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Would you like an Ability Capsule? 1000W-0L Triple Maison Team Report

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R Inanimate


blog-bjaron.pngThis is R Inanimate. Some people may know that before playing in the Video Game Championships, I played a lot of Battle Frontier, and Battle Subway. In a single attempt of playing Triple Battle Maison, I managed to reach a 1000 Win Streak for the first time ever. You may wonder why I'd report about a single player acheivement for a competitive VGC site. Well... have you ever had a situation where you hatched a Pokemon with flawless stats, but the wrong ability? Have you thought about fixing the ability, but were turned away by the steep 200BP price tag on Ability Capsules? This is a team that can go on long runs through the Battle Maison, with a consistant and simple win condition. After Battle 50, each trainer defeated will reward you with 7 Battle Points. Going on run of 100 or 200 wins will net you roughly 1000BP. More than enough for most of your battle item needs. And with that, lets get on to the team.

The Team:


Greninja (M) @ Life Orb ***Samidare

Trait: Protean

EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd

Hasty Nature (+Spd, -Def)

- Surf

- Ice Beam

- Grass Knot

- Mat Block

Life Orb Greninja. Mat Block Support, High-Speed Offense. Leads on the Left. Yes, I know that its Nature isn't optimal for what I am trying to do, and that a Timid nature would work a bit better, but this still gets the job done. It's role is pretty self explanatory. Open battles with Mat Block, then go on the offense. Holding a Life Orb in combination with the automatic STAB gained from Protean allows Greninja to dish out respectable amounts of damage, often netting an OHKO when hitting opponents on their weaknesses. Although Mat Block only blocks damaging moves and has no boost in Priority, Greninja is usually fast enough to pull off Mat Block for the team before the opponents can move, and the opponent Pokemon will very likely go for damaging moves due to the presence of...


Lv 1 Aron (M) @ Berry Juice ***Aron Zheng

Trait: Sturdy

EVs: Champions don't need to train, they just need to win

Rash Nature

- Endeavor

- Protect

- Toxic

- Sleep Talk

Lv 1 Endeavor Abuse Aron. AI Abuse. Leads front and center. The moment I was told that the Battle Maison does not scale levels up to 50 if under-leveled was the moment I decided I would try to revive my old 4th gen AI Abusive strategy. The idea here is that Aron is KO'd by any non-Poison damaging attack, and thus triggers the AI's tendency to drop any thoughts of support or setup to go in straight for the KO that they see in front of them. However, due to Sturdy and Berry Juice, that "KOable" target will actually takes 3 hits to go down. Factor in Mat Block and Protect, and this Aron will often command the attention of the opponent's pokemon for at least a good 3 or 4 turns, but by that point I'll have a commanding lead.

Aron's moveset is pretty basic if you are familiar with L1 Endeavor strategies. Its survivability is all in its item and ability, and its damage output is in Endeavor, which will reduce the opponent's HP down to Aron's current HP of 12. Toxic is used for targeting Ghosts, and crippled Pokemon. My last move is Sleep Talk, in case Aron ever gets put to sleep, but honestly I've never gotten to successfully use it. The one time Aron got put to sleep, it woke up immediately causing Sleep Talk to fail.


Garchomp (F) @ Focus Sash ***SHARK ATTACK

Trait: Sand Veil

EVs: 4 HP / 244 Atk / 4 Def / 4 SDef / 252 Spd

Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)

- Earthquake

- Dragon Claw

- Swords Dance

- Protect

Focus Sash Swords Dance Garchomp. Leads on the Right. A simple moveset. Greninja and Aron were originally used as a lead pair in Double Maison before I tried it out in Triples. It didn't take me any time at all to decide that I wanted to run Garchomp as my third lead. Mat Block extends across your entire party, regardless of where Greninja is placed on the floor. With Mat Block and the Aron distraction, Garchomp is almost always able to get off a free Swords Dance boost at the start of the battle. A +2 Atk Garchomp with an active Focus Sash makes quick work of its side of the field while the opponent scrambles to take down Aron. In situations where all the opponent's Pokemon are wiped out, and they only have one Pokemon remaining, they will always send it out on my right, and thus facing against my +2 Atk Garchomp.


Tyranitar (F) @ Choice Scarf ***Nabata

Trait: Sand Stream

EVs: 4 HP / 244 Atk / 4 Def / 4 SDef / 252 Spd

Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)

- Rock Slide

- Crunch

- Earthquake

- Iron Tail

Choice Scarf Tyranitar. Weather Changer. Tyranitar makes a pretty good partner to Aron and Garchomp on the team. Hail can be very hazardous to my leads, as it neutralizes both Sturdy and Focus Sash if left unchecked. Tyranitar can get rid of the Hail, and in turn hit hard against those that set it up. Although it isn't the fastest thing on the board, Choice Scarf Tyranitar's speed is still decent enough to deal with a lot of threats. Rock Slide isn't the most reliable of moves, but Tyranitar is usually good at knowing who to pick fights against, as I seldom run into situations where missing a Rock Slide or two would be a run ender. The boost in Special Defense from the sand also makes it pretty easy to switch it in on Special Attacks, even if they are super effective ones. No, I don't use Iron Tail. Ever.


