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Stream of Nugget Bridge Major 2 Finals

Tomorrow on Sunday, June 9th, 2013, MrFox and Unreality will square off in the final match of the second Nugget Bridge Major. Both players had a difficult path to the finals and we are excited to announce that we will be streaming the match on Nugget Bridge’s Twitch channel at 5 PM Pacific (1 AM GMT) with commentary by Scott and makiri with bearsfan092 producing behind the scenes. Come out and support your favorite player in the finals. Good luck to both players and we’ll see you then!

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started playing VGC in 2008 and has been an advocate for VGC play since then. With three Regional Championship victories and multiple other high placings, makiri is a seasoned competitor ready to impart knowledge of the game to others.

31 Responses to Stream of Nugget Bridge Major 2 Finals

  1. Unreality says:



    lets get it

  2. pball0010 says:



    what you did there.

  3. Firestorm says:

    Snap back to Unreality, Oh there goes gravity
    Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked
    He’s so mad, but he won’t give up that
    Easy, no
    He won’t have it, he knows his whole back’s to these ropes
    It don’t matter, he’s dope
    He knows that but he’s broke
    He’s so stagnant, he knows
    When he goes back to his mobile home, that’s when it’s
    Back to the lab again, yo
    This whole rhapsody
    He better go capture this moment and hope it don’t pass him

  4. Cybertron says:



    what you did there.

    I really don’t think you do…

  5. bearsfan092 says:

    Calling on my boy Unreality to lay some Dragonite smackdown like he did last time

  6. R Inanimate says:

    Got to go with TripleGenieTriplePony man here.

  7. Cypher says:

    Don’t mess with the Fox

  8. Firestorm says:

    Double Header!

  9. Scott says:

    you should probably follow that guy his tweets are pretty good
    also i was over the character limit for that tweet until i switched to the Ω symbol good name choice Suleski

  10. Gonzo says:

    I hate you TT^TT

    Why is it that late? Oh well, I’ll stay up till, 2-3AM tough Grimer :/

  11. kingofmars says:

    I hate you TT^TT

    Why is it that late? Oh well, I’ll stay up till, 2-3AM tough Grimer :/

    Because the Metag-I mean americans are abusing the Europeans on the site.
    Also come on, I have to support Unreality here, it’s time to pay your entrance fee Jon.

  12. MrFox says:

    Because the Metag-I mean americans are abusing the Europeans on the site.
    Also come on, I have to support Unreality here, it’s time to pay your entrance fee Jon.

    But I’m broke :o.  Can I pay in chips and salsa?
    Really shocked I’m in the finals, should be some great matches!  

  13. KiwiDawg says:

    Mistaaaa Foxxxx :)

  14. Adib says:

    Not taking sides, but I’m kinda sad we don’t get to see two of either MrFox, Evan Falco and Wolfey fight it out in the finals.

  15. pball0010 says:

    If you ever have to face a draco meteor, meteor mash, hydro pump, overheat, rock slide, megahorn, or anything else high powered with shaky accuracy, just remember to wise words of ol’ man Peppy, Mr. Fox:



  16. TalkingLion says:

    MrFox12 to take first blood

  17. Scott says:

    A couple of the people involved had some stuff come up but we should have the Smogon match starting fairly shortly, sorry for the wait

  18. Josh says:

    The stream has been extremely good quality so far from commentating to production, I’m impressed. Good luck to Mr. Fox and Unreality for this next match!

  19. MrFox says:

    Good games!  Wow, can’t believe I actually did that.  I’ll probably make a larger post later, but my Dad was watching on stream halfway across the world, so thanks for getting up and watching if you’re reading this!  I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope everyone else watching did too.

  20. Cypher says:

    Congratulations MrFox!

  21. LudiImpact says:

    Congrats to MrFox and Unreality!
    These points will affect the ratings sooooo much…. Is that getting updated soon?

  22. bearsfan092 says:

    It was a pleasure producing for all of this, and I’m glad everyone seems to be enjoying the results.  If anyone has any comments regarding the layout, music, audio levels, or anything like that, let me know.
    Of course, congratulations to MrFox for winning it all.  Breloom is terrifying

  23. Kyoto says:

    Looks like Unreality finally faced reality. Congrats Mr.Fox!

  24. feathers says:

    mr fox played well but i’m gonna have to give the real win to unreality
    nidoking wasn’t used but its the thought that counts

  25. Firestorm says:

    Congratulations Jon! Let’s see a similar result at Nationals shall we?

  26. Scott says:

    Congrats to Biosci and MrFox, and thanks for letting us cast. Nice job by their opponents, too, just getting to the finals of one of these is a big deal even though it sucks to come so close and miss.
    Also thanks to all the viewers who tuned in, hope you catch us Tuesday for the match there. also thanks to Wi-Fi for working right when it did so I only missed the first two minutes of Game of Thrones

  27. Firestorm says:

    If you missed the stream, here’s the External:
    Also the External that aired immediately before on the stream split into another video.

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