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Nugget Bridge and Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 at Apex 2013 (Updated)

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blog-apex_featured.pngFor players in North America, it's hard not to look over at our British friends with envy as they hold massive grassroots tournaments. Although the west coast is still out of luck, those in the northeast of the United States have a new event to look forward to! Happening just one week before the winter regionals, Apex 2013 looks to be the largest grassroots Pokémon tournament in North America by a long shot!

If you aren't familiar with Apex, it's one of the largest fighting game tournament series around and home to the largest Super Smash Bros. event of the year. The 2012 event featured over 800 players from countries all around the world including Canada, Netherlands, and Japan. As you can probably see from the video above, there's quite a bit of energy at the event!

Nugget Bridge is proud to announce that we will be partnering up with CLASH Tournaments to stream Pokémon Black & White 2 for Apex. With our commentators' knowledge of the game and the high quality streaming that CLASH Tournaments is known for, we aim to set a new bar for live Pokémon coverage. The stream will start at 8:00 PM Eastern.

The Pokémon Black and White 2 tournament will take place on the evening of Friday January 11th, 2013 at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. A $10 entrance fee will be required to enter and the Top 3 will win cash prizes (payout TBD). Trainers will play in a single game double elimination tournament using the VG Modified format of the time. Losers Finals, Winners Finals, and Grand Finals will be played as best of threes. With the VGC '13 Spring Regionals a week later, we are sure to have the updated VG Modified ruleset in time for this tournament.

Date: Friday January 11th, 2013

Start Time: 5:00 PM

Venue: Student Center (Rutgers University), 126 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Entrance Fee: $10

Prize: Top 3 get cash prizes (amount TBD)

Ruleset: VG Modified

Format: Single Game, Double Elimination. Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals to be played as Best of 3.

Tournament Organizers: Angel Miranda (Sapphire Birch) and Mark Korsak (ChiboSempai)

You can register online now.

Road to Apex

Nugget Bridge's live tournaments from December 2nd to January 3rd will be Apex Qualifiers. As a result, they will count for both Nugget Bridge Circuit points as well as Apex 2012 seeding points. Your seeding in the tournament will be determined by the points you receive for the live tournaments. If you're planning to attend Apex, we recommend you play in as many live tournaments as possible over the next month! Events are held over the Nintendo WiFi Connection and threads will be posted in our Online Tournaments forum before every event. You are asked to please join #nuggetbridge on SynIRC for the duration of live tournaments.

  1. Qualifier #1 on Sunday, December 2nd, 2012
  2. Qualifier #2 on Thursday, December 6th, 2012
  3. Qualifier #3 on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012
  4. Qualifier #4 on Thursday, December 20th, 2012
  5. Qualifier #5 on Sunday, December 30th, 2012
  6. Qualifier #6 on Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

You are still able to play at Apex without playing in any qualifiers, but you will be unseeded. If you have any questions about the event, please ask them in the discussion thread. We hope to see you at the event!


We have confirmed that players will only need to play the spectator venue fee for Apex to play in Pokémon and not the venue participant fee. The spectator fee is $20 on top of the $10 entrance fee required. The venue fees go towards paying for the venue while the entry fee goes towards the prize. If you would like to play in other tournaments like Smash Bros. or Street Fighter, you will be required to pay the full venue fee which is currently $45. You may pay the spectator fee and Pokémon entry fee at the event.

Additionally, due to the 2012 VGCS Winter Battle, the next qualifier has been moved up to Wednesday, December 12th.

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    • By Havak
      The time for the grand final is almost here! Qualifier Events have been happening since September and are still not over for StreetPass UK's Pokémon Autumn Event 2014. The UK's best trainers have been competing in this great series in hope of qualifying for the grand finals in Manchester on Saturday, 22nd November, 2014. Trainers will be competing for some amazing prizes in what is possibly the most star-studded invite-only tournament ever held in the United Kingdom. Past National Champions and Top-Cutting Worlds competitors will battle out to become StreetPass UK's Pokémon Autumn Event 2014 Champion. You'll be able to follow the tournament bracket live on the day, with information broadcast on Twitter via @StreetPassUK.

      Date: Saturday, 22nd November, 2014
      Time: 11:00am - 20:00pm
      Place: Bar21 - 10 Thomas Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1DH Format
      This tournament will use the Swiss and Top Cut Format, with six rounds of best of one game battles and the top eight players advancing to a best of three games Single Elimination tournament.
      As you should all know by now, the Battle Format will be the official Video Game Championships 2014 rules. You can view them in full here.