Gyarados (F) @ Choice Band ***HaiteiRaoyue

Trait: Intimidate

EVs: 164 HP / 196 Atk / 4 Def / 76 SDef / 68 Spd

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

- Waterfall

- Earthquake

- Stone Edge

- Return

Choice Band Gyarados. Intimidate Support. Switch Option. Since Gyarados is immune to Garchomp's Earthquake, and resists Greninja's Surf... it makes something that Aron can switch out to, without causing me to lose one of my own Pokemon in the crossfire. This is the only Pokemon on the team with a non 252/252 EV spread, although there isn't anything particularly special about its EVs. It's pretty much a copy of the EV spread I was using for the CB Gyarados I was using in VGC battles post-Worlds. Return as the fourth move since I wanted a strong reliable neutral move to use against Pokemon that resist Waterfall, namely Grass and Water Types.


Aegislash (F) @ Spell Tag ***Hakurouken

Trait: Stance Change

EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef

Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spd)

- Iron Head

- Shadow Sneak

- Sacred Sword

- Swords Dance

An Aegislash. Priority Attacker. Switch Option. I would say that Aegislash is a bit of a filler Pokemon for this team, though it does have its role. Due to having high defenses before a Stance Change, it can survive a few hits even in situations where I have to make a tough switch. Its immunity to fighting also helps act as a Switch option for Tyranitar, and in some cases Greninja and Aron. Aegislash is my only Pokemon with Priority attacks, so it is one of the few Pokemon I can use to act before some of the faster Pokemon in the Battle Maison that can give me some trouble.


This Triple Battle Maison strategy is a all about having control over the opponent AI, and having them do what you want/expect them to. While I'd like to say that the team has a lot of fallback plans and stuff, it really actually does not. After all, I managed 1000 Wins on my first run in Triple Battle Maison, so I haven't done much thinking on replacement team members or refining of EVs, items or movesets to allow myself to have backups to my backup plans. Losing the advantage provided by Greninja's Mat Block, and Aron's pseudo taunt and redirection can cause things to spiral out of control without some quick thinking, and possibly a few risky moves on my part to keep myself in the game.


The team's basic strategy is as follows:

Turn 1:

Greninja uses Mat Block

Aron uses Endeavor

Garchomp uses Swords Dance

followed by:

Turn 2:

Aron uses Protect

Greninja and Garchomp Attack, KOing all 3 opponent leads (usually, Surf + Earthquake)


Alternate Turn 2:

Greninja KOs a Pokemon with Grass Knot/Ice Beam

Garchomp KOs a Pokemon with Dragon Claw

Aron uses Endeavor to drop the 3rd Pokemon to 12 HP

The alternative strategy leaves you at 6-4, with one of the opponent's Pokemon in easy KO range, but since Aron doesn't use Protect for this, it keeps your options open for the following turn.

Usually after pulling off a successful first few turns, and gaining a 6-4 or 6-3 lead, it is very difficult for the CPU opponents to pull a comeback, of which it is a matter of taking out the opponent's remaining Pokemon in a low risk fashion.

This is all fine and all, but the real merit of a team is knowing when your go-to strategy will certainly fail.


A very quick way you can lose is by getting caught off guard on turn one, causing the regular setup to turn into a disaster. Nothing like losing Greninja to Choice Scarf Manectric, because you thought you would be faster. And in turn, leaving Garchomp and Aron exposed. It's not that big of a stretch for the opponent to happen to have a Pokemon with Blizzard. Similarly, it would be foolish to try to use Mat Block when all three opponent leads are packing priority moves. I'll try to simplify things down to specific examples in this section.

Threats to Greninja

Pokemon faster than Greninja and can KO it (placed on Center, or Left)

This section includes: Jolteon, Electrode, Choice Scarf Manectric, Choice Scarf Darmanitan, Choice Band Aerodactyl, Choice Scarf Terrakion, Accelgor, and Choice Scarf Pinsir.

Manectric will always hold a Choice Scarf unless used by a Roller Skater.

Darmanitan will always hold a Choice Scarf unless used by a Chef?

Aerodactyl will always hold a Choice Band unless used by a Roller Skater.

Pinsir will always hold a Choice Scarf.

While these Pokemon are able to KO Greninja, they'll have to decide between attacking Aron and Greninja, so it isn't always a guarantee that Greninja will be taken out. As such, it is always important to weigh in the options, and decide whether it is worth risking sacrificing Greninja on the first turn or not.

Quick Claw

Specifically look out for Leafeon, and Ursaring. Assess the situation to make sure you'll be fine even if Greninja is taken out by a Quick Claw'd attack.

Threats to Aron:

Priority Users

There's a fairly large number of Pokemon with Priority moves. To name a few that are very common to see with them past Battle 40 include: Arcanine, Dragonite, Abomansow Hariyama, Lucario, Carracosta, Muk, Scizor, Conkeldurr Dusknoir, Articuno, Spiritomb*, Bisharp*  Toxicroak*, Shiftry*, Honchkrow*, Kangaskhan', Ludicolo', Infernape', Medicham', Mienshao'

* These Pokemon only have Sucker Punch. While they use it more often than they did in the past, they don't fully commit to trying to use it against you, opting to only attack with Sucker Punch on Occasion

' These Pokemon have Fake Out. Strangely enough, despite it being able to OHKO Aron, and only usable on turn one... they DON'T always use Fake Out. In fact, they are more likely to use a regular damaging move instead of Fake Out for a turn.

