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Results from Week 3 of the VGC ’15 US Spring Regionals & UK Nationals

The final weekend of Regional Championships this season is over in the United States and we’re done the second National Championship in Europe. A number of players met their goals for the weekend while many more missed the mark. Here’s who top cut:

EU National Championships

Manchester, United Kingdom

Masters Division

  1. Markus Stadter (13Yoshi37)
  2. Arash Ommati (Mean)
  3. Baris Ackos (Billa)
  4. Eugenio Discalzi
  5. Matthias Suchodolski (Lega)
  6. Miguel Marti (Sekiam)
  7. Jamie Miller (Blaze King7)
  8. Joe Cox (MegaPunchMew)
  9. Lajos Kowalewski (Lajo)
  10. Matteo Dorrell
  11. Till Bohmer (Dark Psiana)
  12. Terence Dray (Ty Flowsion)
  13. Matteo Gini (Matty)
  14. Dawn Mathieson
  15. Jeremy Mantingh (Jezza)
  16. Jan Michelberger (Lati)
  17. Alvaro Rodriguez
  18. Rachel Annand (SP Eevee)
  19. James Tarbuck (OnlineTuba)
  20. Charlotte Hall (Jhon)
  21. Sergio Marcos
  22. Samuel East (Samuel996)
  23. David de Pedro (soulofaertherym)
  24. James Kean (Sweet Clive)
  25. Sheldon Greenaway
  26. Nathan Mack
  27. William Tansley (StarKO)
  28. Pedro Lima (Findow)
  29. Lee Provost (Osirus)
  30. Chalkey Horenstein (Chalkey)
  31. Alberto Gini (Braindead Primeape)
  32. Chris Foulds
  33. Brandon Ikin (Toquill)
  34. Barry Anderson (Baz Anderson)
  35. Matthew Shepherd
  36. Jamie Boyt (MrJellyLeggs)
  37. Sam James
  38. Oliver Hirsch (Yanzin)

Total players this event: 425

US Regional Championships

Madison, Wisconsin

Masters Division

  1. Collin Heier (TheBattleRoom)
  2. James Baek (Jamesspeed1)
  3. Manoj Sunny (MangoSol)
  4. Wesley Morioka (Wesley)
  5. Jonathan Neville (TM Gold)
  6. Nick Sefranek
  7. Matthew Swanson (Swanner)
  8. Mario Serrano (Mario C)

Total players this event: 206

Atlanta, Georgia

Masters Division

  1. Jerry Woods III (Sabaku)
  2. Cameron Swan (Drizzleboy)
  3. Angel Miranda (CT MikotoMisaka)
  4. Toler Web (Dim)
  5. Ben Thomas
  6. Joseph Brummet (lucariojr)
  7. Aaron Riker (rapture)
  8. Karl Concepion
  9. Geoffrey Sauk
  10. Michael Lanzano (JiveTime)
  11. Edward Glover (Min)
  12. Matthew Blackburn
  13. Sohaib Mufti (sohaib)
  14. Joshua Edwards (General Josh)
  15. Eric Hogan (JackOfClubs97)
  16. Dan Richard

Total players this event: 255

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is one of the co-founders of Nugget Bridge and the Community Manager for eSports Tournament Platform Battlefy. He has been playing Pokémon since 1999, competitively since 2007, and attending tournaments since 2010. He lives in Vancouver, Canada with a degree in Interactive Art & Technology + Communications. You can follow him on Twitter at @rushanshekar.

7 Responses to Results from Week 3 of the VGC ’15 US Spring Regionals & UK Nationals

  1. MattDorrell says:

    Pretty proud of myself, seeing as this was my first ever Pokémon competition. Kabutops represent!

  2. Scott says:

    Face time baby

  3. WackaboomVGC says:

    D’aww no seniors teams, oh well, glad to see some people I recognize place high like Drizzleboy or Mikoto Misaka

  4. archimom says:

    Madison, WI Junior Top Cut:

    1.  Emma C.

    2.  Emma M.

    3.  Calum B.

    4.  Sebastian C.

    5.  Gwen E.

    6.  James C. 

    7.  Jacob M.

    8.  Connor W. 


    Does anyone have Georgia Juniors results?

  5. dodgson says:

    Athens Georgia juniors:

    1. London S. (2nd seed, beat Miles, Parker, Aiden)
    2. Aiden M. (1st seed, beat Harrison, Lucas)
    3. Lucas D. (4th seed, beat Max)
    4. Parker H. (6th seed, beat Beatrix)
    5. Beatrix M. (3rd seed)
    6. Max O. (5th seed)
    7. Miles L. (7th seed)
    8. Harrison W. (8th seed)

  6. archimom says:

    And of course, if more of those kids were using their real names on standings, I’d have a better idea of what that means!  (I finally changed my daughter’s listing to have her first name, in the interest of helping people figure it out.)  I’ll be happy once updates standings…

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