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Published on September 17th, 2014 | by ryuhashegi


Indonesia vs Taiwan August Friendly Results & Videos

Hi guys, Hashegi here. In this report, I am gonna discuss the Indonesia vs Taiwan VGC 2014 Friendly match which was held between August 30-31st of this year. This event was proposed by the Indonesian VGC Community. We proposed this battle during the second week of August and it happened at the end of the month. The trainers playing in this friendly were directly chosen by their respective community leaders or the country’s Tournament Organizer.

Neither Indonesia nor Taiwan have Premiere Challenges yet, which is quite sad. Indonesian itself has around 25-30 dedicated players spread across the nation; not to mention hundreds more who just play Pokémon, but not competitively. Pokémon competitive battling in Indonesia has been around for some time. I remember we had some simulator tournaments on Pokémon Showdown and Pokémon Online since 2010. However, until recently we had no VGC community. The TCG circuit always got sanctioned tournaments — and also Nationals in 2013 — but there was no sign of video game sanctioned tournaments until 2014. After the release of Pokémon X and Y, there was an online store that decided to sponsor a Pokémon tournament in the lobby of a department store. As it turned out, 123 trainers attended the tournament! That was the turning point of Pokémon competitive community. In January, Indonesia decided to join the 2014 Asia Cup which turned out pretty well. One of our trainers went to the Top 8 while another one of our representative reached Top 16. After that point, one of the leaders from a Pokémon forum in Indonesia and I decided to start an Indonesian-speaking online community to expand the level of VGC play in the country. Even though the number of players in Indonesia isn’t as high as in Japan or western countries, our trainers are also very dedicated in playing Pokémon in the Video Game Championships.

This was original posted in Indonesian here. It has been published again in English for you below:

  • Format: VGC ’14
  • Tournament Type: Wi-Fi
  • Tournament Format: Best of Three, Random Pairings
  • Date & Time: Sabtu, 30th August 2014 sampai Minggu, 31st August 2014
  • Registration: Invitational Only
  • Trainers: 5 Trainers from each country

Trainers List

No. Name  IGN Country
1. Irvan Ing (beastlife) Kuro indonesia_flag
2. Oktavian Jason (witzel) Jason indonesia_flag
3. Jack Kurniawan (azukanakano) Azuka indonesia_flag
4. Bima Amalsyah (whoopie) Atlanta indonesia_flag
5. Michael Tamara Putra Michael indonesia_flag
6. 劉建廷 (Liú Jiàn Tíng) (sayha) Sayha taiwan_flag
7. 簡劭陽 (Jiǎn Shào Yáng) (Frozereon) バリアン taiwan_flag
8. 曹哲鳴 (Cáo Zhé Míng) (duoduo0517) DUOO taiwan_flag
9. 杜震超 (Dù Zhèn Chāo) (ilike282) ちっちぇな taiwan_flag
10. 白宇平 (Bái Yǔ Píng) (univers) White taiwan_flag
11. Bryan Young (Sub) Bryan indonesia_flag
12. Ditto Amalsyah (Sub) Florenza indonesia_flag

Pairings and Results

No. Name IGN Score IGN Name
1. Irvan Ing Kuro 1-2 Sayha 劉建廷 (Liú Jiàn Tíng)
2. Oktavian Jason Jason 2-1 DUOO 曹哲鳴 (Cáo Zhé Míng)
3. Jack Kurniawan Azuka 2-1 バリアン 簡劭陽 (Jiǎn Shào Yáng)
4. Bima Amalsyah Atlanta 2-1 ちっちぇな 杜震超 (Dù Zhèn Chāo)
5. Michael Tamara Putra Michael 0-2 White 白宇平 (Bái Yǔ Píng)
FINAL SCORE indonesia_flag 3-2 taiwan_flag


