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VGCS '13 North American Winter Regionals Results

blog-vamasterscut.pngThe 2013 season of the Pokémon Video Game Championship Series continued this weekend with events in Sandston, VA; St. Louis, MO; Salem, OR; Long Beach, CA; and Lake Buena Vista, FL. Pokémon trainers from across North America (including Hawaii!) competed in six to eight rounds of best of one Swiss, followed by the top eight players from each Regional competing in best of three elimination rounds until five Regional Champions were crowned.

The Sandston, VA Regional continued to prove why the Northeast is considered one of the strongest regions for competitive Pokemon in the world. With no closer Regional, many top tier players from New York and New Jersey made their way down south to compete in a stacked field against players like three-time World Champion Ray Rizzo (Ray), two-time Masters and Seniors National Champions Wolfe Glick (Wolfey) and Aaron Zheng (Cybertron). In the end, the Masters division was conquered by Ben Rothman (Nightblade7000) who managed to maintain the momentum he gained from his recent Apex championship and defeat former Regional champion Michael Lanzano (JiveTime) after an incredibly difficult schedule. In Seniors, US Nationals Runner-Up Jonathan Hiller (MrFox) managed to defeat Paul C. (pwnypersonvgc) in a close match. Lastly from Virginia, the Juniors phenom Brendan Zheng (Babbytron) continued his streak as the winningest Regional Champion in Pokemon history, with a fifth consecutive Regional victory. Can anyone #stopbabby?

The Midwest had a bit of a curious Regional this time around with many top tier players either choosing to attend a Regional further away or unable to attend. Still, the competition in St. Louis, MO, was fierce enough to live up to its reputation as a former US Nationals location. After a long and storied history that includes a Worlds appearance and numerous trips to Nationals, the most consistent man in VGC to never win a Championship Kamaal Harris (FonicFrog) finally managed to secure that top placing that had previously always been just out of his reach with a victory over Nico Villalobos (Calm Lava) in the finals. The Seniors competition proved just as fierce with Aaron Grubbs (LPFan) managing a victory over another competitive field.

With no Canadian Regional to attend, the Salem, OR, Regional became ground zero for a Canadian invasion of their own after top players from America invaded Toronto, ON, in the fall. Fresh off his Nugget Bridge Major victory, Canadian superstar Randy Kwa (R Inanimate), despite the best efforts of winter traffic, continued his impressive streak of not dropping any major tournament matches after a victory over Alex Stempe in the finals. Perhaps the harsh tundra of Canada prepared him for the comparatively milder Oregon winter? Seniors competition was filled with big names who dropped just short with the Championship ultimately going to Jake Hwang-Twigg who successfully made it past players like Henry M. (Snake) and San Jose Champion April H. (Phenac) in a tight top cut.

The Long Beach, CA, Regional was held on the historic Queen Mary, prompting many of the competitors to yell out, "I'm on a boat!" a few years too late. In the Masters division we saw a ringer fly in from beautiful Hawaii in William Hall (Biosci) hoping to add "Regional Champion" to his resume which already includes a victory in the 2012 VGCS Winter Battle only to fall to Jacob Burrows (Noobly9730), the older brother of Juniors World Champ Abram Burrows (makiri) School for Pokemon Excellence. Her career will certainly be exciting to watch as she carries her washed up older brother on her back to Nationals and possibly Worlds.

The last Regional of the day was also the first to finish, perhaps because down in Lake Buena Vista, FL, it was still beach weather despite being a Winter Regional. Foiling the Nugget Bridge staff's predictions, Harrison Saylor did not make finals thanks to bus hax, leaving the finals to fall to de facto #2 seed and North American Championship Points leader Zach Droegkamp (Zach) who added yet another Regional Championship to his resume after taking Ft. Wayne in the Fall with a victory over Rick Guerra in the finals. The Seniors division showed a level of competition on par with their Masters counterparts with Devon Ingram taking a victory over Eujin J. (KiwiDawg7) in one of the first finals to complete.

