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English Dream World Sinnoh Starters Released

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With all the hubbub about the 2013 VGC circuit yesterday, this one almost slipped through the cracks: According the the Pokemon Global Link website the Sinnoh starters, Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig, have been released. To grab one of these sought-after Pokemon, you'll need to head over to your local Wal-Mart and pick up a specially marked copy of Pokemon Black 2 Version or Pokemon White 2 Version. Inside there will be a code that can be inputted into your PGL account to obtain the starter of your choice from December 6, 2012, to July 31, 2013.

Quantities are limited!

Note: Does not include Serperior.

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    • By Composer
      Hello, I'm a US based resident and cannot get a Arceus Event card as I'm in Australia. I would go to EB Games and get theirs, however their cards/codes do not work. SO I was wondering if a very helpful trainer (US only) would get me two cards and PM me the codes. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH in advance.
    • By MastaBojanglez
      I'm currently in search of the following:
      5-6IV Porygon
      - Bold or Calm nature
      - Trace ability (Download is also okay)
      5-6IV Sableye
      - Impish or Careful nature
      - Prankster ability
      Movie 17 Event Arceus
      - Clone is A-okay 
      - IVs don't matter,  just for Pokedex
      I have a variety of Competitive Legends & bred mons/breedables for trade:
      5IV Adamant/Modest Charmander
      5IV Quiet Larvitar
      5IV Brave Mawile
      5IV Timid Xerneas
      4IV Jolly Groudon
      4IV Relaxed Cresselia
      Just PM with stuff you're wanting in exchange for Porygon/Sableye & we'll see what deal can be made.
    • By CheezyCheezit
      Hey, I heard this was a good site for trade shops?
      Hello, I'm posting my own trade shop here on nugget bridge, because I heard it was a good place from a friend 
      I can take offers. 
      also looking for a Trade shop partner if anyone's interested. I have, and am able to bring pokemon from Heartgold, Platinum, Black, and White 2. I have pokebank.
      Please PM me with a list of Trade offers, ranging from 1-5 pokemon you want and 5-10 pokemon you're willing to trade for them
      Just collecting them for now, untill i get around to starting a real trade shop  
    • By duckyone
      I have a Darkai code that will expire today no longer be given out as of 05/24 (the code must be redeemed by 08/31/2016). Looking to trade for a Keldeo (legit event or cloned, does not matter to me).
      edit: I realize that this is a VGC site, so this is likely a long shot (but just thought I would try).
    • By duckyone
      I have two Darkrai (Edit: two more codes came into my possession, so 2 remaining) still for trade. I'm missing the 20th anniversary Mew. Other than that, I'm looking for the following competitive pokes* for doubles:
      Mammoswine (Thick Fat, Adamant)
      Cresselia (Levitate, Bold)
      Venusaur w/ HP Ice & EM: Giga Drain (Chlorophyll, Modest)
      Rotom-W (Levitate, Modest)
      Swampert (Torrent, Modest)
      ANY other Battle Ready VGC, Battle Spot Doubles, or Battle Spot Singles pokes. (I'm experimenting with some team building, and the more options and less time I have to spend training my own teammates, the better)
      *battle ready preferred**, since want to limit the time I'm breeding/training. 
      **I am also looking to trade for breedjects/spitbacks of these mons (other than Cresselia of course). In exchange, I have a battle ready 6IV Shiny Absol: Jolly, Justified (nicknamed Fabulous OT:Panda ID:1827), partially trained 6IV Salamence: Jolly, Moxie (OT: Bailey ID:2571), both of which came from Wonder Trade. Also, I have my own spitbacks of mixed IVs, which include:
      Absol: Jolly, Justified  
      Charmander: Adamant, Blaze 
      Dragonite: Adamant, Multiscale (EM: Extreme Speed)
      Garchomp: Impish, Rough Skin/Sand Veil 
      Garchomp: Jolly, Rough Skin/Sand Veil (EM: Outrage)
      Hippopotas: Relaxed, Sand Stream (EM: Slack Off)
      Hydreigon: Modest, Hustle (EMs: Ice & Thunder Fang, Head Smash, Earth Power)
      Kangaskhan: Adamant, Scrappy (EM: Double Edge)
      Larvitar: Relaxed, Guts  (EMs: Stealth Rock, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Pursuit)
      Larvitar: Jolly, Guts (EMs: Pursuit)
      Marill: Adamant, Huge Power/Thick Fat (EM: Aqua Jet)
      In addition, given some time, I can easily breed at least some mixed 4IV Pokemon from my current collection of battle Pokemon. If looking for something in particular, feel free to ask.
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