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Published on November 15th, 2014 | by ryuhashegi


Indonesia vs Philippines November Friendly Results & Videos

Hi guys, Hashegi here again. Indonesia and Philippines played off in a friendly match, which was held on November 1, 2014. Towards the end of the season (which actually already ended, just a few weeks away from ORAS) we wanted to have another international friendly to strengthen the bonds and experience between these two countries.

This event was proposed by the Pokémon Philippines Community. Like the Indonesia vs Taiwan Friendly or Indonesia vs Malaysia Friendly, the trainers playing from Indonesia were directly chosen by their respective community leaders or the country’s tournament organizer while Philippines made a qualifier tournament for those who will play against Indonesia. Neither of these countries have Premier Challenges yet, though Pokémon competitive battling in Indonesia and Philippines has been around for some time. Lately the Philippines also organized a regular tournament, but it was bigger than this one.

The Tournament is called PGP Pilipinas Got Pokémon. Before the rise of Gen 6, the Pokémon competitive scene in Indonesia was mostly seen in simulator battles, where Philippines were already ahead of us, but recently the Indonesian VGC community has been growing with a mission to take Indonesian VGC to the international level. I believe that the Philippines also have the dream to have National Championships in their home country. This is one of our main reasons for creating friendly matches towards the end of the X and Y season. Official Southeast Asia VGC Tournaments, Taiwan and Hong Kong are under direct supervision of The Pokémon Company (not TPCi). What we want to get from these friendlies is for them to notice that there are dedicated players in Southeast Asia, not only Japan and Korea. Aside from getting all the hype of Pokémon, of course.

Even though our numbers are not as high as Japan or Korea, Southeast Asian player skills are much on par with the international community. Standouts are SEA players who made to top 8 at Australian National Championship is from Malaysia. While 2 times in a row Singapore has been sending one representative to Worlds through LCQ, Masters for 2013 and Seniors for 2014.

In order to spread out our love and dedication for VGC, we’ve set up friendly showmatches with our neighboring countries. To actually hold the interest of players in Indonesia, our community is holding a weekly tournaments with the same system as TCG Leagues. Without official Play! Pokémon support, more people are interested in playing the TCG in Indonesia. Most of Indonesian players are hit and run, but we got many dedicated players such as the representatives who are playing in recent International friendlies.

This was originally posted in Indonesian here. It has been published again in English for you below:

  • Format: VGC ’14
  • Tournament Type: Wi-Fi
  • Tournament Format: Best of Three, Random Pairings
  • Date & Time: Saturday, November 1st 2014
  • Registration: Invitational Only
  • Trainers: 5 Trainers from each country

Trainers List

No. Name IGN Country
1. Oktavian Jason (witzel) Jason indonesia_flag
2. Jack Kurniawan (azukanakano) Azuka indonesia_flag
3. Irvan Ing (beastlife) Kuro indonesia_flag
4. Ama Bon (amadayo) Ama indonesia_flag
5. Markus Markus indonesia_flag
6. Alvin Rambano Alvin flag_philippines
7. Rodel Reyes Rodel flag_philippines
8. Marlon Varlenza BlueInfinity flag_philippines
9. Leandro Carandang (Zekira Drake) Thane flag_philippines
10. Mark Anthony Narsuli Mark Anthony flag_philippines
11. Muhammad Aldo Pradipta (Sub) Kaze indonesia_flag
12. Edward Ang (Sub) Edward indonesia_flag

Pairings and Results

No. Name IGN Score IGN Name
1. Markus Edward Ang Edward 2-0 Mark Anthony Mark Anthony Narsuli
2. Jack Kurniawan Azuka 2-0 Alvin Alvin Rambano
3. Ama Bon Ama 2-1 Thane Leandro Carandang
4. Irvan Ing Aldo Pradipta Kaze4591 2-1 BlueInfinity Marlon Varlenza
5. Oktavian Jason Jason 2-1 Rodel Rodel Reyes
FINAL SCORE indonesia_flag 5-0 flag_philippines INDONESIA WON