Don't be afraid to use Mat Block even if there is one priority user in play on the opponent's side. A number of the Pokemon may instead use something like Earthquake instead of their priority move, and a similar situation had caused me to lose a battle in Double Maison. It's better to just let Aron take a hit, in order to preserve Greninja and Garchomp's health from various spread moves, or things like Lucario deciding to want to KO Greninja with Aura Sphere instead of Aron with Extreme Speed. Usually, if the opponent has two priority users, or two Pokemon faster than Greninja, I'll use Protect with Aron on the first turn.

Mold Breaker

For obvious reasons. Since Mold Breaker is an announced ability, try to prioritize in KOing them, and not letting Aron have all three of its "lives" taken out in one blow.


It's no god. Be on the look out for any Mandibuzz or Absol, as they can often be a pain with trying to spread confusion to your party. Though usually it doesn't change the game plan of Mat Blocking and using Endeavor.

Pokemon that will not try to attack Aron on turn one

For whatever reason, there are some Pokemon that will decide to instead use set up moves, or even use Protect instead of attacking at Aron. A list of the common ones are:

Feraligatr, Haxorus, Volcarona - These Pokemon will use Dragon Dance or Quiver Dance respectively. Feraligatr can be OHKO'd by Grass Knot. Using Endeavor on it will activate a Liechi berry and possibly Torrent, so that is unadvised. Haxorus can be KO'd by Dragon Claw, but not Ice Beam due to Yache Berry. Volcarona will still be slower than Greninja even after a Quiver Dance.

Meganium, Venusaur - These two Pokemon have no damaging attacks that can harm Aron, so there is a high chance that they will use Protect on the first turn. As such, avoid using Endeavor on them on the first turn. There is also a Cresselia that has Toxic which is also unable to harm Aron.

Tentacruel, Cradily, Shuckle, Roserade, Mismagius, Eelektross - Theses Pokemon do have damaging attacks against Aron, but still may try to use Protect instead.

Victreebel - This Pokemon will use Solar Beam

Rough Skin/Iron Barbs

So just Druddigon, Ferrothorn, and Garchomp. This is just to make a point of awareness, as it will disable Sturdy if you activate these abilities.

Multiple Ghost Types

Aron isn't going to do much if it can't hit anything. This sort of situation will likely happen against Hex Maniacs or Psychics, as they run a heavy amount of Ghost and Psychic type Pokemon. In these cases, it's best to just switch out to Tyranitar, while still using Mat Block of course.

Snow Warning

Either Abomasnow, or Aurorus will be what you are looking for. When Snow Warning occurs, it is best to switch either Aron or Garchomp out for Tyranitar immediately, in order to preserve Aron's Sturdy and Garchomp's Focus Sash.

Threats to Garchomp

Froslass, Cryogonal, and Weavile

They are faster than Garchomp, and can do a ton of damage with Blizzard or Ice Punch, respectively. Weavile is especially a problem since it is also faster than Greninja, so you can't stop it with Mat Block. Cryogonal can be OHKO'd by a Dragon Claw, but Froslass and Weavile run Focus Sash. If Froslass or Weavile are placed on the far right, it's better to just switch out to Tyranitar.

Starmie (on far right)

Starmie is similar to the previously mentioned Ice Pokemon. The difference is that if Starmie is in the center, it can be OHKO'd by a Grass Knot.

Togekiss (on far right)

Garchomp can't hit Togekiss. Enough said.


In some cases, its better to just switch out Garchomp instead of trying to counteract a large amount of Intimidates.


Bastiodon has Wide Guard, and isn't afraid to use it at times, even with Aron's presence. After a close call where Bastiodon's Wide Guard nearly cost me the battle, I've learned that they are a high priority target to be taken out.

Threat Trainers:

Trainers in the Battle Maison each have a set list of Pokemon they can use. Trainers with the same trainer class often have similar Pokemon selections to others of the same class. Here are a few types of trainers that you should watch out for in the Battle Maison.

Scientists/Roller Skaters

These two trainer classes are the most likely ones to come with Pokemon that are faster than Greninja. Fortunately, beyond that, their Pokemon tend to be easily handled by Garchomp, due to having a fairly large bias towards Electric type Pokemon. So while you may have to do a bit of maneuvering at the beginning, it will often be smooth sailing once you get past that.


Even with this sort of team set up, the Legendary Pokemon teams of Veterans are something to watch out for. The biggest issue when facing them is that all their Pokemon may be running one of four different movesets. In particular, watch out for Choice Scarf on Entei or Terrakion.

Punk Guy Puck

He only runs Pokemon that can have Intimidate. This can sometimes create situations where Garchomp is lagging behind on offensive pressure, which can give the opponent an opportunity to try to do something. Plan accordingly.


1000 Wins in one run. 1000 Wins with my only run. As stated earlier, the team isn't fully optimized yet. Feel free to try out other combinations of Pokemon with Greninja, Aron, Garchomp as the leads. You should have yourself a respectable reserve of BP, and be easily able to afford Ability Capsules in no time.

Article image created by feathers for Nugget Bridge. View more of her artwork on her tumblr or Nugget Bridge forums thread.

