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Danger! Danger! High Voltage! An Overview of Electric Pokemon in VGC

Hey Nugget Bridge! The lead-up to US Nationals has put us in an article slump so I’m here to hopefully help spark some articles with a type overview. This time I’ll be looking at my second favorite type: Electric (I promise it’s a lot more serious than the Poison type overview).

If I had to choose what I thought was the best typing for a Pokémon to have was, I’d say Electric. Why? Because the Electric type has a ton of stuff going for it. First off, it only has one weakness: Ground. This means that the type is almost always a boon for a Pokémon when it is part of a dual typing. The boon is especially prevalent when a Pokémon also has a ground immunity, providing resistances at the cost of no weaknesses. Second, it has strong offensive coverage. While Electric only hits Water and Flying super effectively, both are two of the most common types in Pokémon. Water and Flying may not be super common in the metagame, especially with the shift of dedicated rain to a more versatile rain, but both are common enough that Electric moves are worth using. It should also be noted that Electric and Ice form the BoltBeam combo, which hits 5 of the 17 types super effectively, with Ice covering Electric’s one weakness. Of course, there is one downside to Electric offensively and that is unfortunately also its one weakness defensively; Ground types are immune to Electric moves. Despite that, Electric Pokémon provide two important resistances: Electric and Steel. While resisting Electric is probably better left to the ground types, resisting Steel is something that I feel is fairly important in our current metagame. Not many things carry a steel move, but with all the steel Pokémon running around to counter dragons resisting it won’t hurt.


thundurus thundurus-T

Let’s start things off with the big man himself, Thundurus. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, chances are you already know Thundurus and his main uses in our current format. But what makes it so good that we keep using it? Quite simply, the answer is Prankster. Prankster Thunder Waves slow down opposing rain teams and scarf Pokémon; Prankster Taunt shuts down Breloom, Amoonguss, and Pokémon trying to set up Trick Room; Prankster Swagger… does what Swagger is meant to do; etc. While other Prankster users have access to some, if not all, of these tricks, Thundurus does it while generally being bulkier and much more of an offensive presence. Despite bulky Prankster Thundurus being the Thundurus you see 90% of the time, this year we have seen the success of a few other types. Choice Specs Thundurus has seen some use, most notably on Zach’s Winter Regional winning team. And then there’s Thundurus’ new trick, Thundurus-T. By sacrificing some speed and attack, Thundurus gains an extremely impressive base 145 special attack. He also trades his Prankster ability for Volt Absorb. Thundurus-T is typically choiced, either with a Scarf to gain a speed boost without having to worry about being paralyzed, or Specs to boost its high special attack even higher. I’m personally not convinced that either of the choice items is the best way to run Thundurus-T and I await for someone to figure out something better for it. Until then Thundurus will see more use than Thundurus-T because Prankster is simply too strong of an ability to give up for higher special attack and an immunity to Electric attacks.


rotom-wash rotom-h mowtom rotom-f I always thought it was rotom-spin

Next on the list of “most common Electric Pokémon” is Rotom-A. There will be no talk of normal Rotom here because 1) it’s not common and 2) every experience I have had using it has just been flat out awful. I love your resistances normal Rotom, but you’re just so bad. If anyone can actually make it good I’ll make them a medal or something. But back to Rotom-A! I really like the idea behind the Rotom formes; it shows just how valuable changing one move or a secondary type can be. Rotom-Wash is the forme you’ll be most likely to see. It has the best typing defensively and the best matchup against rain and sand of the Rotom formes. It’s been around a bit less since the advent of Technician Breloom though, but no other Rotom forme has stepped up to take its place yet. I believe the current Rotom-Wash of choice is still Specs (pun totally intended), but Rotom-Wash is one of those Pokémon that likes holding a variety of items.

Rotom-Heat is next in the Rotom forme lineup and to be honest I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of the little oven. I think Rotom-Heat has a good niche in the metagame right now, resisting and beating the Breloom + Tornadus combo. Fire isn’t the best secondary type, especially for an Electric Pokémon, but don’t be surprised if you see more Rotom-Heat in the near future.

Rotom-Mow has always been the awkward middle child of the Rotom formes to me. This probably seems weird if you’ve read my grass type overview where I really champion the grass type. I feel it plays more like an Electric than a Grass which is why I find it so awkward; it has the grass type which is wonderful right now, but doesn’t have the bulk I expect from grass Pokémon. Instead it is mainly an offensive powerhouse that’s firing around Thunderbolts and Leaf Storms — which is more along the lines of what most of the Electrics do. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great option if you want to try to nuke rain or sand, but I always feel he’s outclassed whenever I try to use him.

