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VGCS '13 North American Winter Regionals Results

blog-vamasterscut.pngThe 2013 season of the Pokémon Video Game Championship Series continued this weekend with events in Sandston, VA; St. Louis, MO; Salem, OR; Long Beach, CA; and Lake Buena Vista, FL. Pokémon trainers from across North America (including Hawaii!) competed in six to eight rounds of best of one Swiss, followed by the top eight players from each Regional competing in best of three elimination rounds until five Regional Champions were crowned.

The Sandston, VA Regional continued to prove why the Northeast is considered one of the strongest regions for competitive Pokemon in the world. With no closer Regional, many top tier players from New York and New Jersey made their way down south to compete in a stacked field against players like three-time World Champion Ray Rizzo (Ray), two-time Masters and Seniors National Champions Wolfe Glick (Wolfey) and Aaron Zheng (Cybertron). In the end, the Masters division was conquered by Ben Rothman (Nightblade7000) who managed to maintain the momentum he gained from his recent Apex championship and defeat former Regional champion Michael Lanzano (JiveTime) after an incredibly difficult schedule. In Seniors, US Nationals Runner-Up Jonathan Hiller (MrFox) managed to defeat Paul C. (pwnypersonvgc) in a close match. Lastly from Virginia, the Juniors phenom Brendan Zheng (Babbytron) continued his streak as the winningest Regional Champion in Pokemon history, with a fifth consecutive Regional victory. Can anyone #stopbabby?

The Midwest had a bit of a curious Regional this time around with many top tier players either choosing to attend a Regional further away or unable to attend. Still, the competition in St. Louis, MO, was fierce enough to live up to its reputation as a former US Nationals location. After a long and storied history that includes a Worlds appearance and numerous trips to Nationals, the most consistent man in VGC to never win a Championship Kamaal Harris (FonicFrog) finally managed to secure that top placing that had previously always been just out of his reach with a victory over Nico Villalobos (Calm Lava) in the finals. The Seniors competition proved just as fierce with Aaron Grubbs (LPFan) managing a victory over another competitive field.

With no Canadian Regional to attend, the Salem, OR, Regional became ground zero for a Canadian invasion of their own after top players from America invaded Toronto, ON, in the fall. Fresh off his Nugget Bridge Major victory, Canadian superstar Randy Kwa (R Inanimate), despite the best efforts of winter traffic, continued his impressive streak of not dropping any major tournament matches after a victory over Alex Stempe in the finals. Perhaps the harsh tundra of Canada prepared him for the comparatively milder Oregon winter? Seniors competition was filled with big names who dropped just short with the Championship ultimately going to Jake Hwang-Twigg who successfully made it past players like Henry M. (Snake) and San Jose Champion April H. (Phenac) in a tight top cut.

The Long Beach, CA, Regional was held on the historic Queen Mary, prompting many of the competitors to yell out, "I'm on a boat!" a few years too late. In the Masters division we saw a ringer fly in from beautiful Hawaii in William Hall (Biosci) hoping to add "Regional Champion" to his resume which already includes a victory in the 2012 VGCS Winter Battle only to fall to Jacob Burrows (Noobly9730), the older brother of Juniors World Champ Abram Burrows (makiri) School for Pokemon Excellence. Her career will certainly be exciting to watch as she carries her washed up older brother on her back to Nationals and possibly Worlds.

The last Regional of the day was also the first to finish, perhaps because down in Lake Buena Vista, FL, it was still beach weather despite being a Winter Regional. Foiling the Nugget Bridge staff's predictions, Harrison Saylor did not make finals thanks to bus hax, leaving the finals to fall to de facto #2 seed and North American Championship Points leader Zach Droegkamp (Zach) who added yet another Regional Championship to his resume after taking Ft. Wayne in the Fall with a victory over Rick Guerra in the finals. The Seniors division showed a level of competition on par with their Masters counterparts with Devon Ingram taking a victory over Eujin J. (KiwiDawg7) in one of the first finals to complete.