      Number of Players: Two-Player Match
      Battle Format: Double Battle
      Battle Rules: Flat Battle
      Handicap Off

      IMPORTANT: Move Tutor Moves from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire are banned for this tournament.

      11:00am - 12:00pm - Player Check-In
      12:00pm - 12:15pm - Player Meeting
      12:15pm - 15:30pm - Swiss Rounds
      15:30pm - 16:30pm - Lunch Break
      16:30pm - 19:30pm - Top Cut
      19:30pm - 20:00pm - Awards Ceremony

      Please note that this is a rough estimate and we will move onto the next stage earlier if possible.
      This is not an open event. A guest list will be created with 100 places which includes participants and staff, so spectator slots are strictly limited. Priority will be given to any competitors in need of a care worker or who are under the age of 18. If you have qualified for this tournament and are under the age of 18, you will need a parent or guardian with you at all times.
      If you wish to be a spectator or are in the tournament and wish to bring a spectator with you, then please send an e-mail to the following address stating the full name of the person wishing to be a spectator. Set the title of the e-mail as "StreetPass UK Pokémon Autumn Event 2014 Spectator":
      If you haven't been added to the list by Thursday, 20th November then you will be turned away at the door.
      Food & Drink
      It is sadly prohibited for anyone to bring their own food or drink to the venue. This is not our rule but the venue's, so we have to abide by it. Failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the venue and in turn disqualified from the tournament. All competitors will receive at least one free drink from the bar (alcohol included for those over the age of 18 with photographic proof of age). Depending on remaining funds more may be available.
      All competitors will receive at least two slices of pizza and a portion of fries during a permitted lunch break. Spectators are not eligible for any of this, but may help themselves to any extra food (if any) and potentially drinks once the competitors have received theirs. You can order your own at any time, however.
      1st Place

      A 1st Place Trophy
      A Nintendo Wii U 32gb Deluxe Set with New Super Mario Bros. U & New Super Luigi DLC Bundle
      A Special Edition Nintendo 2DS Pokémon Bundle (Includes Pre-Installed copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby version or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire version)
      £40 Nintendo eShop Credit

      2nd Place

      A 2nd Place Trophy
      A Special Edition Nintendo 2DS Pokémon Bundle (Includes Pre-Installed copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby version or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire version)
      £40 Nintendo eShop Credit

      3rd & 4th Place

      A copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby version or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire version
      £30 Nintendo eShop Credit

      All Entrants

      £10 Nintendo eShop Credit

      Qualified Players

      Mike Abbott
      Richard Allum
      Barry Anderson (Baz Anderson)
      Rachel Annand (SPEevee)
      Christopher Arthur (Koryo)
      Eden Batchelor (Xenoblade Hero)
      Joseph Bee
      Sam Bentham (SuperIntegration)
      Robert Bland
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      Samuel O'Connor (Garchompguy)
      Alex Parker
      Rina Purdy (SquishyRina)
      Paul Riley
      Nicholas Rhodes (pro blaze)
      Robert Simmons
      James Tarbuck
      Shaun Tysoe (foodking2win)
      Daniel Walton
      Erik Waterhouse
      Alan West (alanspurs)
      David Whale (Carbonific)

      Last Chance Qualifier
      As a thank you to the continued support from the UK Pokémon community in attending these events to make them a success, we're offering those who fell short a chance at qualification once more! Beginning on Wednesday, 12th November at 12:00pm and lasting until Saturday, 15th November at 18:00pm, players who are yet to qualify will be able to enter an e-mail ballot for a chance at qualification to compete in the Grand Finals! Four lucky players will be selected to compete in the Grand Final and will be notified on Sunday, 16th November via e-mail. To enter, simply send an e-mail titled "Last Chance Qualifier" and state which qualifier(s) you went to, to this address:
    • By TheBlooFoxx
      Hello everyone! My name is Ty Power or TheBlooFoxx on Nugget Bridge and Pokémon Showdown. I'm relatively new to the VGC format (starting with X and Y) but have been playing competitively for a few years. This January I had the pleasure of being able to attend a fan-organized event in Melbourne, Australia. While it's not formally organized like the US regionals, attendance hit 188 which was pretty huge for a not-so-big space and the staff did a fantastic job of keeping everyone happy making for a great day.
      I rocked up to the event pretty early in the morning and was feeling a little off because I was there alone. It was my first competition of any sort, but luckily in the line for registration I managed to make some friends who I could hang with for the rest of the day. These guys were also new to VGC (as were most people really), which comforted me a little bit. We discussed strategies and breeding, and our shared fear of the rare and dreaded Dark Void Smeargle. The event took a while to start but in the interim there was a lot to do so no worries.
      I think I'll take this point in the story to discuss my team and thoughts going into the competition. X and Y was the first time I'd ever considered VGC mainly because of the ease of access to battles via battle spot. I started training by using favourites from last year and getting a feel for the format, but that wasn't super successful for team building because of the huge changes this year. I then slowly got accustomed to the fast play style and different team building methods, but really I just had to put the hours in to learn everything I could for the competition.
      The Team

