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EV Training Hot-Spots in Black 2 & White 2

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 Versions introduced more locations and Pokémon from previous generations that couldn’t be found in Unova in BW games. Because of that, EV training locations differ from those in previous 5th Gen games. I have stated Pokémon’s locations, their level range, encounter rate and method of encountering. I also put EV gain from battling each Pokémon and calculations for EV gain modifiers so you’ll know exactly how many EV you’ll get. Many of these Pokémon live in other locations, but I have mentioned locations where they have lowest possible level to make things easier.

[If you’re not sure what we mean by EV Training, check out our Beginner’s Guide to EV Training and if you’re looking to optimize your EVs, don’t forget to check out our Advanced EV Spreads article. -Ed.]

Ways to Modify EV Gain:

Pokérus – doubles EV gained
Macho Brace – doubles EV gained, halves holder’s Speed
Power items – give 4 additional EV points to a corresponding Stat, halves holder’s Speed
In BW2, you can find some of those items in-game. The rest can be bought for Battle Points in Battle Subway and Pokémon World Tournament:

  • Macho Brace: Nimbasa City, eastern gate (gift)
  • Power Weight (+HP): Route 4 White2 only (in-game trade, attached to the Pokémon)
  • Power Bracer (+Atk): can’t be found
  • Power Belt (+Def): Plasme Frigate White2 only (pokeball)
  • Power Lens (+SAtk): can’t be found
  • Power Band (+SDef): Plasme Frigate Black2 only (pokeball)
  • Power Anklet (+Speed): Route 4 Black2 only (in-game trade, attached to the Pokémon)

Calculations for EVs per Battle:

Base 3 points:

  • Pokérus / Macho Brace: 6 EVs
  • Pokérus + Macho Brace: 12 EVs
  • Pokérus + Power Item: 14 EVs

Base 2 points:

  • Pokérus / Macho Brace: 4 EVs
  • Pokérus + Macho Brace: 8 EVs
  • Pokérus + Power Item: 12 EVs

Base 1 point:

  • Pokérus / Macho Brace: 2 EVs
  • Pokérus + Macho Brace: 4 EVs
  • Pokérus + Power Item: 10 EVs


Pokémon: Grimer
Location: Castelia City Sewers
Encounter Rate: 100%
Level: 5-15
EVs: 1 HP
Method: Surfing Spring and Summer only
Note that in Autumn and Winter, the water within the sewers is drained so you will have to change the date in your DS.


Pokémon: Palpitoad and Stunfisk
Location: Route 8
Encounter Rate: 30%/70%
Level: 45-60
EVs: 2 HP per each
Method: Surfing
Not recommended for low level Pokémon.


Pokémon: Banette and Golurk
Location: Victory Road (1st Floor)
Encounter Rate: 70%/30%
Level: 47-50
EVs: 2 Atk per each
Method: Walking


Pokémon: Golurk
Location: Dragonspiral Tower (2nd Floor)
Encounter Rate: 100%
Level: 55-58
EVs: 2 Atk
Method: Walking

Be careful when training low level Pokémon. You will probably want to EV train Attack in BW because it is much easier. There are no other 100% Atk EV places, but if you find a decent one, please, let me know. For a good split area:


Pokémon: Patrat
Location: Route 19
Encounter Rate: 50% (walking) / 100% (shaking grass)
Level: 2-4
EVs: 1 Atk
Method: Walking or shaking grass encounter
The other Pokémon that you can encounter is Purrloin so either try avoid it or train your Speed on it at the same time (+1 Spd EV).


Pokémon: Sandshrew and Yamask
Location: Relic Castle
Encounter Rate: 20%/40%
Level: 18-21
EVs: 1 Def per each
Method: Walking

Sandshrew and Yamask give a 60% encounter rate when combined. You need to pay more attention when EV training in Defence, as nowhere in the game(s) guarantees Defence EVs at 100%.

Special Attack

Pokémon: Litwick
Location: Celestial Tower (1st Floor only)
Encounter Rate: 100%
Level: 27-30
EVs: 1 SpAtk
Method: Walking

Special Defence

Pokémon: Frillish
Location: Route 4, Virbank City, Virbank Complex
Encounter Rate: 100%
Level: 5-15
EVs: 1 SpDef
Method: Surfing


Pokémon: Baltoy
Location: Relic Cave (Volcarona’s Chamber)
Encounter Rate: 100%
Level: 27-30
EVs: 1 SpDef
Method: Walking


Pokémon: Basculin
Location: Route 19
Encounter Rate: 100%
Level: 5-15
EVs: 2 Speed
Method: Surfing

Good luck with your EV training!

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