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A follow up to this. As some of you may have observed when my match with Chinese Dood was streamed during the Salem, OR regionals, I did continue my streak after reaching 1000 Wins.
The streak ended at 1845, as it was shown. No ridiculous hax occured to cause me to lose. Just me not paying quite enough attention to my battle before realizing I was down 3-5, with the opponent's remaining Pokemon conveniently being what they needed to win against me. A bit unfortunate too, since I was planning to reach 2014 before the new year, and use that as a new year's greeting. Perhaps next year for 2015...
By the end of my Triples Maison run, I had 9700 BP on hand, which then I just played a bit more Maison to get to 9999, which you can see a picture of here:
There were also a few changes to my team from the article beyond 1000Ws, which are:
Hasty -> Timid (F)
Nickname change to Samidare Mk2
Pretty straight forward optimization change, I'm not using a mixed Greninja, so I took the time to rebreed to Timid, and "fix" the gender. Hence "mark 2"
Sleep Talk -> Swagger
Nickname change to Aron Traylor
Sleep Talk was used all of once. Swagger was used more than once. Swagger was better.
Nickname changed because I don't think I associate Aaron Zheng much with using Swagger. Perhaps you could say that Aron Traylor was a strong team player who specialized in feeding KOs to his teammates.
Iron Tail -> Aerial Ace
Iron Tail is a terrible move. Aerial Ace is weak, but allows Tyranitar to strike across the field in a triple battle, so it has less situations where it's just swinging into nothing.
The other 3 Pokemon remained the same.
There were at least 3 or 4 battles between 1000 and 1845 which I nearly ended up losing, but had a bit of luck to save myself. In the sense of not missing Rock Slides and stuff.
I'm not quite sure if I should be more amazed by the fact I have gained a total of about 17000BP, or the fact that I've spent about 14000 of it.
btw, while I ask if you would like an Ability Capsule in the title... I really don't like giving them out, so please don't actually ask for one here.

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I've already bred all of these Pokemon and I'm really eager to test this setup. Sounds like a lot of fun (and BP)! Hasty on Greninja was really odd to me, but you've clarified that. Good job!

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Was fun to read this report. I'll just borrow the team from Gonzo in the future if I ever need more BP.

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I needed an excuse to farm up a reserve of Battle Points, and it looks like this is it. Heard about this team a while back when you were reporting on it's early success, although it's really nice to have all the details mapped out. Thanks.

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Yeah crazy lol. So in your opinion, is it easier or harder to go on mass win streaks compared to last gen's carts? I haven't tried triples much, but if all I'm missing is an Aron I never bothered breeding...

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I needed an excuse to farm up a reserve of Battle Points, and it looks like this is it.

Get the 50-win trophies/statues for every Maison format!

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Amazing job, 1000 wins is really, really awesome. I have a bit of a concept question about the team though: why did you use Berry Juice over Shell Bell on Aron? You can have a potentially infinite amount of lives instead of just three! However, I don't doubt what you're doing, and I'll bet there's an obvious reason that I'm just missing.

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Well done, Randy. Have you played much Maison doubles or singles yet?
It's nice that there is something reasonably expensive to use BP on in 6th gen. For anyone who plays Subway enough, you eventually end up with enough BP to purchase one of the Orange Islands and set yourself up for a cozy retirement. 

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Amazing job, 1000 wins is really, really awesome. I have a bit of a concept question about the team though: why did you use Berry Juice over Shell Bell on Aron? You can have a potentially infinite amount of lives instead of just three! However, I don't doubt what you're doing, and I'll bet there's an obvious reason that I'm just missing.

I've been asked this a number of times. The answer is: consistancy.

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Exactly why I love this site, and why I love R Inanimate! Thanks for that informative listing. Particularly this line: Victreebel – This Pokemon will use Solar Beam Just the matter-of-fact nature of this makes me giggle. How many Victreebels did you have to face before you figured that out? And is there any reason you chose Triples instead of Doubles? Very interesting read. A random comment: Does the cpu still try to find anti-parties like it did back in DPP (gen 5)? What were some of the anti-parties thrown at you? A random question: What does the Spell Tag accomplish? Ever considered a Gothitelle (switch & trap)? Or something like Prankster Sableye (not as bulky, but good defensive typing + lots of priority moves)? Just a thought.

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The first Nugget Bridge report where the author never has to worry about his team being stolen for its intents and purposes. (Rather, it might even be encouraged...) Good stuff, Randy.

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Nice! Gotta say, I really like the way you used Aron, so much I might actually rip it off for myself... But I am curious though, just how much BP did you have at 1000 wins? and has that streak ever even ended?

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This article was nice the first time I read it.
The second time I read it was nice too.

These look like the comments from the main site itself. I assume they'll be merged soon.

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My Previous Greninja was Hasty, I just added the 4 into Atk in case I was going to use a physical move. In the end I never did, and then I replaced it. I guess I didn't mention it in my follow up post, but Samidare Mk.2 had 4HP / 252 SpAtk / 252 Speed.
So to answer your question on why it had 4 EVs in Attack... well, it doesn't.

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A Wailord-sized thankyou, R Animate. Also a suggestion: maybe the lansat and starf berries might be helpful. If you can put time into the berry fields, you can get rare sodas out of them, and I'm guessing there are some hard-to-reach level-up moves made easily accessible without wasting BP on candies.

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Amazing job, 1000 wins is really, really awesome. I have a bit of a concept question about the team though: why did you use Berry Juice over Shell Bell on Aron? You can have a potentially infinite amount of lives instead of just three! However, I don't doubt what you're doing, and I'll bet there's an obvious reason that I'm just missing.