Congratulations to all of the Champions and runners-up! In addition to bragging rights, Champions in the Masters and Seniors division take home a paid trip to Indianapolis, IN, complete with hotel room, to compete in the United States National Video Game Championships, July 5th - 7th, 2013, as well as a first round Bye in the Swiss rounds of Nationals and 120 Championship Points to be used towards an invitation to the 2013 Pokémon World Video Game Championships in Vancouver, BC. Runners-up in the Masters division receive $600 to help pay their way to Indianapolis, 110 Championship points, and a first round Bye in the Swiss Rounds of Nationals, with the 3rd and 4th place finishers in the Masters division receiving 90 Championship points. Seniors division runners-up receive $750 to help pay for them and a guardian to attend Nationals in Indianapolis, as well as a first round Bye in the Swiss rounds of Nationals and 110 Championship points, with 3rd and 4th place finishers receiving a $700 travel stipend and 90 Championship Points each.

Complete Results

Sandston, VA

Masters Top 8

  1. Ben Rothman (Nightblade7000)
  2. Michael Lanzano (JiveTime)
  3. Andres Morales
  4. Simon Yip (TDS)
  5. Evan Latt (evan)
  6. Patrick Brodarick (wer)
  7. Dan Levinson (dtrain)
  8. Alan Sutterlin (Dubulous)

Top 31 after Swiss

Seniors Top 8

  1. Jonathan Hiller (MrFox)
  2. Paul C. (WhatARandomName)
  3. Edward F. (iss)
  4. Brandon S. (TheJaymee3000)
  5. Cameron S. (Drizzleboy)
  6. Luke K. (Burgba)
  7. Mackenzie K.
  8. Ben H. (Darkpenguin67)

Top 28 after Swiss

St. Louis, MO

Masters Top 8

  1. Kamaal Harris (FonicFrog)
  2. Nico Villalobos (Calm Lava)
  3. Benji Irons (benjitheGREAT)
  4. Scott Glaza (Scott)
  5. David Arnold
  6. Jonathan Rankin (JRank)
  7. Bryan Reed
  8. Greyson Garren (GreySong)

Top 32 after Swiss

Seniors Top 8

  1. Aaron Grubbs (LPFan)
  2. Justin M. F.
  3. Kyle H.
  4. Jacob P.
  5. Brian H.
  6. Danny I.
  7. Darrin C. (ninten678)
  8. Ian M.

Salem, OR

Masters Top 8

  1. Randy Kwa (R Inanimate)
  2. Alex Stempe (Stump)
  3. Quinn Johnstein
  4. Casiano S. Atienza III
  5. Aryana Welch (feathers)
  6. Brandon Deragimore (Branflakes)
  7. Christopher Beckstrom
  8. Max Douglas (starmetroid)

Top 40 after Swiss

Seniors Top 8

  1. Jake Hwang-Twigg
  2. Ian W.
  3. April H. (Phenac)
  4. Aaron N.
  5. Henry M. (Snake)
  6. Will B.
  7. Elicia A.
  8. Ryan B.

Top 30 after Swiss

 Long Beach, CA

Masters Top 8

  1. Jacob Burrows (Noobly9730)
  2. William Hall (Biosci)
  3. Enosh Shachar (Human)
  4. Hayden Morrison (hakemo)
  5. Kamran Jahadi (kamz)
  6. Matthew Dotey (Knight)
  7. Duy Ha (Duy)
  8. Len Deuel (Alaka)

Top 31 after Swiss

Seniors Top 8

  1. Jerico Horca (DoctorRiceYouSee)
  2. Abram B. (Abman261)
  3. Emilio F. (emforbes)
  4. Daniel C. (KermitTheFrog14)

Lake Buena Vista, FL

Masters Top 8

  1. Zach Droegkamp (Zach)
  2. Rick Guerra
  3. Sam Haarsma (DrFidget)
  4. Edwin Baez (Chogy64)
  5. Conor Tobin (Tobes)
  6. Ryan Lankford (Maestro)
  7. Brandon Oramas
  8. Gus St. Germain (Gustalice)

Top 22 after Swiss

Seniors Top 8

  1. DeVon Ingram (dingram)
  2. Eujin J. (KiwiDawg7)
  3. Hugo C.
  4. Luke L. (MudkipMaster)
  5. Marc M. (green hornet)
  6. Samuel W.
  7. Joshua Z.
  8. Lex D.