  1. Edward Ang vs Mark Anthony
  2. Jack Kurniawan vs Alvin Rambano
  3. Ama Bon vs Leandro Carandang
  4. Muhammad Aldo Pradipta vs Marlon Varlenza
  5. Oktavian Jason vs Rodel Reyes


1. Oktavian Jason

charizard-mega-y tyranitar-mega garchomp gardevoir aegislash gyarados

2. Jack Kurniawan

gengar-mega goodra scrafty staraptor rotom-heat meowstic

3. Muhammad Aldo Pradipta

charizard-mega-y chesnaught gardevoir sableye nidoking aerodactyl

4. Ama Bon

garchomp-mega tyranitar aerodactyl gardevoir ferrothorn zapdos

5. Edward Ang

kangaskhan-mega blastoise-mega scrafty aromatisse reuniclus dragonite

6. Alvin Rambano

banette-mega gothitelle ferrothorn politoed krookodile talonflame

7. Rodel Reyes

gengar-mega politoed kingdra scrafty raichu amoonguss

8. Marlon Varlenza

kangaskhan-mega jumpluff gardevoir hydreigon azumarill aegislash

9. Leandro Carandang

charizard-mega-y mawile-mega hydreigon talonflame mamoswine aerodactyl

10. Mark Anthony Narsuli

venusaur-mega blastoise-mega mienshao smeargle aegislash rotom-heat

Shout Outs

  • Michael Pond Wijaya, the Tournament Organizer of Indonesia for TPCi, for letting trainers play.
  • Leandro Carandang (Zekira Drake), for proposing this International Friendly Match.
  • Paul Alvin Morada, as the VG Tournament Organizer of Philippines for letting trainers play.
  • Rei Powao as the one who conducted the qualifier Tournament in Philippines.
  • Both Country Trainers, for putting your best efforts to play this game.
  • Nugget Bridge, for letting me post this International Friendly Report.
  • and all the user who are still reading this super boring Report! Also to the ones who watched and subscribe my channel!

In this first season where Indonesia have joined the Video Game Circuit, we have been getting quite a remarkable achievement even though we do not get official support neither from TPC or TPCi. These are the notable achievements:

  1. Top 8 Asia Cup Stage 3 (Oktavian Jason, Rank 8th)
  2. Top 16 Asia Cup Stage 3 (Ama Bon, Rank 13th)
  3. Conducted Weekly Tournaments via WiFi
  4. Held sanctioned Tournaments regularly between 1-2 months
  5. Biggest Tournament of the season reached 123 trainers! (unofficial)
  6. Winning friendly match against Taiwan in August 2014 (Score: 3-2)
  7. Winning friendly match against Malaysia in September 2014 (Score 3-2)
  8. Winning friendly match against Philippines in November 2014 (Score 5-0)

After following the success tournament of Asia Cup 2014, make sure to stay tuned for the next biggest unofficial Pokémon event, Asia Cup 2015!

About the Author

Pokemon Competitive Battler Since 2011, but went into VGC since 2013. One of the mastermind in making an Indonesian VGC Community and forum Right now he is more into building the Community rather than polishing his Battling Skills. But he still has a dream to win the Nationals in his home Country, Indonesia where there would be one some time soon enough.

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  1. CarsFan2001 says:

    Shout out for Mega Banette!

  2. tochi19 says:

    I’m from Ph, but i didn’t know about this tourney. Hmmmm.

  3. Zekira Drake says:

    At least they didnt show the match where i eq’d my own mawile…

  4. KVI says:

    tochi19, the tryouts for the PH team was announced in the Pokemon group page of Philippines.

  5. Zekira Drake says:

    Also shoutouts to mark anthony for not mega evolving his venusaur for some strange reason during the 1st match. A button that couldve won him the game…

  6. ryuhashegi says:

    What I like about this friendly is that not much Kangaskhan nor Talonflame is seen. Also interesting Pokemon such as Mega Garchomp or even Chesnaught is actually pretty much usable in VGC 14…

    Cheers to all players!

  7. keithmagali says:

    There’s a typo on Marlon’s surname. It’s Valeza, without the “n” 🙂

  8. ryuhashegi says:

    Whoops really sorry about that typo there. I just knew it all along!

  9. keithmagali says:

    And it’s Nasuli, without the “r” 😀

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