He uses berry juice because the whole point of using the aron was so that all of the opposing pokemon would target it. This way he can survive the first two attacks and have the third still target him. This allows his other pokemon to stack up KOs without immediately worrying about taking hits.

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I was interested so I bred and trained this team. On my first try going through the Super Triple battles I found myself at 67 wins before getting bored and doing other things. This team is amazing.

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Wouldn't it be better if Aegislash had an adamant nature? The brave nature helps when you are using the move gyroscope because its based on low speed but this one doesn't have that move, so wouldn't pure power be better?

Edited by DaBeast

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      A few weeks before Nationals, Berserk messaged Wiretap and me saying he just won a Showdown tournament with a Smeargle team. Immediately interested, I asked him to send me the team. I made a few minor edits to the team, but for the most part it was everything I had been searching for. The team proceeded to win the next two consecutive Showdown tournaments as well, so I knew that Berserk and I were on to something good.
      I was not able to complete all of my games in the June International Challenge because I worked 40-hour weeks this Summer, but I finished at a respectable 1650-1700 with around 20 games. Okay, so the team worked in Best-of-One, cool... except Nationals was entirely Best-of-Three. I was hesitant on using the team all the way up until registration because everyone seems to think that Smeargle only works in Best-of-One and that once the opponent learns its item and moves then it becomes easy to play around. In my opinion, this is absolutely and utterly wrong. I would argue that a good Smeargle team is just as good (if not better) in Best-of-Three as it is in Best-of-One. Hopefully after reading this report you will understand why I feel very strongly about this, but feel free to message me if you have any questions!

      The Team

      Kangaskhan @ Kangaskhanite
      Ability: Scrappy
      EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
      Jolly Nature
      - Fake Out
      - Return
      - Power-Up Punch
      - Sucker Punch
      The team began with the same old run-of-the-mill Kangaskhan. I believe the standard boring Jolly set is still the most optimal way of using Kangaskhan on a team like mine. Kangaskhan was the centerpiece to this team and the Pokemon I brought to the most amount of games throughout the weekend. Kangaskhan had amazing synergy with the rest of the team; not only did she provide a fast Fake Out for Smeargle to set up, but she could also provide Fake Out pressure for Sylveon, and when I predicted my opponent to double Protect on the first turn, I could Power-Up Punch my own Sylveon, Landorus, or Talonflame for a quick +2 Attack boost that would immediately put me in a more advantageous position. Since I used Weakness Policy Aegislash on this team, there was also the rare option of Scrappy Power-Up Punching my Aegislash to OHKO an opposing Cresselia with Shadow Ball after the Special Attack boost, but the situation never arose at Nationals.

      Talonflame @ Life Orb
      Ability: Gale Wings
      EVs: 244 Atk / 12 SpA / 252 Spe
      Naughty Nature
      - Brave Bird
      - Overheat
      - Tailwind
      - Protect
      Besides Kangaskhan and Smeargle, Talonflame is the only member of the team that made it through the full transition from 2014 to 2015. Talonflame is one of my favorite Pokemon because 1) well, it's a bird of course, and 2) Gale Wings is such an amazing ability. Naughty Nature with 12 Special Attack EVs allows Talonflame to OHKO standard 252/4 Mega Mawile with Overheat, but this is not the main reason I decided to use this spread, because I did not expect to see a lot of Mawiles at Nationals anyway. Overheat allowed me to OHKO the likes of Scizor and Ferrothorn without taking huge damage in recoil and from Iron Barbs. Almost every team in this format has at least one Intimidate user so it was nice being able to work around that. In the past, I used to use Helping Hand on Smeargle, which allowed Talonflame to OHKO standard Aegislash 81.3% of the time, again without having to be worried about Intimidate. In my Round Four match against Blake (Bopper) Hopper, I was able to win one of the games because his Charizard's Drought essentially gave my Talonflame the equivalent of a Helping Hand boost to knock out his Aegislash without having to worry about attacking into a King's Shield.
      Even without Helping Hand, I still prefer to use Naughty Talonflame over Adamant because of the aforementioned reasons. It actually helped Talonflame stick around longer when I needed it to because of the lack of recoil, and somewhat ironically allowed me to sack it easier as well. This might come as a surprise to a lot of people, but it is actually very advantageous in some situations to let Talonflame faint after it sets up Tailwind to bring in a heavy hitter like Kangaskhan or Sylveon for free without wasting any turns switching.
      Of course, everyone knows the best way to use Talonflame is to press Brave Bird. Talonflame was essential in some match-ups for dealing significant damage to fast Pokemon like my Round Three opponent's Chlorophyll Venusaur and also Jon (JHufself) Hu's Mega Gengar/Mega Lopunny duo. Brave Bird also helped with my Rain match-up and helped to clean up games after Sylveon and Landorus put dents in opposing teams.

