mega @ Mawilite  
      Ability: Intimidate  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD  
      Brave Nature  
      IVs: 0 Spe  
      - Protect  
      - Play Rough  
      - Iron Head  
      - Sucker Punch  
      Thundurus @ Focus Sash  
      Ability: Prankster  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe  
      Timid Nature  
      IVs: 20 HP / 0 Atk / 29 SpD  
      - Protect  
      - Taunt  
      - Thunder Wave  
      - Thunderbolt  
      Cresselia @ Sitrus Berry  
      Ability: Levitate  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 252 HP / 92 Def / 164 SpD  
      Sassy Nature  
      IVs: 0 Atk / 9 Spe  
      - Trick Room  
      - Gravity  
      - Skill Swap  
      - Ice Beam  
      Landorus-Therian @ Choice Band  
      Ability: Intimidate  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe  
      Jolly Nature  
      - U-turn  
      - Rock Slide  
      - Earthquake  
      - Explosion  
    • By styrofoameon
      The (Big) 6 Groups of 2016 Nationals Preview
      There are currently about 446 players registered for VGC. While some of them are seniors and juniors, most will be masters. This means, as in the past there are in all likelihood 9 rounds and somewhere in the vicinity of 27-36 players (based on 300 to 400 masters) will cut day 1.
      However, this year, most people have other goals, and can be broken down into groups based on their objectives. For simplicity we will ignore that a few US and Canada players have CP from other nationals, and simply approximate the targets based on the assumption that this is the last CP of the season, and that most players have a nationals slot open.
      GROUP A: Day 2 or Bust (453+ CP, 21 players)
      8 players make a free invite to Day 2 of worlds. This is a hugely important goal. By estimating that most everyone in the current T8 will get at least T32 in this tournament, we can find the minimum target for a day 2 invite: 748. However, something like 59 other players can reach that target with a T16. So a more realistic target is about 819, which assumes that at least 5 of the T16 come from that group of 59.
      There are about 21 people who could hope to meet that target with a T32. As most of them are among NA's top players anyway, it is fair to say that not achieving a Day 2 invite would be at least a mild disappointment. At least 13 of these players will of course be disappointed, but such is the nature of Pokemon VGC that it would be silly to discount any of these players a chance for an invite.
      GROUP B: As Long as We're Here... (384 - 452 CP, 43 players)
      Late in the season VGC confirmed that the T64 would receive stipends contingent on them attending and playing in Nationals. Thus most of them will be in Columbus, but for players at the lower end of the T64, cutting day 1 at Nats is almost certainly required for them to earn the right to skip day 1 at Worlds. More realistically they probably need a T16.
      In general, one can expect a lot of these players will drop at X-3, possibly opening up some places for some of the below groups.
      GROUP C: Why are we here? (350 – 383 CP, 48 players)
      By the current count, 112 players in the US-Canada region have invites. Some of these players will be attending, but many will not, choosing to save their dollars for their trip to expensive San Francisco. Realistically these players can try to pay for their trip to Nationals with T16 or better prize money, but they have little else as a target.
      Many of these players are here for the opportunity to see friends and so forth, and one might reasonably expect them to drop at X-3, and perhaps even to scoop if paired with a friend with more at stake.
      GROUP D: Thank goodness for T128 (266-349 CP, 76 players)
      About 76 more players (down to #188 in the standings) can reach worlds with a T128 finish. This is easily achieved with a 6-3 finish on day 1. Even with 400 players, a 5-4 finish with good tiebreaks can get the job done, as about a quarter of 5-4 players will finish in the T128.
      There will be many pairings between these players in possible win-or-go-home games in the final couple of rounds on Day 1, which will lead to more drama than any of these players want. Players at 5-4 will of course be quite interested in how many people drop at X-3. If attendance is low (<320 or so, possible if virtually no one pays the extra $15 on site to play) and a significant number of players drop, we could even see CP awarded to players with losing records at a nationals not located in South Africa.
      GROUP E: Nervous about 6-3... (218-265 CP, 39 players)
      This group needs a T64 to make Worlds. Somewhere between about half (with ≈350 players) and a quarter (with ≈410 players) of 6-3 will finish in the T64. This group could be most affected by drops by X-3 players, so it is hard to forecast how many will make it, but there is certainly going to be some suspense waiting for the standings after round 9.