Congratulations to all of the Champions and runners-up! In addition to bragging rights, Champions in the Masters and Seniors division take home a paid trip to Indianapolis, IN, complete with hotel room, to compete in the United States National Video Game Championships, July 5th - 7th, 2013, as well as a first round Bye in the Swiss rounds of Nationals and 120 Championship Points to be used towards an invitation to the 2013 Pokémon World Video Game Championships in Vancouver, BC. Runners-up in the Masters division receive $600 to help pay their way to Indianapolis, 110 Championship points, and a first round Bye in the Swiss Rounds of Nationals, with the 3rd and 4th place finishers in the Masters division receiving 90 Championship points. Seniors division runners-up receive $750 to help pay for them and a guardian to attend Nationals in Indianapolis, as well as a first round Bye in the Swiss rounds of Nationals and 110 Championship points, with 3rd and 4th place finishers receiving a $700 travel stipend and 90 Championship Points each.

Complete Results

Sandston, VA

Masters Top 8

  1. Ben Rothman (Nightblade7000)
  2. Michael Lanzano (JiveTime)
  3. Andres Morales
  4. Simon Yip (TDS)
  5. Evan Latt (evan)
  6. Patrick Brodarick (wer)
  7. Dan Levinson (dtrain)
  8. Alan Sutterlin (Dubulous)

Top 31 after Swiss

Seniors Top 8

  1. Jonathan Hiller (MrFox)
  2. Paul C. (WhatARandomName)
  3. Edward F. (iss)
  4. Brandon S. (TheJaymee3000)
  5. Cameron S. (Drizzleboy)
  6. Luke K. (Burgba)
  7. Mackenzie K.
  8. Ben H. (Darkpenguin67)

Top 28 after Swiss

St. Louis, MO

Masters Top 8

  1. Kamaal Harris (FonicFrog)
  2. Nico Villalobos (Calm Lava)
  3. Benji Irons (benjitheGREAT)
  4. Scott Glaza (Scott)
  5. David Arnold
  6. Jonathan Rankin (JRank)
  7. Bryan Reed
  8. Greyson Garren (GreySong)

Top 32 after Swiss

Seniors Top 8

  1. Aaron Grubbs (LPFan)
  2. Justin M. F.
  3. Kyle H.
  4. Jacob P.
  5. Brian H.
  6. Danny I.
  7. Darrin C. (ninten678)
  8. Ian M.

Salem, OR

Masters Top 8

  1. Randy Kwa (R Inanimate)
  2. Alex Stempe (Stump)
  3. Quinn Johnstein
  4. Casiano S. Atienza III
  5. Aryana Welch (feathers)
  6. Brandon Deragimore (Branflakes)
  7. Christopher Beckstrom
  8. Max Douglas (starmetroid)

Top 40 after Swiss

Seniors Top 8

  1. Jake Hwang-Twigg
  2. Ian W.
  3. April H. (Phenac)
  4. Aaron N.
  5. Henry M. (Snake)
  6. Will B.
  7. Elicia A.
  8. Ryan B.

Top 30 after Swiss

 Long Beach, CA

Masters Top 8

  1. Jacob Burrows (Noobly9730)
  2. William Hall (Biosci)
  3. Enosh Shachar (Human)
  4. Hayden Morrison (hakemo)
  5. Kamran Jahadi (kamz)
  6. Matthew Dotey (Knight)
  7. Duy Ha (Duy)
  8. Len Deuel (Alaka)

Top 31 after Swiss

Seniors Top 8

  1. Jerico Horca (DoctorRiceYouSee)
  2. Abram B. (Abman261)
  3. Emilio F. (emforbes)
  4. Daniel C. (KermitTheFrog14)

Lake Buena Vista, FL

Masters Top 8

  1. Zach Droegkamp (Zach)
  2. Rick Guerra
  3. Sam Haarsma (DrFidget)
  4. Edwin Baez (Chogy64)
  5. Conor Tobin (Tobes)
  6. Ryan Lankford (Maestro)
  7. Brandon Oramas
  8. Gus St. Germain (Gustalice)

Top 22 after Swiss

Seniors Top 8

  1. DeVon Ingram (dingram)
  2. Eujin J. (KiwiDawg7)
  3. Hugo C.
  4. Luke L. (MudkipMaster)
  5. Marc M. (green hornet)
  6. Samuel W.
  7. Joshua Z.
  8. Lex D.