Rotom-Frost would be next on the list, but I’ve really got this love/hate relationship with Ice Pokémon. I guess I’ll say Rotom-Frost has STAB BoltBeam and leave it at that.

If you were expecting me to talk about Rotom-Fan (I always thought it was called Rotom-Spin, but turns out it’s Rotom-Fan. Makes sense, but man…), sorry, because it’s not happening. I don’t think it’s worth discussing at all.



You’ve probably noticed by now, but it seems like all the most used Electrics have an immunity to ground. As I said previously, being able to take advantage of the benefits without having the weakness is a huge boon. Zapdos is no different, but it has certainly fallen from its old spot as most used Electric Pokémon in VGC. Why? Because Zapdos and Thundurus largely fill the same role — oftentimes with Thundurus doing a better job. However, there are still a few reasons to use the gen 1 bird! Zapdos gets Heat Wave which is potentially a better spread move than Discharge and is known for dealing good damage to the many Steels in the game. Zapdos also gets Tailwind. The Tailwind vs Thunder Wave debate is something I’m undecided on. Thunder Wave is usually better in my opinion because it not only makes you faster but has a chance of stopping the opponent from moving. Despite this, the times when Tailwind is better, it is significantly better. Notably, Tailwind allows Zapdos to function much better than Thundurus as a speed control Pokémon in hardcore sand matchups. When not using Tailwind, true to Electric form, Zapdos has also been known to run Choice Specs.



If Pokémon were real, Eelektross would have my vote for most terrifying Pokémon. Seriously have you seen this guy? He’s a FLYING LAMPREY WITH CLAWS. Unfortunately, Eelektross is much less terrifying in our current format. Like the previously discussed Pokémon, Eelektross has a ground immunity (in the form of Levitate), but even this cannot save him from obscurity in the metagame. Eelektross simply doesn’t have the bulk to survive in today’s bulk-driven metagame or the offensive presence to make up for it. There are a few things that make Eelektross potentially useful though. The diverse movepool is probably the biggest selling point here: Eelkross gets Thunderbolt (duh), Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Superpower, Acrobatics, Giga Drain, Crunch, Aqua Tail, and Dragon Claw just to give you a potential idea of his coverage. Combine this with low speed and Eelektross can become tempting to run as a Trick room Pokémon. Another cool option Eelektross gets is Super Fang. I’ve said this before but I really like Super Fang so I’ll mention it whenever I get the chance. Two more defensive options Eelektross has are Light Screen and Coil. Coil is neat because it boosts accuracy, and move consistency is always a plus. However I’m not sure what Eelektross wants to boost the accuracy on. Maybe Thunder? Light Screen (along with Reflect) is something that I’m really surprised we don’t see more of in our metagame. Sure it does reduce as much damage as it does in Singles, but it can still turn OHKOs into 2HKOs.



Raikou is the first Pokémon in this article to actually have a ground weakness, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s bad. Raikou has always had some interesting options, but only recently came into the spotlight by making Top 4 in Korea. What makes Raikou stand out from other Electric types? His stats, for one. Raikou has 115 base speed, which outspeeds the majority of the metagame. While this isn’t the fastest Electric Pokémon get, Raikou has the bulk and power to better make use of that speed than others. Usually Raikou takes advantage of this using Snarl — which lowers the opposing side’s special attack and lets him + his partner survive better — especially in a special attack-driven metagame. A key note here is that Snarl does a number on Latios, hitting it for Super Effective damage, but more importantly softens Dragon Gem Draco Meteor before it can go off. While we’re talking about what Raikou does for teams defensively, I want to touch on Raikou as a screener. Because he is faster than the majority of Pokémon you’ll see, you can get off a screen before most attacks. This can let you save bulk EVs and let you allocate them to a different defense, speed, or attack, making your Pokémon more efficient overall.

Despite Raikou often sticking to Thunderbolt and Hidden Power for offense, there are some other nifty attacks to use. Aura Sphere gets a mention for being a Fighting move that will never miss, as does Weather Ball for weather utility and general coolness factor. Unfortunately both of these attacks come at a pretty steep price; you have to use an event Raikou that is in a Cherish Ball and shiny — so it’s a big tip off to your opponent. In addition, you also have to run a Rash nature meaning you will not be able to outspeed Timid Latios. Raikou’s preferred item of choice is the Shuca Berry. I’d probably stick to Shuca Berry myself, but Raikou’s stats lend him to being successful with Life Orb, Leftovers, or a choice item as well. Maybe you can use a Choice Scarf with the event Raikou so you can take advantage of his event moves without the speed drop.