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      VG Please note: Players must load their Pokémon team with their items attached in the battle box. Team sheets are not needed.
      Players must bring their own system in the Nintendo 3DS family (any 2DS or 3DS system).
      Players must bring their own ORAS Game Card or downloadable version.
      Players must bring their own charger for their DS. Players are responsible for making sure their DS is charged for the event.
      · PLEASE NOTE: ALL players must be in the registration line NO LATER THAN THE END of the Registration time listed above. If you arrive later or get in line later than this time, you may receive a first round loss or denied entry to the event. Don't be late!
      ALL TCG & VG Players meeting: 9:30am ish
      Cost for ALL players (TCG & VG):
      Online Registration: $30.00 ( online closes on Wednesday Sept. 28, 2016)
      Onsite Registration: $40.00 cash/$41.00 credit card
      You can also pay in Bulk Pokémon Cards * (see below)
      ***Pokeparent Discount*** -Parents who are playing in the event and have at least one child playing in any age division will receive a $5 discount applied to their own entry fee. (This will be refunded during the event).
      VG Online registration: https://www.1playerplace.com/signups?event=H3YB54WQXY93PGK
      (Online Registration closes on Wednesday Sept. 28, 2016) After this date you have Onsite registration available.
      Juniors - Born 2006 or later
      Seniors - Born 2002, 2003, 2004 or 2005
      Masters - Born in 2001 and earlier
      All players in every age division will receive:
      ~~ Play Points (TBD) for participating.
      ~~ 1 Regional Promo Card, while supplies last.
      ~~ 1 Saturday Raffle Ticket
      ALL Players who REGISTER ONLINE will receive the following (while supplies last):
      ----VG Players----
      1 Pokémon Hat (Zygarde, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos - Randomly distributed)
      1 AZ Regional Championships Stylus Pen
      1 AZ Wristband
      1 extra Raffle ticket
      REMEMBER: when you register online you MUST return and PRINT out your barcoded Form at the same time you register.
      READ THIS IS IMPORTANT: The registration page will take you to Paypal (you can use paypal or a credit/debit card for payment)- after payment is made you will be taken back to the original registration page to print out the barcoded entry form, if it does not take you back there, please go back to the link above and log in AGAIN, there will now be a REPRINT button, once you click on it, the entry form will appear.
      DO NOT WAIT and do it at a later time. I will not see you are registered and you will not get the dice or an extra raffle ticket. If you have any problems, please email me! FORGET to bring the print out to the event? You will be able to have one printed out for you at the door for an additional $5.00. You cannot play without it.
      * Bulk Pokémon Cards for Entry fee: 1300 Pokémon Cards will be equivalent to the Entry Fee ONSITE. They can be any MINT Pokémon cards excluding Basic Energy and Promo Cards. For those players who attend any LC/PC in September in Arizona, you may bring your cards to the event and I can register you ONLINE for Regionals (only 1000 cards are needed), so you too may get the special Regional Dice and a much faster line on the day of the event! You cannot use cards to cover the cost of the VIP experience.
      VIP Experience – Gold & Platinum Level (optional) – Available to ALL registered players in any age division (While supplies last!) You will have the option to purchase the VIP experience when you register using the link above for TCG or VG. It is the only way to get the VIP experience. This means no arriving extra early to the event, you will have a special VIP line (8am -9am). Don’t wait till the last minute, these will most likely sell out! Limited Quantities! No refunds.
      Gold Level
      VIP Lounge area access (minors + 1parent/guardian)
      VIP Reserved static seating for Swiss rounds
      AZ Regionals Messenger Bag (limited quantities)
      $10 lunch voucher (valid inside the main event hall)
      $10 Vendor voucher
      Pokémon Side event playmat
      VG players can choose their Entry Hat
      Wake up call on Day 2 if you make Top cut
      2 Dedicated Staff in Lounge
      Water & Snacks
      Cost: $90.00 + $30 Entry fee
      Platinum Level (very limited quantities)
      VIP Lounge area access (minors + 1 parent/guardian)
      VIP Reserved static seating for Swiss rounds
      AZ Regionals Messenger Bag
      $10 lunch voucher (valid inside the main event hall)
      $10 Vendor voucher
      Pokémon Side event playmat
      VG players can choose their Entry Hat
      Wake up call on Day 2 if you make Top cut
      2 Dedicated Staff in Lounge
      Water & Snacks
      + Sealed Booster box of STEAM SIEGE
      + Japanese Pokémon Sleeves (62-64 in pack)
      Cost: $140.00 + $30 Entry fee
      MASTERS there will be no Lunch break on Saturday/Sunday. Please plan accordingly. Seniors and Juniors will have a lunch break. This year there will be a Food Vendor inside our Main Hall. I would also highly recommend everyone bringing their own lunch bag. Last year the food locations around our event were crowded and had long lines. This year the Diamondbacks have a home game (both days), so it may be extremely crowded at any Food venue. Last year we had over 226 Masters, I do not want to run the risk of the Master division playing late into the night. My goal is to complete Day 1 Masters between 7pm-8pm at the latest. This of course is dependent on attendance and how long the rounds last.
      VG Tournament Details:
      Day 1:
      VG Tournament Rules & Formats Link for more details: http://www.pokemon.com/…/a…/tournaments-rules-and-resources/
