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Masters VGC Worlds 2013 Teams

With the 2013 World Championships coming to a close a little over a week ago, the best players in the world assembled for one final time during Generation 5, competing for the championship and giving their views on what the best Pokemon to use in this metagame through their teams as a result. While in any tournament some players will come out on top while other players will get some extra motivation to work hard again next season, simply making it to Worlds is a large accomplishment and all of the teams and players here are worthy of enshrinement for their impressive accomplishments during the 2013 VGC season.

The Teams

1. Arash Ommati (IT) (Mean)


2. Ryosuke Kosuge (JP) (gebebo)

cresselia thundurus landorus-therian heatran tyranitar conkeldurr

3. Aaron Zheng (US) (Cybertron)

cresselia rotom-wash landorus-therian heatran tyranitar conkeldurr

4. Benjamin Gould (GB) (Ben91293)

rhydon latios scrafty jellicent abomasnow volcarona

5. Sejun Park (KR)

magmar marowak jellicent abomasnow scrafty tornadus

6. Enosh Shachar (US) (Human)

thundurus amoonguss hitmontop jellicent latios excadrill

7. Luigi Lo Giudice (IT) (LProx)

thundurus cresselia tyranitar garchomp landorus-therian scizor

8. Matthias Hellmoldt (DE) (Tyvyr)

sableye volcarona hydreigon landorusterrakionamoonguss

9.Barry Anderson (GB) (Baz Anderson)