      Smeargle @ Focus Sash
      Ability: Moody
      EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 Spe
      Jolly Nature
      - Dark Void
      - Follow Me
      - Tailwind
      - Spiky Shield
      Up until this point, I have referred to this team as a "Smeargle team" only because most people perceive will perceive it as that anyway. I believe a successful team with Smeargle is as much of a Smeargle team as a team with Amoonguss is an Amoonguss team or a team with Clefairy is a Clefairy team. What Smeargle lacks in bulk compared to other redirection Pokemon, it makes up for with its phenomenal movepool, its nice Speed tier, and arguably one of the most broken abilities in the game. Dark Void, Follow Me, and Spiky Shield are all pretty standard moves on Smeargle. When Berserk sent me the team, he told me that Tailwind was really popular on Japanese sets last season because people tend to double Protect in the face of Khan Artist. Also, a turn of Fake Out + Tailwind is more likely to net me an advantage than Fake Out + Dark Void because Dark Void can miss and I always have the potential to use it the next turn anyway.
      The EV spread is one I took from R Inanimate last season. It allows Smeargle to survive a Power-Up Punch from Jolly Mega Kangaskhan. After a Moody boost in Defense, Smeargle survives a Double Edge from Jolly Mega Kangaskhan and has an 89.5% chance to survive the same attack from Adamant Mega Kangaskhan. It is also worth noting that standard Adamant Landorus Rock Slide is a 3HKO on Smeargle barring a Defense drop from Moody (which actually happened in one of my games against Blake on Day Two).
      Timid obviously would have been a more optimal Nature for minimizing confusion damage, but this is the same Smeargle I used throughout last season, which originally ran Fake Out. If it had ever mattered even once while testing, I would have bothered to breed a new Smeargle, but alas, here we are.

      Sylveon @ Choice Specs
      Ability: Pixilate
      EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 224 SpA / 28 Spe
      Modest Nature
      IVs: 0 Atk / 30 SpA / 30 SpD
      - Hyper Voice
      - Hyper Beam
      - Shadow Ball
      - Hidden Power [Ground]
      Riley (GENGARboi) Factura stated in his 1st Place Seattle Regionals report that he believes Sylveon has made as much of a metagame impact as Kangaskhan, and I agree wholly with that. Choice Specs Sylveon can 2HKO or 3HKO almost everything in the metagame that does not resist it. When paired with Mega Kangaskhan or the threat of putting my opponents' Pokemon to sleep with Dark Void, I was able to overwhelm a lot of players with huge chunks of damage in the same respect that Blastoise did last year without taking up my Mega slot!
      One of the greatest perks of using Sylveon on this team was that it was able to check nearly every common Smeargle counter. I would often lead Kangaskhan + Sylveon if I saw in team preview that my opponent had any Prankster Taunt users like Thundurus, Sableye, Liepard, Murkrow, Meowstic, etc.. Even if my opponent called my bluff and decided not to lead with their Taunt user, Kangaskhan + Sylveon was a very strong lead in most situations anyway. A lot of people tend to double Protect on the first turn or switch into Aegislash if they have it, fearing the Fake Out + Hyper Voice. I was able to predict and capitalize on these situations by Power-Up Punching my Sylveon and getting Kangaskhan a free +2 Attack boost. Most of the time when this happened, players typically would not Protect on the first turn of the next game because they did not want to fall into the same trap again, so it was usually pretty safe to go for the Fake Out + Hyper Voice play instead.
      The EV spread and moves are pretty basic. 28 Speed EVs allowed Sylveon to outspeed Mega Kangaskhan in Tailwind, with the rest going into bulk and Special Attack. I considered giving Sylveon enough Speed investment to outspeed Terrakion in Tailwind, but Berserk and I decided it was not worth the sacrifice in power because I already had plenty of ways of dealing with Terrakion.

      Landorus-Therian @ Choice Scarf
      Ability: Intimidate
      EVs: 76 HP / 244 Atk / 188 Spe
      Adamant Nature
      - Rock Slide
      - Earthquake
      - Superpower
      - U-turn
      I do not have much to say about Landorus; there is a reason it has been one of the most popular Pokemon by usage statistics all season. The moveset is as standard as Landorus gets. The EV spread was designed to outspeed Mega Gengar by two points and always OHKO standard Terrakion with spread Earthquake. The leftover EVs were dumped into HP for general bulk and allowed Landorus to survive some weak Hidden Powers. Superpower was especially helpful for Sand match-ups and Kangaskhan mirrors. U-turn was great for playing mind games with my opponents, spreading Intimidate, and maneuvering myself into having the upper hand every turn.

      Aegislash @ Weakness Policy
      Ability: Stance Change
      EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
      Quiet Nature
      IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
      - Shadow Ball
      - Flash Cannon
      - King's Shield
      - Wide Guard
      Aegislash was my least favorite member of the team and probably the Pokemon I brought the least amount of times at Nationals. It was added because it did well against most of the current metagame and provided excellent switch-in synergy for the rest of my team. I tested a couple of other Pokemon in this spot (Rotom-Wash and Jellicent), but ended up keeping Berserk's original selection of Aegislash because it provided Wide Guard and was able to hit Gardevoir and Sylveon hard. For the most part, Aegislash did exactly what it was meant to do on the team. On a few occasions, I was able to win games because I was targetted by an attack like Crunch from Tyranitar or spread Heat Wave from Heatran and was able to OHKO back after Weakness Policy activated. I think the biggest issue I had with Aegislash was that it seemed awkward having minimum speed Aegislash on a Tailwind team. Although it seemed to work out alright for me, the spread is vastly outdated and I probably should have invested in more bulk so that I would always survive and win the mirror match against the popular Life Orb Aegislash variant.
      I am really sorry everyone, but I am part of the minority that does not take notes during their games and memorizes everything important instead. I tried taking notes in the past, but I am a slow writer and spent too much time focusing on my notes and making sure I jotted everything down. I found that I was not making the best possible plays because I already tend to spend the full allotted time each turn and I was not able to think through each of my plays properly while glancing at notes. I have a fairly good long-term memory so I can still recall how most of my matches went, whether it be specific turns that were decisive turning points in a game or interesting sets and move choices that caught me off guard. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about any of my matches in particular, because I would love to share them with you!
      Day 1
      Round 1: Daniel Stein (Blazikenburner) (2-1W)

