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Pokémon World Tournament Event for 2012 Senior Champions is Live

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blog-pwt_senior_champions.jpgDid the Junior Division World Champions event from two weeks ago give you a good taste of the Pokémon World Tournament? Hopefully because it appears we've all aged up a division over the past two weeks! As of now, the Senior World Champions event is live on the Pokémon Global Link. Access the computer terminal to the left of the PWT receptionist and download the event.

You'll be able to play against the teams of the following players:

  • Senior Division World Champ Toler Webb (Dim) as "World Champ Toler"
  • Senior Division Runner-up Jaime Martinez Alonzo (repr4y) as "World Runner-up Jaime"
  • Senior Division 3rd Place Finisher Nitesh Manem (nachocheese999) as "World Finalist Nitesh"
  • Senior Division 4th Place Finisher Henry Maxon (Snake) as "World Finalist Henry"

Your first round will have you playing either Nitesh or Henry before moving onto Jaime and eventually Toler. If you're having trouble beating the champion and need some tips, maybe taking a look at the team analysis written by Toler himself would be helpful?


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