      · Each age group will use Swiss rounds- this means all players get to play every round even if they lose every game. The number of Swiss rounds will be determined by the amount of players in each division. Swiss Rounds - Best 2 of 3.
      --->Top Cut: Will be played on Day 2
       Top Cut matches are Best of 3
       Top Cut is Single Elimination
       Swiss Rounds are Best of 1
      8 Players: 3 Swiss Rounds, Top 2 Cut
      9-16 Players: 4 Swiss Rounds, Top 4 Cut
      17-32 Players: 5 Swiss Rounds, Top 8 Cut
      33-64 Players: 6 Swiss Rounds, Top 8 Cut
      65-128 Players: 7 Swiss Rounds, Top 8 Cut
      129-226 Players: 8 Swiss Rounds, Top 8 Cut
      227-256 Players: 8 Swiss Rounds, Top 16 Cut
      · Players are restricted on what Pokémon can be used. Please check pokemon.com for the latest video game requirements.
      Day 2:
      · Top Cut: Determined by attendance, see above chart. Top Cut will be Single Elimination Finals, run as best-of-three matches, approx. 15 minutes PER GAME.
      RAFFLES: Saturday (between 5pm -6pm, subject to change): You can check back on Sunday to see if you won!
      To be announced!
      Everyone who registers for the main event will get a Raffle Ticket. You can earn extra Raffle tickets thru the Side Events and also earn an extra ticket for every $30 spent in one transaction per Vendor at the tables in the main event area. (For example: If you spend $60 at the Vendor table, you would get 2 Raffle tickets, you cannot combine different vendor purchases). You must be present to win!
      Side Events
      Saturday starts at NOON Sunday starts at 8:30am
      All players will get a Raffle ticket for each event you play on Saturday. Prizes will be posted at the event.
      Most side events require an entry fee.
      Prize wall tickets will be awarded for each side event (excluding the LC and PC on Sunday).
      The prize wall closes on Sunday at 4 p.m. Prizes must be redeemed by that time (subject to change).
      See the side events area at the Arizona Regional Championships for more details.
      ALL DAY - 8 player tournaments – Standard VG Doubles or Singles - $5.00 entry
      ALL DAY - 8 player tournaments - Junior Division Only (doubles or singles) – Free (maximum of 2 free entries)
      Saturday- Time: TBA Little Cup singles - $10
      Saturday- Time: TBA Monotype doubles - $10
      Format details can be found here: http://www.pokemon.com/…/pl…/worlds/2016/side-events-format/
      Sunday -- Premier Challenge - –$10 entry (Championship points are the prizes for this event).
      Registration starts: 9am Registration ends: 10am
      Saturday -ALL DAY - Play all day (no limit) with the purchase of a $5 wristband. Battle your friends, practice and have fun!!
      ----------------Please visit the POKKEN Sign up table for more information-----------------
      Sunday - 8:30am - Noon - Warm ups $5/Free if you purchased a Saturday wristband.
                      8:30am - Noon - Registration for the Pokken Tournament
                                  Entry Fee: $10 + Venue Fee: $5
                    12:30pm POKKEN TOURNAMENT
      Details: Double Elimination, visit the Pokken Sign up table for more information
      Prizes: TBA at the event
      There will be a SPECIAL TEAM SPECIFIC ITEM given to all players who sign up to compete in the Pokemon GO events. (supplies are limited)
      Entry fee: $6 per person per event below. Sign up for one or both.
      Saturday and Sunday: Sign up anytime after 8:30am and choose which event you want to compete.
      Basic - Sign up, pay the Entry fee, then come back to the Sign up table when your ready to start playing (no later than 3pm Saturday). We will log in your current Collector/Battle Girl numbers. You will play for 3 hours. We will note your Start time and the time you need to Check back in. (Saturday sign up ends at 3pm. Sunday sign up ends at Noon).
      You will be competing in these two categories. Try to win 1 or both!
      Collector - Increased # Captured Pokemon
      Battle Girl - Increased # Gym battles won
      Prizes* for each category:
      1st - $10 Google, ITunes or Regionals Vendor Voucher.
      2nd - $10 Google, ITunes or Regionals Vendor Voucher.
      Saturday: Basic winners will be announced shortly after 6pm. You may check on Sunday to see if your a winner.
      Sunday: Basic winners will be announced shortly after 3pm. You must be present to pick up your prize.
      Evolved - Sign up anytime after 8:30am. We will log in your current Jogger/Breeder numbers and you have until Noon on Sunday to check back in. Yes, this means if you sign up on Saturday you have alot more time to win in these categories below. Yes you are accumulating the information both Saturday and Sunday.
      You will be competing in these two categories. Try to win 1 or both!
      Jogger - Increased # steps walked
      Breeder - Increased # hatched eggs.
      Prizes* for each category:
      1st - $20 Google, ITunes or Regionals Vendor Gift Card/Voucher.
      2nd - $20 Google, ITunes or Regionals Vendor Gift Card/Voucher.
      3rd - $10 Google, ITunes or Regionals Vendor Gift Card/Voucher.
      4th - $10 Google, ITunes or Regionals Vendor Gift Card/Voucher.
      Sunday: Evolved winners will be announced shortly after Noon. You must be present to pick up your prize.
      * There is a limited number of Google and ITunes cards available. Regional Vendor Gift vouchers will be given out as an choice or when all other cards are depleted.
      Sunday October 2nd
      Main event: TOP CUT TCG & TOP CUT VG
      (Side events will be going on ALL DAY too!)
      Where: Phoenix Convention Center, (South Building), 100 N 3rd St. Phoenix, AZ 85004
      All TCG and VG TOP CUT players CHECK IN: 8am
      (more details to follow)
      Side Events start at 8:30am