liepard breloom thundurus terrakion scizor cresselia

10. Yuki Matsumoto (JP) (Haruto)

cresselia amoonguss politoed jellicent scrafty metagross

11. Christoph Kugeler (DE) (drug duck)

amoonguss heatran tornadus landorus-therian scrafty cresselia

12. Toler Webb (US) (Dim)

latios rotom-washbisharp conkeldurr volcarona cresselia

13. Ben Kyriakou (GB) (Kyriakou)

tyranitar hitmontop volcarona hydreigon amoonguss tornadus

14. Stephen Morioka (US) (Stephen)

heracross breloom tyranitar thundurus cresselia heatran

15.  Jaime Martinez (ES) (repr4y)

latias heatran bisharp hitmontop thundurus-therian amoonguss

16. Baris Akcos (DE)  (Billa)

liepard breloom volcarona terrakion abomasnow thundurus

17. Ben Rothman (US) (Nightblade7000)

thundurus cresselia hitmontop tyranitar scizor excadrill

18. Randy Kwa (CA) (R Inanimate)

excadrill togekiss tyranitar latios breloom bisharp

19. Michael Riechert (DE) (Michilele)

scrafty heatran cresselia landorus-therian amoonguss latios

20. Matthias Suchodolski (DE) (Lega)

salamence terrakion zapdos abomasnow bronzong heatran

21. Jordi Picazo (ES)

politoed kingdra volcarona metagross gothorita amoonguss

22. Gavin Michaels (US) (kingofkongs)

landorus metagross amoonguss tyranitar ludicolo volcarona

23. Osamu Shinomoto (JP) (ru-ni)

cresselia metagross latios landorus-therian togekiss tyranitar

24. Albert Bañeres (ES) (Arbol Deku)

scrafty suicune thundurus cresselia heatran landorus-therian

25. Wolfe Glick (US) (Wolfey)

registeel hippowdon gliscor magmar latios rotom-wash

26. Ray Rizzo (US) (Ray)

landorus-therian torkoal tyranitar cresselia conkeldurr tornadus

27. Demitri Camperos (US) (Demitri)

thundurus-therian gyarados cresselia landorus-therian tyranitar volcarona

28. Shota Nakata (JP)

tyranitar landorus-therian cresselia hydreigon togekiss conkeldurr

29. Trista Medine (US) (ryuzaki)

landorus-therian rotom-heat tornadus gastrodon cresselia tyranitar

30. Daniel Nolan (GB) (Zog)

tornadus suicune landorus-therian tyranitar gothitelle hydreigon

31. Matteo Gini (IT) (Matty)

arcanine breloom scizor hydreigon politoed kingdra

32. Kamaal Harris (US) (FonicFrog)

tyranitar excadrill cresselia latios volcarona gastrodon

33. Nabil Lakehal (FR) (Showmeasign)

landorus thundurus terrakion cresselia tyranitar amoonguss

34. Alberto Gini (IT) (BraindeadPrimeape)

hydreigon scizor politoed kingdra thundurus breloom

35. Rina Purdy (GB)

latias scrafty bisharp chandelure virizionrotom-wash

36. Rachel Annand (GB) (SPEevee)

zapdos latios suicune scizor hitmontop tyranitar

37. Lee Provost (GB) (Osirus)

latias heatran hitmontop thundurus ludicolo mamoswine

38. Alan Schambers (US) (Metabou)

cresselia volcarona tyranitar landorus-therian hitmontop thundurus

39. Eloy Hahn (DE) (Dragoran5)

conkeldurr landorus-therian hydreigon cresselia heatran thundurus

40. Abel Sanz (ES) (Flash)

cresselia hydreigon metagross scrafty thundurus volcarona

41. Wai Yin Low (SG)

scrafty suicune excadrill tornaduslatios cresselia

42. Christopher Arthur (GB) (Koryo)

excadrill politoed kingdra scizor thundurus amoonguss

43. Ben Irons (US) (benjitheGREAT)

metagross gyarados cresselia thundurus-theriantyranitar conkeldurr

44. Ben Kilby (AU)

liepard ferrothorn breloom politoed kingdra mamoswine

45. Zach Droegkamp (US) (Zach)

landorus-therian amoonguss ludicolo volcarona tyranitar metagross

46. Hugh Ronzani (AU)

thundurus scrafty chandelure cresselia scizor tyranitar

47. Jamal El Moutaoikil (DE) (Toazdt)


Frequency Per Pokémon

As the Pokemon used in the most important tournament under the VGC 2013 ruleset, the Pokemon below are those who have left the biggest mark on the game when it counted this year. The most common Pokemon in the tournament predictably consists mostly of metagame mainstays, with four of the five most common Pokemon at Worlds being the same as both the cumulative European Nationals top cuts and United States Nationals top cut in Cresselia, Tyranitar, Amoonguss, and Thundurus. Only Landorus-T, the fourth most common Pokemon in the Japan Cup, was able to break into the international top five at Worlds. Also showcased below are some less common Pokemon that the game’s best players thought were good enough to catch their peers off-guard in spite of the risk this year, like Magmar, Marowak, Registeel, and Torkoal.

# Pokemon # of Uses % Usage
1 Cresselia 25 53.19
2 Tyranitar 21 44.68
3 Landorus-T 16 34.04
4 Thundurus-I 16 34.04
5 Amoonguss 13 27.66
6 Heatran 12 25.53
7 Volcarona 12 25.53
8 Latios 11 23.4
9 Scrafty 10 21.28
10 Hydreigon 9 19.15
11 Conkeldurr 8 17.02
12 Scizor 8 17.02
13 Tornadus-I 8 17.02
14 Breloom 7 14.89
15 Hitmontop 7 14.89
16 Metagross 7 14.89
17 Excadrill 6 12.77
18 Politoed 6 12.77
19 Abomasnow 5 10.64
20 Kingdra 5 10.64
21 Terrakion 5 10.64
22 Bisharp 4 8.51
23 Jellicent 4 8.51
24 Rotom-W 4 8.51
25 Suicune 4 8.51
26 Gyarados 3 6.38
27 Landorus-I 3 6.38
28 Latias 3 6.38
29 Liepard 3 6.38
30 Ludicolo 3 6.38
31 Mamoswine 3 6.38
32 Thundurus-T 3 6.38
33 Togekiss 3 6.38
34 Chandelure 2 4.26
35 Gastrodon 2 4.26
36 Magmar 2 4.26
37 Zapdos 2 4.26
38 Arcanine 1 2.13
39 Bronzong 1 2.13
40 Ferrothorn 1 2.13
41 Garchomp 1 2.13
42 Gliscor 1 2.13
43 Gothitelle 1 2.13
44 Gothorita 1 2.13
45 Heracross 1 2.13
46 Hippowdon 1 2.13
47 Marowak 1 2.13
48 Registeel 1 2.13
49 Rhydon 1 2.13
50 Rotom-H 1 2.13
51 Sableye 1 2.13
52 Salamence 1 2.13
53 Torkoal 1 2.13
54 Virizion 1 2.13