      GROUP F: Day 2 or Bust (217 or fewer CP, 228th or worse in the standings)
      While some of these players can sneak into worlds with a T32 and technically there may be some T32 at 6-3 depending on attendance, for the most part people in this group cannot really think about worlds unless they are playing on Saturday. T16 of course is enough CP for worlds by itself.
    • By FeathVgc
      UK National senior preview 
      Hi everyone I'm Fergus or @FeathVgc and I'm writing my first article on nugget bridge. This preview for seniors has been done before by @Garchompguybut many people felt he failed to capture every aspect a preview needs to contain. I will write this with no bias and will work from knowledge of players and point systems to help me give the best analysis I can of the for coming  UK nationals.
      Difficulty : difficulty is hard to tell with this composition due to the varied success of players across the season also the turbulent nature of VGC makes it hard to call 100% of the time a clear winner. Because of this I will leave out a rating for thi compotition
      Championship points: so as it stands I will order the preview by the rating of CP from 1-10 positions this way I can get a clear order for who needs what place and how they will do.
      1) Fergus Costard (@feathvgc) -554 CP
      At the moment I am currently 1st in the uk in terms or championship points the season started well for me with a 2nd place at the London regional. and also picking up a 1st in the Glasgow regional. I currently lead the UK Seniors and need only top 16 for a paid worlds invite.
      2) Conor Gore (@UnitedCancerVGC) -512 CP
      Conor, despite having only played Pokémon at competitions for only a year, has done very well to earn his 512 CP and his 2nd in UK and 15 in Europe spot. He is the winner of Wakefield regional,3rd at London and took 2nd at the recent Nottingham MSS. he took a fall at Sutton but he has since recovered and is now looking for top 8 nationals and his paid worlds invite. He is a strong player and if he can get his head in the game he can come out with a good result.
      3) Sammy 'o Connor (@m3m3rVGC) -502CP
      Sammy is a strong player with experience from last years national here in the UK. he has amounted his CP via his top 4 placements at both Wakefield and Sutton coldfield as well as being the victor of a MSS showdown. A strong player who needs top 8/4 for worlds and with his level of play can probably do it.
      4) Sanjit Acharya (@TimeRiftVGC)-490CP
      Sanjit has had a mixed season with highs and lows. He played missed cut at both Sutton and London regionals but found success with his 2nd place at Wakefield regionals and MSS win in Nottingham. he has played consistently well this season and can hopefully get his top 4 spot and henceforth world invite.
      5) Calon Stevens (no known twitter) -480CP
      Coming of this paid trip to worlds in VGC15. Calon hit some turbulence in his adaptations to VGC16. He missed cut in his 1st and 2nd regional. he later bounced back with a top 8 in Sutton to go with his top 8 in London and also his top 8 in Wakefield. he is an experienced player who has huge potential and if anyone was to write his off for nationals they would have to be and idiot.
      6) Rhys Stevens ( no known twitter) - 439CP
      Rhys is calon's brother and is the youngest senior competing. Rhys just left the junior division with a top 2 place at nationals last year and has done very well to earn his spot. He is will need  top 2 in Liverpool's national to earn his paid worlds. He had got a top 2 before so who knows. He plays well and has achieved a top 8 at Sutton to help his point total.
      7) Jamie Stewart (@jammiedodgerVGC)- 429CP
      Jamie has had a varied season starting with just missing cut at London and a bubble at Wakefield which came down to the fact all his opponents lost their last games. he also bubbled again at Sutton claiming 9th place and missing the top 8 cut. This said he did have all this bad luck against him I one way or another and the pressure of exams but he still has got his self the chance for worlds with a top 2 for paid invite.
      8) Sam Pickering (@UKsamVGC)- 377CP
      Sam had a decent start to his season by picking up top 4 in London narrowly loosing to me after a heated Bo3 set. He followed up with a solid top 4 at Wakefield and is looking hopeful for worlds. Only problem is he had never won an event. until yesterday when he took a PC win against all odds. despite this he had a poor run a Sutton ending on 1-4  making worlds a hard call with a win at nationals the only thing to save him. He makes good plays and should not be underestimated.
