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MrFox is the Second Nugget Bridge Major Champion!

After a long and hard fought tournament by almost 160 players, MrFox has emerged victorious over Unreality in the finals making him the second Nugget Bridge Major Champion. Both players had a tough road to get to the finals and thankfully we were able to watch the finals unfold in real time on the Nugget Bridge Twitch channel. If you weren’t able to catch it live, you can now watch the finals on YouTube and see the epic battle between MrFox and Unreality.

You can check out their road to the finals on the official bracket as well as see where you or your friends may have placed in Nugget Bridge’s biggest tournament.

Both players earned a Nugget Bridge T-shirt and a large number of Nugget Bridge Circuit points. In addition to the exciting battles during the Major, Cypher was able to rise above and predict the most correct matches also earning himself a prize.  We here at Nugget Bridge extend a big thanks and congratulations to everyone involved with this year’s Nugget Bridge Major making it another successful tournament. Look forward to the season ending Nugget Bridge Invitational at the end of the Circuit season.

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started playing VGC in 2008 and has been an advocate for VGC play since then. With three Regional Championship victories and multiple other high placings, makiri is a seasoned competitor ready to impart knowledge of the game to others.

9 Responses to MrFox is the Second Nugget Bridge Major Champion!

  1. KiwiDawg says:

    MrFox, Cypher both strong  :P

  2. woopahking says:


  3. plaid says:

    A new era begins! I for one welcome our seniors overlords.

  4. BlitznBurst says:

    I believe I had the highest predictions outside of moderators, unless Wolfey still beat me.

    Regardless, great job MrFox! I’ve seen a lot of the Landorus-T/Tornadus/Breloom teams come into popularity and I find it really good :) Just can’t handle Scarf Heracross ;)

  5. matt says:

    Any actual battle vids for these?

  6. Josh says:

    You can find the full stream External

  7. Firestorm says:

    I for one will keep picking on Seniors until the revolution.
    Congrats Jon and good showing Aaron!

  8. Recon X says:

    I dread having to battle MrFox at Nationals.

  9. MrFox says:

    How did I miss this thread lol.  Anyway, late post incoming.
    Aside from winning, which is pretty cool, I really enjoyed seeing how this tournament helped shape my team and thought process while playing.  I started out using the winning Senior Korean team verbatim save swapping out Garchomp, and the team changed into something much more to my playstyle throughout the tournament.  It was really cool seeing it shape, and while it’s still quite a bit more standard than teams I normally use/I’m known for generally, it still has some fun tricks I think keep it from being stale, at least in my mind.  There’s also quite a big difference going from regionals where I had a new player half of the rounds, into a major tournament with players from every age division and everyone I played had some idea of what they were doing, a difference that’s really helpful to understanding new playstyles and growing in knowledge of the game, and even though I’ve had those kind of tournament experiences in Nationals top cut and Worlds, I still always learn some new stuff and these kinds of experiences will keep me playing for a while. 
    Thanks to everyone who was involved in streaming, as my Dad got to watch while working in Asia and that was a huge blessing for both of us.  Thanks to everyone who helped me teambuild as well, and I hope to bring some of this success to Nationals!  See everyone in July!
    EDIT:  How did I forget .Cypher.  Why you predicted me to win I will never know, but enjoy the gift card!

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