      FallIntoSky (Talonflame) @ Life Orb
      Ability: Gale Wings
      EVs: 36 HP / 252 Atk / 220 Spd
      Adamant Nature
      - Brave Bird
      - Flare Blitz
      - U-turn
      - Protect
      Talonflame was really Game Freak's gift to players this year. Not only is it fantastic for breeding with Flame Body and Fly, but its hidden ability Gale Wings also gives it the strongest priority in the metagame making it a competitive monster. The speed EVs mean that its Brave Bird is faster priority than Prankster users, and the EVs were invested into HP. Attack is maxed out and I use Life Orb for maximum damage. The moveset is really standard. Dual STAB attacks threaten a lot of the metagame and U-turn helps keep momentum going and counters Perish Trap. My last choice was between Tailwind and Protect but I chose Protect because it helps aid predictions and control the flow of the game and to be honest I play weirdly when I have access to speed control.

      Spectrum (Rotom-Wash) @ Sitrus Berry
      Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP / 116 SAtk / 140 SDef
      Modest Nature
      - Hydro Pump
      - Thunderbolt
      - Will-O-Wisp
      - Light Screen
      Rotom-Wash was my second choice for so many reasons. Its typing is fantastic and its bulk means that it can be helpful in so many situations. Will-o-Wisp and Light Screen shut down the other team's offensive threats handily, and as long as I predict well enough, I can make sure to put my team in a great offensive position. Hydro Pump and Thunderbolt have great STAB and ironically are able to hit all dragons except goodra neutrally. It also makes a fantastic Talonflame counter and deals with many other threats in the metagame. The EV spread ensures that no Timid Charizard Y's Solarbeams will OHKO as well as surviving special hits in general to return with a decently powered attack or Light Screen.

      StayTheNight (Amoonguss) @ Leftovers
      Ability: Effect Spore
      EVs: 252 HP / 84 Def / 172 SDef
      Sassy Nature
      - Giga Drain
      - Spore
      - Rage Powder
      - Protect
      Amoonguss was the last piece of my Fire, Water, Grass core and even with the nerf to Spore and Rage Powder, manages to be a strong defensive wall. The EVs allow Amoonguss to survive nearly every special hit that isn't a fire move in the sun, and counter back with a Spore or Giga Drain. Rage Powder helps to redirect moves and give partner Pokémon more freedom to take out threats and control the field for my team. Amoonguss is a fantastic counter to threats like Blastoise and Rotom-W. I run Effect Spore instead of Regenerator in part to deal with Mega Kangaskhan, as Parental Bond gives it a double chance for me to nab a status condition onto it -- something which helped numerous times on the day of the tournament.

      Hourglass (Tyranitar) @ Weakness Policy
      Ability: Sand Stream
      EVs: 204 HP / 132 SAtk / 52 Spd
      Modest Nature
      - Dark Pulse
      - Fire Blast
      - Ice Beam
      - Protect
      Tyranitar was a somewhat niche decision for the team, with a bit of creativity to surprise opponents. At this point I hadn't yet seen Ray Rizzo's tournament report, and I can definitely see the advantages it presents with Life Orb and Rock Slide, but if I had I still think I would have stuck with my own set. Dark Pulse helps with Pokémon like Chandelure and Meowstic, and also provides a strong special STAB. Weakness Policy was also a fantastic choice in my opinion, as Tyranitar's wealth of weaknesses lead to getting boosts very often, and in return being able to OHKO. The EVs ensure Tyranitar outspeeds neutral Scizor and KOs with Fire Blast and the rest went into HP for general bulk. Fire Blast and Ice Beam are generally great coverage for dragons and steel types, and allow Tyranitar to take out plenty of threats providing he can survive a hit or outspeed. Most of my opponents were surprised to see it be special after burning it, which nabbed me plenty of KOs during the tournament.