      9) Theo Chevis (@kyogreworlds) -327 CP
      Theo is a strange player who in my opinion is the real wild card here. He has only played me once this season and I 4-0ed him but he goes on to win Sutton regional and also take the Boston open title back in 2015. His lack of tournaments is the reason for his lack of points but he has quite the reputation as a result a player to be feared and to watch. sadly a worlds win will only take him to a possible paid invite so he will have to really pull it out the bag here. Theo is the player to watch imo.
      10) Thomas Gilmore (no known twitter) - 180 CP
      I included Thomas in my top 10 even though he is not strictly top 10 in CP. I did this because Thomas is , like theo , a very odd player. he comes to 4 competitions an takes 1st in London regional 1st in a PC , last in a PC and top 16 in Sutton he is a very good player who just needs more self confidence and he will bloom. he cant make worlds even with a national win but in my opinion he could well take it.
      Honourable mentions: these are players who perhaps cant make paid worlds but are In the running for something high placed
      1) Jana (@WeeYellowBoy)-370CP
       Jana is a fairly isolated member of the community. Little is known about his apart from his top 2 finish at Glasgow and 5th place bubble at London. No one knows if he will even show up at nats but if he did he would need the win and as result he did not make my list.
      2)Eoin McMahon (no known twitter)-319CP
      Trained by Sammy o Connor, Eoin has performed well this season picking up good results at his events. Eoin and I have never met but his total and what people tell me shows he is a force to be reckoned with and well with in his capabilities to do well at nationals. Needing the win here at UK nationals he will have a tough time making worlds. Tough but not impossible.
      3)Mattie Morgan (@MattieMooVGC)- 301CP
      Mattie is the only worlds hopeful from Ireland. he has been to 2 regionals and picked up 1st at his Irish regional and 2nd at the Sutton coldfield one. I have only seen him play once and he looked ok. but from what I have been told he has improved massively and is truly in the running for the nationals win. sadly even with the national win ,Mattie  still needs a good amount of top 16 to drop out for him to clutch his spot. in the top 16.
      4) Jamie Molyneux (@AssAssinMine)-167 CP
      I put Jamie in this honourable mention place because he plays well and his top 8 at Wakefield reflects this he has not been to as many tournaments as others but I woud under no circumstances write him off at all. He can definitely make a big splash this tournament.
      5+6) AxilotlVGC and Tevin/Otto Arboren (@invicnati and @Hungryspheal )-586 + 552CP
      These two are our confirmed international visitors for the senior division. AxilotlVGC's real name is not known and all that is known is he and Otto must have left Sweden 2 times in order to acquire the point total they have. As the horse betting tip goes you should bet on the foreign horse as it wont have come all this way for nothing. Because of the success in other countries these 2 have had to get 4th and 7th in Europe. these 2 could well be in the running's of winning this thing. they both need top 16 for paid worlds and should be able to do this.
      To conclude , UK nationals at the moment is really anyone's game and everyone will have to play their best to get to worlds. To call a winner would be stupid and guess work so i will leave it open and here but anyway thanks for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed an insight into seniors and our worlds hopes. Shout out to @Carlos666333VGC and @NacThePro1 who just told me they are coming to the National! c u there
      thanks for reading - @FeathVgc 
    • By StreetSkater
      Im sure you guys have heard this enough but I feel as if Smeargle should be getting a bann.. Probably later than sooner, But if you guys watched Chappa Vs Shaun in the Regional finals you just witnessed a heart crushing game. Honestly, It seemed that people in the actual tournament seemed to be more stoked at Smeargle getting taken out then Shaun winning. What do you guys think?
      Do you not use smeargle out of pride or are you going to do whatever it costs to win.
    • By Chaivon
      Our PTO has confirmed that Mexico Nationals will take place on the weekend of June 18-19, 2016. Nationals for both VGC and TCG will take place on the same venue. More information will be release at a later date and I will update the post. Do not hesitate to ask for more info if you're interested in attending
      Edit: A Facebook event has been created and the event info is also in the pokemon.com website
      Event: Nacional de Pokémon VG 2016 Mexico
      Tournament ID: 16-06-000012
      TO: Ives Rountree 
      Date: June 19, 2016
      Registration: 9am to 10 am
      Based on this new info my hopes of a bo3 2-day event are almost gone but we'll see if that changes.
      FB event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/541133806064936/
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