      Round 2: Harrison Saylor (Crow) (2-0W)

      Round 3: Wilson Palacios (2-0W)

      Round 4: Blake Hopper (Bopper) (2-1W)

      Round 5: Austin Bastida-Ramos (Syncie) (2-0W)

      Round 6: Chris Danzo (Lunar) (2-1W)

      Round 7: Ian Combs (Jakuzure) (1-2L)

      Round 8: Alec Rubin (amr97) (2-0W)

      Round 9: James Baek (Jamesspeed1) (0-0L)

      Subtotal: (15-5)
      Day 2
      Round 1: Leonard Craft III (DaWoblefet) (2-1W)

      Round 2: Demitrios Kaguras (kingdjk) (2-1W)

      Round 3: Blake Hopper (Bopper) (0-2L)

      Round 4: Alex Underhill (Lexicon) (1-2L)

      Round 5: Evan Bates (Veteran Padgett) (1-2L)

      Round 6: Jon Hu (JHufself) (2-1W)

      Subtotal: (8-9)
      Total: (23-14)
      I would like to give another very special thanks to coolperson59 Berserk. Not just for letting me steal the team you made, but for always being supportive of me and being an overall amazing friend. Thanks for keeping my confidence up during the event and making sure I did not go on tilt after my losses. Nationals would have been at least a hundred times better if you could have made it, but I know you were there in spirit so that makes it a little better. <3 My second shout-out goes to Mr. Heartthrob himself, WireGOD Wiretap. Thank you for paying for my share of the hotel room with your stipend and breeding all of my Pokemon for me, even the times when I am annoying about it. You are a really great friend too and there is no one that I do better theorying with than you and Nick together (but yes, your ideas will still always be trash to me until I try them out myself just to realize that you were right all along). Also thank you for being a true leader and inspiration to DadBods everywhere. <3 Of course, I want to thank the other members of Team Scrublab, the group I share a small blog with and that I traveled to the Athens Regional and Nationals with: the infamous Jacobo "Digimon Shirt Guy" Salazar (jacsaz), the less handsome Jacob Legler (Legler), and the coolest member of the group: Logan Harvell (TheLog). Thank you to my good friend Andrew Greenbaum (blutrane) for the signature Dive Ball Talonflame. It has yet to let me down and I will continue to use it on future teams. BIRD UP! Huge thank you to everyone in my Splatoon Squad Lv.52Inkay for helping me to get my mind off of Pokemon while practicing when I needed it and for supporting me throughout the weekend! I especially want to thank Thomas Schadinger (th1806) for telling me one night that Smeargle is bad in Best-of-Three situations right before I 2-0'd him. Staaaay fresh! I want to thank everyone that hung out with me over the weekend. Tyson Gernack ( I just want to point out that I placed higher than my friend and apparently twin Chance Alexander (Paragon) who lost on stream and finished 27th. :^) I want to thank the man I met right outside of the liquor store that told me he just got out of jail. Thanks for not mugging me because I legitimately thought I was going to die Thursday night. I hope you were able to make it home alright and are staying out of trouble. To everyone I battled over the course of the weekend: it was great meeting every single one of you guys and good games! We have not yet been acquainted, but thanks Randy Kwa (R Inanimate) for leading me astray to the dark side. Maybe next year Smeargle will finally make it past Top 16 at U.S. Nationals.  
    • By ALBA
      Hello everybody, Alba's here and he's back again with another RMT in sight of an official competition. Today i present you with my Earth Trapper team.
      At te end of this month i'm going to attend a Regional championship in Italy near my hometown and i would like to bring this team to the competition.
      Without any other word i'll introduce you with the teambuliding process.
      After the teambuilding, teh team looked in its actual form, which i'm going to explain to you.

      Avaritia (Golduck) @ Focus Sash  
      Ability: Cloud Nine  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe  
      Modest Nature  
      - Scald  
      - Ice Beam  
      - Psychic  Focus Blast
      - Protect
      So, Golduck was my first idea, wich i built my team around. There isnt too much to say about this set, scald and Ice Beam are for OKHO both Groudon-P and M-Rayquaza. Psychic is nothing but a filler move, so it could be replaced with anything else. In the end focus sash allows me to survive always a hit and OHKO my target most of the times. The EV spread is a simple 252/252 for having the maximum speed available and the highest damage output possible thanks to the max SpA.
      Psychic was there mainly for Amoonguss. After Very Good Champion's suggestion i decided to run Focus Blast over Psychic to be able to hit Kangaskhan super-effectively.