      Clarity (Mawile) @ Mawilite
      Ability: Intimidate/Huge Power
      EVs: 230 HP / 252 Atk / 28 Spd
      Adamant Nature
      - Play Rough
      - Iron Head
      - Sucker Punch
      - Protect
      Mawile is easily my favorite mega this generation with Intimidate, very strong typing, priority Sucker Punch and overall cuteness. Once again, I hadn't seen Ray's set and in this case I think I definitely would have used it. This set lacked a bit of bulk but still put up very solid offensive pressure against common Pokémon like Tyranitar, Garchomp and Kangaskhan, whilst also crippling physical threats on switch in. The set is very standard, and my only point to add is that I would recommend only mega-evolving on the turn you attack, in order to preserve the Intimidate support. The EVs are straightforward really: max attack, a bit of speed to creep other Mawiles, and the rest in HP.

      BreaknASweat (Mienshao) @ Focus Sash
      Ability: Inner Focus
      EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
      Jolly Nature
      - High Jump Kick
      - Rock Slide
      - Fake Out
      - Quick Guard
      Mienshao was the last Pokémon I put on the team. Opponents were surprised to see Quick Guard each time I revealed it which put me ahead in a few battles. It also leaves Prankster users stuck on their side of the field and usually keeps Talonflame at bay. High Jump Kick is there to ensure the OHKO on Mega Kangaskhan and Rock Slide to help with Talonflame and Charizard, provided I still had my sash intact to take a hit. Fake Out is self-explanatory as a way to put my team ahead for a turn and outspeeds the majority of other Fake Outs.
      All in all this team was, in my opinion, solid and well-suited to my play style. This didnt really help boost my confidence though, as the prospect of my first competition was still rather daunting. Now, onto the matches:
      The Swiss rounds for the day were originally going to be 6 rounds, but ended up being only 4 due to time constraints. This was especially worrying, as even a single loss could have put you out of top cut, even with a solid win percentage.
      Round 1: Dylan (didnt get his last name)
      I brought: Talonflame, Mawile, Amoonguss, ???
      He brought: Rotom-W, Noivern, Ditto, Heracross
      So this was it, my debut to Pokémon competitions. I was very excited, but also rather nervous. I was matched up against someone who had experience at these sorts of events and seemed to have a very good handle on the game which was daunting, but also gave me some good competition for the first battle. The battle went in my favour pretty fantastically. Amoonguss was a clear MVP and luck was definitely on my side. I don't remember exactly how it played out, but I know that the pairing of Mawile and Amoonguss pretty much won me the game. I led with Talonflame and Mawile and after a lot of early game Protecting, it ended up with my full hp Amoonguss and Mawile at about 70% vs his Ditto (transformed into Mega Mawile) and sleeping Rotom-W. Amoonguss Rage Powdered away the Iron Head from my Mawile, and Effect Spore scored a paralysis, meaning I would outspeed the Ditto. In the next few turns I was able to KO the Ditto and the Rotom so only his Heracross and Noivern remained. I was 4-2 here so I was pretty confident, but to add insult to injury, when Heracross attacked Amoonguss, Effect Spore activated yet again, putting him to sleep. I Play Roughed on the Heracross and Brave Birded the Noivern for the KO and came out of the battle with a comfortable 3-0.
      Win Record: 1-0
      After the first round I was feeling pretty good, but I tried my best not to get too confident. I went back to see my new friends and they had all won their 1st rounds, with one of them even winning 4-0.
      Round 2: Phil Nyugen
      I brought: Mawile, Rotom-W, Talonflame, Tyranitar
      He brought: Aerodactyl, Salamence, Chesnaught, Rotom-H
      Seeing the matchup for this round, I was actually pretty nervous. I recognized my opponents name and thought that I had seen him on YouTube or Nugget Bridge or something, which instantly made me think he was a pro. This fear was calmed a bit when I realized I just knew him from Showdown, but I still had to proceed with caution.
      I led off this match with the combo of Mawile and Rotom and he did with Salamence and Aerodactyl. The first turn was made useless by a Hydro Pump miss on the incoming Chesnaught, and Mawile protecting while he Fire Blasted. I then brought in Tyranitar to take the Fire Blast while he KOed Rotom with Wood Hammer. The game got pretty rough from there. Poor predictions lost me my Talonflame when I Brave Birded into a Spiky Shield and was KOed by Aerodactyl's Rock Slide. Luckily Tyranitar could deal out solid damage to his Rotom and Aerodactyl with Dark Pulse and Ice Beam, while he continued to focus on my other Pokémon. Sandstorm ended up taking out Rotom and left the game with Aerodactyl + Chesnaught vs Tyranitar + Mawile. Aerodactyl missed a fire fang (which would have done decent damage but not KOed) and fell to an Iron Head from Mawile while low sweep from Chesnaught failed to KO the small fairy type. This left me with Tyranitar and Mawile vs Chesnaught which was easy as both could OHKO. Chesnaught KOd Tyranitar and Mawile cleaned up with a Play Rough to net me a close 1-0 victory.
      Win Record: 2-0
      Round 3: Ben Veltmeyer
      I brought: Mienshao, Rotom, Tyranitar, Amoonguss
      He brought: Smeargle, Kangaskhan, Ferrothorn, Rotom-W