All right, now we’re getting into some more fun Pokémon! Electivire is one of those Electric Pokémon everyone wants to use, but knows is awful. And I can’t really argue against that; Electivire is such an underachiever… but I like him so I’m gonna talk about him anyway. The best thing about Electivire is his insane coverage. He can easily hit 13 types for Super Effective damage. Maybe with a Life Orb or Expert Belt he can actually get OHKOs instead of falling short of expectations. A Shuca Berry might be a better option since Electivire excels in getting 2HKOs. Motor Drive is a cool ability; if you can get two boots off of it you can outspeed Kingdra in rain and Excadrill in sand. Electivire has almost no chance of stat boosting without Motor Drive as he is limited to Barrier and Meditate. With the current popularity of Breloom you might also be able to get some use out of Vital Spirit, Electivire’s other ability. Not much else to say about Electivire; he’s a cool Pokémon, but he’s really not that good.



Finally, we’re to my dark horse pick! The entire Magnemite line is often overlooked in VGC, but believe me, Magneton is a serious player. What makes Magneton so great you ask? First off Magneton has a higher speed than his cousin Magnezone. This small speed increase actually is a huge boon to Magneton, putting it on par with popular Pokémon such as Politoed, Hitmontop, Breloom, and Metagross. Magneton’s next strength lies in its ability to use Eviolite. The defense boost will actually allow Magneton to take a hit or two, or ideally completely wall specific Pokémon. And of course, completely walling specific Pokémon is what you want to aim for with Magneton. Which leads us to the third strength of Magneton – Magnet Rise! Yes, there’s a few Pokémon that can make use of this, but Magneton is one of the best. If you can use Magnet Rise you can pretty much wall dedicated sand teams and a majority of ground type Pokémon. Magneton also gets 3 great abilities – Sturdy, Magnet Pull, and Analytic. Sturdy’s probably the least useful in my opinion, but could be used for a surprise KO on something like Terrakion or Landorus-T. Magnet Pull is much more useful, as it allows you to trap steel types and use them to setup. You’re probably outspeeding Metagross so it becomes Magnet Rise fodder. Scizor will fall pray to either a Hidden Power Fire or to a Thunderbolt or two while struggling to hit you back. If you have a Breloom or Fake Out Pokémon, Excadrill either has to Protect, faint, or flinch while you can set up a Magnet Rise. Finally there’s Analytic, which is the ability I tend to use the most. It lets me invest more in my defenses as long as I’m ok at moving last. Usually the boosted defenses let Magneton get off more hits at a greater damage output in the long run. The chances of you actually seeing someone use Magneton? Slim to none. The chances of Magneton top cutting a major event? Even lower, but I encourage you to at least try it out!

The Shocking Conclusion!

Yeah, the title of the conclusion is an awful pun, but I’ve been resisting the puns so far. That said, my current thought is that I’ll just put as many electrical puns in here as possible. I hope this article has been an illuminating read and maybe turned you on to a different Electric Pokémon. Disagree with something I said? Think I should’ve included a Pokémon I didn’t? Spark up a discussion in the comments!

Article image created by ryuzaki for Nugget Bridge and used with permission. See more of ryuzaki’s artwork on deviantART.

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  1. Calm Lava says:



  2. wushl says:

    What about Manectric? It’s much better than Eelektross or Electivire.

  3. N8thePWNr says:

    I actually came up with a sand-rain team last year that featured Magneton, since it was the only mon at the time I could come up with that would benefit from both weathers.

  4. pball0010 says:

    Electric is my favorite type. And raikou is my favorite pokémon.

    Ergo, this is my favorite article. :3

  5. Silvershark says:

    First off, absolutely love the artwork for the article. About time there was an accurate representation of Pachirisu’s true nature.
    As for the article, how do Electivire and Magneton get a mention over Manectric and Raichu (or even Magnezone)? They are far better and see a lot more use than those two due to Lightningrod alone; not to mention Manectric’s better stats and the support Raichu gives with Fake Out, Encore, and Feint. In fact, I didn’t see any word on Lightningrod in the article. Pachirisu also could have used a mention, seeing as it’s in the artwork and has access to Super Fang, Follow Me, and Volt Absorb. And why no Lanturn!? 