      Transportation: The Metro Light Rail stops at the entrance to the South Building of the Phoenix Convention Center. An all Day pass is only $4 per person and can be purchased at any station. ($2 All Day Pass for Youths age 6-18, Children under 5 years old are Free).
      Sky harbor airport now has a “Sky Train” which connects to The Metro Light Rail too. There are many hotels along the entire route of The Metro Light Rail.
      There are many hotels around the venue and some have lower rates. We could not secure a Pokemon rate. However, If you are willing to stay uptown alittle bit there is a Ramada Inn one block from the Metro Light Rail stop for Osborne Rd. Alot of Pokemon players will be staying here, when you book it online, make sure you become a Wyndham reward member before you book and the room rate will drop in price. Very reasonable.
      There will be a food vendor inside our Main event hall. There are places to eat outside surrounding the building but they will most likey be extremely busy. Half –block in the North Building of the Convention Center there is a food court. You can also order Postmates (a food delivery service) www.postmates.com and use this code (UR4Q) to get a discount!
      Vendors: (More Vendors will be announced in next weeks email)
      Cradilicious: The latest Pokémon Center plushies, keychains, pens, notebooks, earrings, Japanese deck boxes and sleeves, Pokémon Japanese packs, World Championship 2015 plushies and selling singles (English and Japanese). They will also take bulk cards in exchange for Cradilicious credit. Check out our Facebook page for pictures of the current items.
      Amazing Discoveries: Buying and Selling single cards (Tournament Legal ONLY-BLW to current), also buying Bulk commons & uncommons @ $4.00 Cash For 1000 Cards AND they must be mint and in a Card box. They will also offer a 25% trade over cash for any of the Tournament Legal Singles. They will not be buying any older cards.
      Samurai Comics: They will have a great selection of gaming accessories such as Dice, Deck Protectors and Deck boxes! Also, Pop! Vinyl figures, comic books, mystery boxes, Marvel merchandise, Pokemon plushies, posters, figures and more!
      ****I hope you will all join us for this memorable occasion. This is our 4th TCG & VG Regional Championships held in Phoenix, Arizona. Another epic event with awesome prizes.
      Join the crowd of elite Pokémon players who strive to be the very best like no one ever was!
      Someone will be the winner and it could be your destiny!
      Check us out on: https://www.facebook.com/AZRegionals/
      Patricia McCann
      ----Premier Tournament Organizer
    • By fuadorko
      I'm in San Jose atm. Thinking about going to the Phoenix regionals, but I don't want to go alone. Anyone want to carpool and roompool to go to Phoenix on Sep30-Oct2?
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