      I led off the match with Mienshao and Rotom while he lead with Smeargle and Kangaskhan. On the first turn I Faked Out his Smeargle, scared of the Dark Void, and attacked into his Spiky Shield which didn;t really bother me. I think he faked me out with Kangaskhan after, and then revealed the Dark Void on his Moody Smeargle. Luckily, after repeated Dark Voids, I was able to dwindle down the HP of his Pokémon and finally took out his Smeargle with a fortunate High Jump Kick on Mienshao's wake up. I don't remember much else, other than getting his Kangaskhan poisoned with Effect Spore, and having it faint to a combination of that and sandstorm damage. The battle came down to a one-on-one between Tyranitar and Ferrothorn and I nabbed the KO with Fire Blast. Yet another close 1-0.
      Win Record: 3-0
      Round 4: Jamie Wilson
      I brought: Mawile, Rotom-W, Tyranitar, Amoonguss
      He brought: Rotom-W, Garchomp, Mawile, Talonflame
      At this point I was feeling pretty good and honestly I probably let it get to me a bit. I remember coming into this game confident because I knew the common sets for most of his Pokémon. He was a good player, but his team was very standard and the knowledge I'd gained in the countless games I had racked up on Showdown helped me immensely. He led off with Talonflame and Mawile vs my Rotom and Mawile which was a great start. I got off a burn on Mawile while I switched into Amoonguss and him to his Garchomp. He ran a banded Garchomp which I'd seen Aaron Zheng (Cybertron) outline on YouTube before and locked himself into Outrage which Rotom took pretty well. At this point I Spore the Garchomp to make sure that both of his Pokémon were crippled. He sends out Talonflame and I Rage Powder, losing my Amoonguss but making sure I can KO with Rotom. Garchomp finally wakes up and Earthquakes but just in case I Protect with mawile anyway to ensure the KO on his Rotom with my own's Thunderbolt. This leaves me with a 3-1, Rotom + Tyranitar + Mawile vs Garchomp. Here is where my confidence nearly got the best of me. Wanting to save the 2-0 at least, I make some questionable plays. I have a Hydro Pump miss and wait for Mawile and Rotom to KO, but it falls short. I send out Tyranitar trying to preserve the 2-0. But Garchomp double protects to get sandstorm to KO Rotom. It's then Tyranitar+Mawile vs -1Atk Garchomp. He Earthquakes and takes out Mawile and I finish it with an Ice Beam from Tyranitar. I came out of it feeling so dumb, because my arrogance in trying to win with a good score put me in a situation where I could have lost to a critical hit. Luckily I didn't, and pulled off a closer-than-it-should-have-been 1-0.
      Win Record: 4-0
      At this point it had been announced that there would only be 4 rounds in swiss which was small, but meant that my position in top cut was guaranteed. I even managed to be tied 1st seed because I went undefeated. There was a top 16 to deal with the huge number of people and the small number of rounds. Unfortunately my friends both missed out on top cut by a single loss each, and I was left to go alone into the next rounds.
      Top 16 vs Paul Eugenio
      I brought: Mienshao, Rotom, Talonflame, Tyranitar
      He brought: Klefki, Talonflame, Venusaur, Greninja
      This battle was pretty tense just like the others. He had a team of all shinies and referred to himself as a collector which was interesting. I lead with Mienshao and Rotom vs his Klefki and Talonflame. I Fake Out Klefki and Thunderbolt Talonflame, but he switches Talonflame for Venusaur. Thunderbolt connects and I actually manage to pull a paralysis which was lucky for me. Fortunately it didn't really seem to matter as much as I thought it would as he mega evolves and shows himself to be a bulky set. Turn 2 I switch in Talonflame to a Sleep Powder as Klefki paralyses Mienshao. A few turns go by with Klefki setting up screens and Venusaur throwing out Sludge Bombs. I switch out my Mienshao and sleeping Talonflame for Rotom and Tyranitar in an attempt to turn the game a bit more in my favour. Sandstorm and Dark Pulse begin to wear out Venusaur until I take it out and Rotom repeatedly Hydro Pumps Klefki to break its subs. He throws out Greninja and uses Grass Knot allowing him to resist Thunderbolt. Klefki then uses Dazzling Gleam and Tyranitar survives with 1HP! Weakness Policy is activated as I take out Klefki with Tyranitar, who dies to poison damage right after. The game's final pairings then come in and I really had no idea how it would go. It was my paralyzed Mienshao + Rotom vs his Greninja + Talonflame. I Quick Guard with Mienshao to block Brave Bird, and take out Talonflame with Thunderbolt while he Grass Knots Mienshao. Now it's 2 vs 1 with Rotom and paralyzed Mienshao against Greninja. He Dark Pulses Rotom for the KO and I manage to break through paralysis and the low accuracy to hit the High Jump Kick and win with a narrow 1-0
      Top 8 vs Luke Bradley
      I brought: Rotom-W, Mawile, Amoonguss, Tyranitar
      He brought: Greninja, Klefki, Chandelure, Mawile
      At this point I'd had an unbeaten run through the competition due to a fair amount of luck and good team matchups. I went to this match happy, nervous and excited. I led off with Rotom and Mawile while he led with Greninja and Klefki. He uses Mat Block and sets up screens while I set up my own Light Screen with Rotom. He swaggers Rotom and U-turns with Grenjnja into his own Mawile. Rotom hits itself in confusion and I Play Rough into the new Mawile. Next turn Mawile is paralyzed and can't move, while I Hydro Pump Mawile. He switches into Greninja and Mat Blocks again, while I Protect against Mawile's Iron Head. Next turn I Protect with Tyranitar as Grenjnja takes out Amoonguss with Ice Beam. Past this point, his switching is getting the better of me. He whittles down my Pokémon, but after a few turns of trading blows and protecting, I manage to take out Mawile and Klefki with Tyranitar's Fire Blast and Rotom's Thunderbolt. Things were looking better now, but unfortunately Mawile was paralyzed and missed its KO on Greninja. Next turn Tyranitar was KOed and to add insult to injury Mawile was paralyzed again, then KOd, leaving me at a 2-0 loss.