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    • By Blue42
      Hello nugget bridge, I am Blue42 and here is a team that has been in development for many months. I feel like it is almost where it needs to be, but it needs some tweaks here and there that I cannot seem to identify. This is not an umbreon team persay, but I titled this "Umbreon and his homies" since Umbreon is rarely seen in VGC and has an interesting part to play.
      Umbreon @ Black Glasses      
      Ability: Synchronize  
      EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD  
      Careful Nature  
      - Wish  
      - Protect  
      - Foul Play  
      - Helping Hand  
         Umbreon is my cleric/support/physical mon counter. Having helping hand to boost my teammates attack, and wish to heal itself, or a mon switched in. Protect allows for Umbreon to get a free wish, and also (obviously) protect itself against a predicted attack. Its Foul Play with black glasses can deal heavy damage on pokemon that have a high attack stat, and is able to bring the common primal groudon to a yellow health bar. Umbreon's bulk is a major factor in its usage. Despite its type advantage Umbreon can easily survive a low kick or power up punch from a kangaskhan and is able to take it down to at least half health. 
      Gengar @ Focus Sash  
      Ability: Levitate  
      EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe  
      Timid Nature  
      IVs: 0 Atk  
      - Icy Wind  
      - Sludge Bomb  
      - Will-O-Wisp  
      - Shadow Ball  
      Gengar is mainly a special attacker with two "support" moves. Icy wind is used to slow down opposing fast pokemon, and for some heavy spread damage on mega salamances. Sludge Bomb is the fairy killer, capable of either OHKOing or 2HKOing a Geomanced Xenrneas. Will-O-Wisp is used primarily when up against Mega Kangaskhan and when a sucker punch is predicted, since a parental bond sucker punch can take down Gengar in one turn. Shadow ball is Gengar's last move so it has a Ghost type STAB. Gengar is holding a focus sash, because I chose an sweeping spread instead of a bulky ev spread, and this gengar would extremely frail without it. 
          Mama Bear
      Kangaskhan (F) @ Kangaskhanite  
      Ability: Scrappy  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 244 HP / 252 Atk / 12 SpD  
      Adamant Nature  
      - Power-Up Punch  
      - Return  
      - Fake Out  
      - Sucker Punch  
      Kangaskhan(M) is my physical sweeper who's priority moves, and attack stat plows down opponents. Its scrappy ability allows it to hit ghost types with a fake out or return while not mega'd, and its parental bond lets Kangaskahan hit twice. Kang's power up punch can scrape away some damage on opponents while strengthening her own attack stat. Return was chosen due to it being a great STAB, and because it doesn't have recoil damage, unlike double edge. Sucker punch can be used to get a quick KO, due to its priority, and is able to take down ghost types easily. 
      Ludicolo @ Assault Vest  
      Ability: Swift Swim  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
      Modest Nature  
      - Fake Out  
      - Scald  
      - Ice Beam  
      - Giga Drain  
      Ludicolo was the last pokemon I fit into my team, and so far has been one of the mvps. It's grass and water typing allows it to flourish in Kyogre's rain, and be viable in Groudon's rays. Ludicolo's fake out prevents opposing pokemon from moving that turn, allowing Ludicolo's partner to either set-up or deal some heavy damage. Ludicolo's scald is able to OHKO Groudon in clear weather, or the rain, and his Giga Drain can wear away at Groudon in the sun, and deal some damage on Kyogre in the clear or rainy weather while at the same time regaining health. Ludicolo has ice beam to counter any of the flying types in the format, since most flying type moves deal massive damage. 
      Kyogre-Primal @ Blue Orb  
      Ability: Primordial Sea  
      EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpA  
      Bold Nature  
      - Thunder  
      - Origin Pulse  
      - Earthquake  
      - Protect  
      Primal Kyogre is a bulky special attacker. Mainly chosen as a counter to Primal Groudon and other Kyogres, it has moves to take down both, as well as all other mons that have weaknesses to water and electric. It has Thunder to damage opposing kyogres, generally taking them down to around 50% HP. Origin Pulse is used to OHKO Primal Groudon in the rain, and earthquake to damage it in Primal Groudon's rays. Protect is used for a variety of situations; for prediction purposes, survival, outlasting a poison/burn, etc. 
      Cresselia @ Iron Ball  
      Ability: Levitate  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Spe  
      Calm Nature  
      IVs: 0 Atk  
      - Trick  
      - Skill Swap  
      - Moonlight  
      - Psyshock  
      Cresselia is pure chaos on my team. It carries an iron ball to trick away to opponent's speedsters to cut their speed in half and skill swap to pass around abilities, confusing and taking away the opponent's advantage. Cresselia has moonlight to regain its health so it can last even longer on the field, and has Psyshock as a STAB. I have already figured out a number of good combos of abilities that I can switch to my own pokemon using skill swap to benefit them when their abilities no longer serve their purpose, or can be improved in the current situation. 
      Any critiques or tips would be amazing and I hope to make this team the best it can be.
      Thank you,