      Ira (Groudon-Primal) @ Red Orb  
      Ability: Desolate Land  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 12 HP / 252 Atk / 244 Spe  
      Adamant Nature  
      - Precipice Blades  
      - Rock Slide  
      - Hone Claws  
      - Protect
      Groudon. Groudon is simply one of the best pkmn in this format. Its ability to remove water moves is great, and its shher power is impressive. the speed evs, allows him to underspeed by 1 other modest Kyogre-p with 252EVs in spe so i near lways end with my weather condition on, forcing the opponent to a switch that can't slways be made thanks to Gengar's Shadow tag. Precipice blades and rock slide are its best moves, the first is a 110bp stab, while te second is good for hitting flying things, that precioice blasdes on't hits and for the finching rate. Hone Claws is a cool move: it boosts oth attack and precision, bringing Groudon's power to the stars, and also reduces my chanches to fail a precipice blades (which i remind, it has 85% precision).

      Superbia (Mewtwo) @ Life Orb  
      Ability: Pressure  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
      Timid Nature  
      - Psystrike  
      - Thunderbolt  
      - Ice Beam  
      - Protect
      Mewtwo is one of the best special ofnsive powerhouses in the meta. As i sad before, it used to be a Mega Mewtwo, but a find that there was some lack of power so i decded to run it normal with a Life Orb. Simply with this item it deals more damage than the mega, without occuping the mega slot at the price of only losing the ability insomnia. Psystrike is a must-have for every Mewtwo: a stab move with 100bp and 100% accuracy is nearly perfect. Ice beam and Thundebolt are there for coverage and dealing with Rayquaza, Kyogre and everything else that resists psystrike. The problem caused by the absence of insomnia is resolved with the chance of  OHKOing all the threats that could potentially use a sleep move on Mewtwo.
      Here are some offensive calculations:

      Acedia (Aegislash-Blade) @ Leftovers  
      Ability: Stance Change  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 252 HP / 204 Atk / 20 Def / 28 SpD / 4 Spe  --> 244 HP / 204 Atk / 20 Def / 28 SpD / 12 Spe
      Adamant Nature  
      - Shadow Sneak  
      - Iron Head  
      - King's Shield  
      - Wide Guard
      Aegislash was my last addition to the team, but it ended resulting one of the best additions i've made. I've decided to use it after consulting my long time counselor Sardus. with it's typing it helps a lot with the defensive synergy of the team. Wide guard proved to be very useful in  this meta where Precipice Belades, Origin Pulse, Dazzling Gleam Xerneas, Eruption Groudon and water Spout Kyogre are very common. With Shadow Sneak aegislash proved to be an excellent support, dealing more damage, weakening an oppoent that otherwise would ave resisted an attack from another member, or by finishing off weakened opponents. Iron Head provides a good stab move, that can make slower opponents flinch, as well as seriusly damaging Xerneas and evverything that doesn't resists it. The 4 Evs in spe are for outspeding other Aegislash, and the evs in the defenses adds some general bulk to the set.
      I decided to change the ev spread putting 12EVs in spe in order to outspeed other 4spe Aegislash after Apollo's suggestion.
      Here are some offensive/defensive calculations:

      Luxuria (Lopunny-Mega) @ Lopunnite  
      Ability: Scrappy  
      Level: 50 
      EVs: 148 HP / 116 Atk / 4 Def / 4 SpD / 236 Spe  
      Jolly Nature  
      - Drain Punch  
      - Fake Out  
      - Teeter Dance  
      - Encore
      When i first put lopunny in this team her set was the same i used in my previous Project-X team. But after a short time, looking at the time, i remembered about Jon Hu's 2015 season report, and since i was already using a Gengar like the one he used, i decided to give a try to that Lopunny set. It's a great set. it gives my team all the support it needs. And, thanks to the presence of 3 potential megas in the team i can play some mindgames with my opponent during the team prewiev. For more infos about this set, i quote directly Jon's report: 
      After this, i would say that this lopunny can take a M-Mewtwo Aura Sphere and survive.
      252 SpA Mega Mewtwo Y Aura Sphere vs. 148 HP / 4 SpD Lopunny: 128-152 (80.5 - 95.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

      Invidia (Gengar-Mega) @ Gengarite  
      Ability: Shadow Tag  
      Level: 50  
      EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
      Timid Nature  
      - Sludge Bomb  
      - Shadow Ball  
      - Substitute  
      - Protect
      This gengar was one ofthe first additions to the team, and it became one of the fulcrums of the team: with its ability to trap opponents and prevent switches Gengar helped me to mainntain momentum over my opponent,and helped me keeping my weather of choice. It works in good synergy with all the rest of the team, thanks to its versatility and provides also a good offensive presence. Like i did for Lopunny, i quote directly Jon's report for the set:
      My Gengar runs Sludge Bomb instead of icy wind because i needed something powerful that can OHKO Xerneas before its too late
      252 SpA Mega Gengar Sludge Bomb vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Xerneas: 192-228 (95.5 - 113.4%) -- 68.8% chance to OHKO.
      All the Nicknames are the seven deadly sins (the missing one is Gluttony) written in Latin.
      Here I have some replays to show you how the team works:
      That's all from the team  any suggestion will be appreciated
      Hope i was no boring, and please forgive my bad english, but i'm from italy and i'm not very good with it ;-;
      See ya next time!
    • By CSFlare
      Hey guys!
      The title pretty much says it all, I'm looking for a Shiny Timid HP Ground Greninja!
      Whoever gets me one gets 2 FREE UBERS AND WHITELIST IN MY TRADE SHOP!!!
      Thanks guys!
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