  1. Match 1: Jack Kurniawan vs 簡劭陽 (Jiǎn Shào Yáng)
  2. Match 2: Bima Amalsyah vs 杜震超 (Dù Zhèn Chāo)
  3. Match 3: Oktavian Jason vs 曹哲鳴 (Cáo Zhé Míng)
  4. Match 4: Michael Tamara Putra vs 白宇平 (Bái Yǔ Píng)
  5. Match 5: Irvan Ing vs 劉建廷 (Liú Jiàn Tíng)


1. Irvan Ing

manectric-megaazumarillrotom-heataegislash salamencegarchomp

2. Oktavian Jason


3. Jack Kurniawan


4. Bima Amalsyah


5. Michael Tamara Putra


6. 劉建廷 (Liú Jiàn Tíng)


7. 曹哲鳴 (Cáo Zhé Míng)

charizard-mega-yaerodactyl hydreigonmawile-megagardevoirgarchomp

8. 簡劭陽 (Jiǎn Shào Yáng)


9. 杜震超 (Dù Zhèn Chāo)


10. 白宇平 (Bái Yǔ Píng)


Shout Outs

  • Michael Pond Wijaya, the Tournament Organizer of Indonesia, for letting trainers play.
  • 白宇平 (Bái Yǔ Píng), for accepting the proposals of this Friendly Match 谢谢!
  • Both Country Trainers, for putting your best efforts to play this game
  • Bryan Young and Ditto Amalsyah, the Indonesia’s back up player
  • Nugget Bridge, for letting me post this International Friendly Report
  • and all the user who are still reading this super boring Report!

Indonesia is planning to play in another event in Southeast Asia, this time against Malaysia this September. Hope it will go well!

About the Author

Pokemon Competitive Battler Since 2011, but went into VGC since 2013. One of the mastermind in making an Indonesian VGC Community and forum Right now he is more into building the Community rather than polishing his Battling Skills. But he still has a dream to win the Nationals in his home Country, Indonesia where there would be one some time soon enough.

8 Responses to Indonesia vs Taiwan August Friendly Results & Videos

  1. Zekira Drake says:

    Oh, Indonesia, hi! Seeing as how you seem to be doing friendlies with the other non-VGC countries around our part of Asia, I was wondering if you’d be interested in also having friendly matches with the Philippines sometime?

  2. AzukaNakano says:

    Hello Drake, Greetings from Indonesia!
    I’m really happy to see other country is also as excited as we are about this kind of friendly match, we from Indonesian Pokemon VGC Community is hoping that with this kind of event we can have more official Pokemon Events in our country, and of course, a Nationals
    I would love to have a friendly match with another country , but since i’m just a player i don’t have any right deciding things lol, you can ask your country’s Event organizer to talk things over with Indonesia’s Event Organizer, His FB name Is “Michael Pond Wijaya”
    Thank You!

  3. ryuhashegi says:

    Hi! Thank you for having interest in a friendly match with Indonesia. Me, with Michael Pond is targeting for at least an International Friendly Match every 2 months. Every month if possible! So if you are interested, you could send me PM in my Facebook Hashegi Hanjaya. Cheers!

  4. kibago11 says:

    Great to see you guys taking matters into your own hands and sorting out a friendly on your terms. Hopefully this works out as a starting point for more official events coming your way. Well done to all who played!

  5. Good to see VGC expanding hopefully you guys get events soon as you guys seem to have a growing audience for VGC events.

  6. aniketskywalkaa says:

    The day India gets anything like this,is the day I will run around the streets of Delhi screaming like a retard 🙁

  7. AzukaNakano says:

    you can build the vgc community from scratch! like what we did in indonesia. you can arrange some tournaments constitantly and then when you have enough consistent player you can also propose to other countries for a friendly match !
    I hope that you can have a decent vgc community there in India, Cheers!

  8. kibago11 says:

    For those who havent seen Match 3, the end is reslly heated. As in its a real fiery battle, you can really see both players have a burning ambition tp won.

    I almosy spat out my tea at the mirror match, especially all of the misses and survives. Charizard Y hilarity at its finest!

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