  6. Braverius says:

    (dynamotor dynamotor dynamotor)
    I think anyone can relate to the Electivire description. It should be SO GOOD but it’s just…not. It’s like Virizion except even more of a drama fanatic. Raikou’s something that is totally worth mentioning, and has seen some decent use, but I’ve never seen it shock me (fffff why)
    I’m also hoping this doesn’t make like 20 much-less-informed people post type articles in the workshop now. External

  7. Scott says:

    I’m trying to find something you missed to rage-use in the next Wi-Fi tournament but not finding much, curse you and your being thorough 

  8. Firestorm says:

    whatcha guys talking about GyraVire is unbeatable

  9. Carl says:

    Always wondered what the A in Rotom-A stood for. Learn something new every day on the ‘Bridge.

  10. Crow says:

    Gonzo never did it. I have no remorse. See also:



    Manectric has been pretty underwhelming every time I’ve used it, so it didn’t make the cut (although I think I have a log somewhere where I use Manectric/Zebstrika and beat up on Zach. Spoilers, they took down a Swine). If you think it deserved to be in the article say why! Back it up with a paragraph or two, don’t just say it’s better than [insert pokemon here]. Let’s get a Manectric discussion going!

  11. I’d agree that Raichu and maybe Jolteon are as notable as Magneton/zone and Electivire. Pikachu is terrifying with enough support, too.
    Good to see Eelektross get attention though, it’s definitely one of the most underrated Pokémon.

  12. Dim says:

    Wait, you didn’t mention Pachirisu? I’m disappointed, Crow. Cool article, I like the generalization you made about electric types being generally offensive; I didn’t even realize that so few of them were defensive! I think that’s part of what makes Raikou a valuable Pokemon, as he’s an electric type that can play the defense game with Snarl and Light Screen.

  13. Adib says:

    We all know that Zebraptor is where it’s at

  14. GoldenEmp says:

    Manectric FTW 🙁

    Rather than not including Manectric, it was a very fun read, and it inspired me to try out Magneton 🙂

  15. GoldenEmp says:

    Even if Manectric wasn’t included*, sorry.

  16. Crow says:

    If you ever wonder why I keep writing these kinds of articles, it’s because I get reactions like this:
    (19:23) manectric: CROW Y U NO INCLUDE MANECTRIC
    (19:23) manectric: YOU MAKE ME SAD ;-;
    (19:28) Crow380: go home manectric
    (19:28) Crow380: you’re drunk
    (19:29) manectric: n
    (19:29) manectric: I GET
    (19:29) manectric: SWITCHEROO
    (19:29) manectric: LIGHTNINGROD
    (19:29) manectric: OVERHEAT
    (19:30) manectric: FLAMETHROWER
    (19:30) manectric: U GO HOME D:<
    (19:34) Crow380: This is the best. Saving this
    (19:36) manectric: yeah now include me >:(

  17. Biosci says:

    It was quite shocking to see Eelektross mentioned over Dynamotor. Very electrifying article. Was a buzzing read. I feel like I’m missing a really good one, but my brain is zapped right now.
    ………..I’ll see myself on the way out

  18. Recon X says:

    Good article. Hopefully pokemon like Raikou and Magneton will see more usage in the future. Still, I prefer to stick with trolling people with my bulky Thundurus  :D  

  19. Calm Lava says:

    Good article. Hopefully pokemon like Raikou and Magneton will see more usage in the future. Still, I prefer to stick with trolling people with my bulky Thundurus :D

    o dámn that was you, what a good troll I never saw that bulky thundurus coming

    Nice article crow, now I really wish you could go back and change the fire type article to “Fire in the, TACO BELL”

  20. Crow says:

    Nice article crow, now I really wish you could go back and change the fire type article to “Fire in the, TACO BELL”

    That one wasn’t mine, it was Eiganjo’s.

  21. BlitznBurst says:

    I have to agree with Biosci and Zach here, Dynamotor is the best, and not only because I lost to it. It gets screens, super fang, eviolite bulk, no weaknesses, Thunder Wave…why shouldn’t you use it?

  22. Gaff says:

    no raichu!? jk lol but I do agree with picking Magneton. Smooth move, Crow ^.^

  23. PK Gaming says:

    Loved this article, Electric-types rule. 

  24. TheGr8 says:

    Raikou is seeing more usage, it really stepped up towards spring regionals and Korean Nationals obviously. Great article Crow, but not enough Dynamotor!

  25. Oryx says:

    Flashforward to Worlds and the article art is extremely relevant.

  26. Zekira Drake says:

    Flashforward to Worlds and the article art is extremely relevant.

    I think VGC2014 deserves its own Electric-type analysis: Manectric, Raichu, Pachirisu.

  27. Calm Lava says:

    Flashforward to Worlds and the article art is extremely relevant.

    You mean this picture is relevant

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