      There was a time when I would have been angry at the "hax" that I faced, but it's a part of the game, and is really my fault for not bringing Safeguard or Quick Guard to protect from status. Even if the game had gone in my favour, from the other games I saw him play I knew he was a better player than me so it didn't really bother me. Luke ended up winning the competition and I stayed to watch his last two battles which were both pretty great.
      All in all the day was great! Overall finishing top 8 was pretty sweet for it being my first competition. Shoutouts to everyone that I played against and the guys that I hung out with on the day, as well as all of the staff helping to organize the event. As I've said, I'm pretty new to Nugget Bridge, so let me know if anyone I've mentioned has accounts here!
    • By Havak
      Nintendo UK have announced another tournament series for UK players, this time taking place throughout March and April. Beginning on 1st March and running until 5th April, there will be a number of qualifier tournaments at various GAME stores around the country, with some events taking place in shopping centres with no specific location mentioned at the moment. There are currently no known prizes for regional tournament winners, other than an invitation to the London grand final on 26th April, although travel stipends will be available to winners to make their way there.
      If you manage to win a regional tournament, you'll get to play in the finals in London where you have a chance to win some great prizes, perhaps the most important of which is a First Round BYE at this years United Kingdom Pokémon Video Game Championships National Tournament in May for the winner and runner-up. Other prizes are a week-long trip to Tokyo, Japan for two and lots of other goodies.
      United Kingdom National
      Along with this announcement, Gordian Knot Games have announced that the United Kingdom National Event will take place on 24th-25th May, in Manchester, England. The venue is Event City, situated across the road from the Trafford Centre. You can discuss it on our forum thread.
      Event Page
      UK & Ireland Pokémon Nationals
      24th & 25th May, 2014
      Event City
      Phoenix Way,
      Barton Dock Road,
      Manchester M41 7TB
      Nintendo UK Event Information
      There are four divisions for this tournament, with differing prizes for each:
      Ultimate Pokémon Expert - The winner of the prestigious “Ultimate Pokémon Expert” title – a category open to those aged thirteen years or older - will earn themselves a week-long trip for two to Japan, the birthplace of Pokémon. They’ll be able to immerse themselves in the Pokémon world by visiting the Pokémon Center and also explore all of the sights of Tokyo. Recommended for seasoned Pokémon players the “Ultimate Pokémon Expert” title will test your Pokémon skills to the limit. The first and second place winners in the Ultimate Pokémon Expert category will receive fast track entry to the second round of the official Play! Pokémon UK VGC event this Spring.
      Junior Expert - Younger Pokémon Trainers (12 or under) itching to compete can enter the “Junior Expert” category. In this competition, a weekend trip for the whole family to Alton Towers theme park with hotel stay is up for grabs, for whoever comes out victorious. The first and second place winners in the Junior Expert age category will receive fast track entry to the second round of the UK Pokémon Video Game Championships event this Spring.
      Ultimate Team - The “Ultimate Team” competition is exclusively for two family members (one aged 16 or older, and one 12 or under) who want to team up and take on other families in a four-player Double Battle. Successful teams will have the chance to win a £250 Nintendo UK Online Store voucher and a group trip for four to one of the world’s best gaming shows: EGX London 2014. This event takes place in Earls Court London, from 25th – 28th September and offers visitors the chance to play the biggest games before they are released.
      Pokémon Apprentice - New enthusiasts can enter the “Pokémon Apprentice” title; where complete newcomers to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y can battle it out to receive a mega bundle of Nintendo 3DS games up to the value of £300.
      Crucially, you can only enter one qualifier tournament and one division. So, you'll have to choose whether you want the chance at single player glory and the shot at a holiday and Nationals Round One BYE, or whether you'd like to play as part of a team with a sibling to win some vouchers and a visit to a great gaming show. Lastly, there is the opportunity for newer players who aren't confident of winning one of the tougher tournaments to enter the Apprentice event.
      Entering a Tournament
      Sadly, the entry process of the qualifiers is not great. Think back to the early VGC Days in Europe, in 2009, or if you've been around as long as some of us (me), the Battle Master event in 2004 -- where you can only gain entry to the tournament via a random selection process. You can enter at this link. You'll need to enter some of your personal information and choose which division you are entering, along with choosing two qualifier tournaments you can attend. You will receive an e-mail no later than two days prior to the event stating whether you have gained entry or not and only one of your two choices can be the event you go to, which will again, be randomly selected by Nintendo UK based on popularity of each event. I assume a lot of players will miss out, so best to enter the two you can definitely make as soon as possible and get training.

