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Featured Battle: Huy Ha (Huy) vs Wolfe Glick (Wolfey)

Today we’d like to bring to you our first Featured Battle – an exhibition, best of 3, battle between two of the biggest names in Pokemon, Wolfe Glick (Wolfey) and Huy Ha (Huy). Our Featured Battles series are commentated and not just by anybody, but by both the trainers involved. We hope that by listening to a conversation between the players looking back on the battle, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of what goes on during a high-level battle.

Check out Wolfe’s team here and Huy’s team here, only on Nugget Bridge.

Wolfe Glick

  • 2nd at 2012 World Championships
  • 1st at 2012 US National
  • 2nd at 2012 Philadelphia Regional
  • 6th at 2011 World Championships
  • 1st at 2011 US National
  • 1st at 2011 Virginia Regional

Huy Ha

  • 9th at 2012 World Championships
  • 5th at 2010 World Championships
  • Top 8 at 2010 US National
  • 7th at 2009 World Championships
  • Top 4 at 2009 US National
  • 1st at 2009 California Regional

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