    • By lavaburst14
      I hope to see you there! Thank you for reading! 
    • By TeeJay
      SATURDAY, MAY 28th - Swiss & JR/SR Top Cut  10:30am - Check-In 11:30am - Check-In closes -- Any players not checked in by this time will be entered with a First Round loss 11:45am - Player Meeting 12:00pm - Play begins SUNDAY, MAY 29th - Masters Top Cut & Premier Challenge Top Cut start time TBD PC start time TBD Location: Overland Park Convention Center. 6000 College Blvd, Overland Park, Kansas, 66211 (same as last year) https://goo.gl/maps/fQzH4AC1HaM2
      Registration: ALL PLAYERS MUST register at this link http://labs.pokegym.net/register/16-05-000063
      Entry Fee (Cash only): 
      $20 per player, all divisions $10 if you are a parent with a child playing in any division (limit 1 discount per person) Hotels: Only one hotel is offering a group rate. Many events in the area are causing hotels to fill up fast this weekend.
      To reserve a room at the group rate, please CALL the hotel directly and ask for the Pokémon Regionals group rate. All rates are per night stayed and do not include associated taxes.
      Hotel with group rate
      Hotels in walking distance with NO special group rate
      Nearest major airport (40 minute drive): Kansas City International (MCI): https://goo.gl/maps/iWS6fWxQ1JG2
      Useful Links
      Play! Pokemon link: Tournament ID 16-05-000063 https://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/pokemon-events/16-05-000063/ KC Pokemon Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/635201656648230/ Player information/preparation sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ubGGjKrq6nrc67uoYL7pyyidhzO8JlUO3QhM3ea4-cY/edit Registration (required): http://labs.pokegym.net/register/16-05-000063 PTO's website: http://www.feralevents.com/default.cfm Note-worthy food nearby
      Joe's KC BBQ (formerly Oklahoma Joe's) (CLOSED SUNDAY): https://goo.gl/maps/58tNXxxAGG32 Fast Casual World famous - Check out the others on this list from Bourdain: http://www.menshealth.com/nutrition/must-visit-restaurants Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ: https://goo.gl/maps/c3Cu1VGsqF42 Upscale sit-down Generally considered the highest quality "gourmet" BBQ in KC Nearest Planet Sub: https://goo.gl/maps/izxNzMBhkr62 Stream: Nuggetbridge Twitch channel. Hosted by TeeJay and Biffster.
      Welcome to my hometown. 
    • By SamuelTemple2
      Just curious who's exactly going to the US Spring Regionals your planning on attending this month
    • By chessprimemom
      Details are up for Spring Midwest Regionals!  Best of 3 Swiss rounds on SATURDAY May 21. 
      Check out the Facebook event to get exciting updates.  Full event details at http://www.topcutcentral.com/VGCregional.  Please register online before the event.
      From PTO Jimmy Ballard: We recently discovered an error in the registration link. If you registered online before 4-30-2016 please take the time to register again. The original posted link was for our 2015 tournament.
      There will also be Premier Challenges on Friday afternoon and Sunday.  
      We hope to see you there!
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