      Registration Link
      Terms and Conditions

      Tournament Rules and Format
      All tournaments (bar the team-tournament) will use the official Pokémon Video Game Championships 2014 season rules, opting for the Flat Battle and infrared process used at the previous Nintendo UK events. Tournaments will be single-elimination format, with each qualifier having a maximum of 16 participants, thus four rounds of battles to determine the winner. The team tournament will use a more specialised set of rules with players using pre-set Pokémon and borrowed consoles from Nintendo.
      List of Qualifiers

      Bullring, Birmingham - 1st March
      GAME Churchill Square, Brighton - 1st March
      GAME Murraygate, Dundee – 2nd March
      Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle - 8th March
      GAME Hamleys, London - 8th March
      GAME St. David’s Centre, Cardiff - 8th March
      WestQuay, Southampton - 15th March
      GAME Meadowhall, Sheffield - 15th March
      GAME Castle Street, Banbury - 15th March
      Bluewater, Kent - 22nd March
      GAME Back Of The Inns, Norwich - 22nd March
      GAME Victoria Centre, Nottingham - 22nd March
      Intu Trafford Centre, Manchester - 29th March
      GAME Westfield Stratford City, London – 29th March
      Intu Braehead, Glasgow - 5th April
      GAME Cribbs Causeway, Bristol – 5th April

    • By Firestorm
      January saw the first tournaments worth Championship Points using Pokémon X and Y as well as the largest grassroots tournament yet! Read below to see who placed where at each Regional Championship and Apex. Over the next few days we'll also have videos up from these events and compile a list of the teams players used along with tournament reports!
      Apex 2014

      Jun T. (Cypher)
      Jeudy A. (Soul Survivor)
      Michael L. (JiveTime)
      Trista M. (ryuzaki)
      Edward F. (iss)
      Solomon C. (Sol64)
      Adib A. (honchkro13)

      Full Top 32
      St. Charles, Missouri

      Matthew Carter (mattj)
      Wesley Morioka (Wesley)
      Ashton Cox (linkyoshimario)
      Greyson Garren (GreySong)
      Blake Hopper (Mrbopper)
      Scott Glaza (Scott)
      Greg Johnson
      Leonard Craft III (DaWoblefet)
      Keegan Beljanski (Darkeness)
      Collin Heier (TheBattleRoom)
      Jonathan Rankin (JRank)
      Tyler Hagan (Tyler)
      Joseph Brummet (lucariojr)
      Joseph Darby
      Erick Herrera (Godofcloud9)
      Tiffany Stanley (Shiloh)