Thanks to everyone who helped compile this information. See anything we messed up or missed? Feel free and leave a comment and I’ll fix it as quickly as I can.

About the Author

started playing VGC in 2011. He finished 17th at US Nationals, then lost in the final round of 2011 Worlds LCQ. He finished 10th in the 2012 World Championships and qualified for Worlds again in 2013 after going into US Nationals second in CP. Instead of playing, he commentated at US Nationals and the World Championships in 2013 and 2014. Follow him on Twitter @NBNostrom!

21 Responses to Masters VGC Worlds 2013 Teams

  1. Baz Anderson says:

    Oh well, at least I took Liepard and Breloom probably further than they’ve ever been at Worlds before!

  2. Baz Anderson says:

    Oh well, at least I took Liepard and Breloom probably further than they’ve ever been at Worlds before!

  3. TKOWL says:

    I’m still sad only one Heracross was used.

    Also Registeel <3

  4. kingofmars says:

    Petition to get rid of the -I after the genies names for being stupid, especially on Tornadus.

  5. Mean says:

    Tyvyr’s last pokè was Amoonguss

  6. Andykins says:

    4 jellicent used, all in the top 10
    rain didn’t go too deep as expected
    heatran and amoonguss dominated

    looks fun

  7. Blaze King7 says:

    Anyone know what Ray was running on his Torkoal? One crazy pokemon choice right there, full respect! And Wolfey’s team, just wow! Such a shame their matches didn’t get streamed. Great worlds this year :]

  8. Die2Distroy says:

    Mamoswine won worlds, nuff said.

  9. TeslaVGC says:

    Sejun Team <3

  10. Josh says:

    Interesting to see a lot of similarities in the top 8 teams. Paticularly Cybertron/Gebebo’s and Ben912/Sejun’s

  11. Ben91293 says:

    Now for my favourite part of worlds, the team writw ups!
    Yeah, we both had the follow me fire types on there, lightning rod abuse and trick room option…
    Be interesting to see Sejun’s if he does an article.

    Definately hope Ray and Wolfe do one too! (hint hint guys)

  12. MrFox says:

    Jellicent was such a nice meta call at worlds.

  13. Dreykopff says:

    So who used Jelli long before it was cool????????????? :D :D :D

    I wonder how many of the 12 Heatrans are Eruptrans or not.

  14. Otterz says:

    I’ve tried a lot to make Torkoal fit into my teams, considering it is one of my favorites, but I never found it useful. I hope someone knows what made Ray think it was good enough to bring to Worlds.

  15. MrFox says:

    I’ve tried a lot to make Torkoal fit into my teams, considering it is one of my favorites, but I never found it useful. I hope someone knows what made Ray think it was good enough to bring to Worlds.

    I’m not sure if this is it or if there was more, but he was using it as a more defensive eruptran from what I could tell.  It underspeeds and OHKOs Amoongus in TR.

  16. Simon says:

    ChimpanzeeTDS: also did you use torkoal for white smoke pope
    Ray: and ya thats why I used torkoal

  17. MrFox says:

    Gotta be ready for that Snarl Scrafty.

  18. Technoz says:

    Wolfey used Gliscor………A well known user is soon to brag about this.

    Besides Gliscor being used at worlds, it is cool to see Bisharp and Gyarados seeing decent usage.

  19. religiousjedi says:

    Wolfey using Registeel? So pro.

  20. LilWhiteRice says:

    Nice job to mean and I can’t wait to see some teams in detail

  21. Javier8899e says:

    Dose Ben Kilby have a nugget bridge account I’m just asking?

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