      Standings after Swiss

      Jacob W. (Thank Swalot)
      Mackenzie K. (Aubrey)
      Ian M. (Raikoo)
      Lucas M. (Vapor)
      Koby C. (Foob)
      Nathan C.
      Charlie S.
      Mark G. (Sieg Balicula)

      Standings after Swiss

      James R.
      Jack F.
      Matt M.
      Samuel M.
      Emma M.
      Enzo R.
      Jacob M.
      Jeremiah S.

      Standings after Swiss
      Salem, Oregon

      Alex Stempe (Stempe)
      Alex Ogloza (Evan Falco)
      Tony Cheung (Chinese Dood)
      Kacey Traver (KTween)
      Michael Hutchinson
      Jason Wynja (Arti)
      Hajime Uesugi (Aralevent)
      Sean Webb

      Standings after Swiss

      Henry M. (Snake)
      Aaron N.
      Adam M.
      Dylan S. (DullAce24)
      Avery C.
      James D.
      Ben B.
      Lachian I.

      Standings after Swiss

      Macaria W. (babbyfeathers)
      Charlie M. (babbysnake)
      Theo Y.
      Elsian A.

      Standings after Swiss
      Long Beach, California

      Omari Travis (BadIntent)
      Gavin Michaels (kingofmars)
      Paul Hornak (makiri)
      Jackson Daugherty (Jackson7 D)
      Alberto Lara
      Alec Wild (Pokemaster649)
      Colten Lybbert
      Mike Suleski (OmegaDonut)
      Sam J. (RastaCharmander)
      Anthony J. (DarkAssassin)
      Johnathan M.
      Luis C. (religiousjedi)
      Travis E. (shinryu)
      Erik H.
      Tiffany S. (Tiffyxy)
      Bridger S.
      Diego C.
      Len D. (Alaka)
      Tony P.
      Riley F. (gengarboi)
      Andy G.
      Eric C.
      Andrew K.
      Jose O. (Jose)
      Kyle L.
      Daniel C.
      Kellen H.
      Jobany V.
      Kevin M.
      Rolland W.
      Grant W.
      Justin B.

      Standings after Swiss (A / B)

      Emilio F. (emforbes)
      Luis M.
      Dylan Q.
      Damian C.
      Eli C.
      Alexander D.
      Julian L.
      Andrew B.

      Orlando, Florida

      Zach Droegkamp (Zach)
      Stephen Scruggs
      Mike Suleski (OmegaDonut)
      Ashton Cox (linkyoshimario)
      Ray Rizzo (Ray)
      Matt Souerby (matt)
      Stephen Morioka (Stephen)
      David Brickeen
      Ian Packer
      Michael Shaw
      Alison McDonald (Fishy)
      Ryan Luu
      Brian Jens
      DeVon Ingram (dingram)
      Richard Colina
      Edwin Baez (Chogy64)

      Standings after Swiss

      Ian M. (Raikoo)
      Marc M. (green hornet)
      Luke L. (Mudkip421)
      Rebecca B.
      Dylan S. (DullAce24)
      Andres M.
      Zachary P.
      Nouri Z.

      Standings after Swiss
      Doswell, Virginia
      Masters Division

      Ray Rizzo (Ray)
      Enosh Schachar (Human)
      Joshua Edwards (General Josh)
      Toler Webb (Dim)
      Wolfe Glick (Wolfey)
      Derek Gazis
      Nicolas Peckman (Ace Emerald)
      Patrick Brodarick (wer)
      Tommy Cooleen (Tman)
      Hanna Coder
      Daniel Litvin (TalkingLion)
      Westin Lee
      Ashton Cox (linkyoshimario)
      Matt Coyle (PrettyLittleLiar)
      Ryan Gadea (The Knights of Wario Land)
      Cameron Kicak (Stormfront)

      Standings after Swiss
      Senior Division

      Cameron S. (Drizzleboy)
      Paul C. (pwny person)
      Marc M. (green hornet)
      Dylan S. (DullAce24)
      Grant M.
      Lynden R.
      Ryan S.
      Kylie C.

      Standings after Swiss
      Junior Division

      London S.
      Christian F. (cassiebro)
      Devon S.
      Caleb K.
      Jordan S.
      Luke S.
      Tanner H.
      Emma C.

      Standings after Swiss
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