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Thursday Nights with Bearsfan: Collin H. (TheBattleRoom) & Gerry T. (Thage)

Under the Bridge co-host Matt S. (bearsfan092) is re-launching his Thursday night stream on the Nugget Bridge Twitch Channel focusing on interviews and highlight battles against other players in the community. The first week of this new format gives us a double header with this season’s Wisconsin Regional Champion, Collin Heier (TheBattleRoom) covering his amazing season and ex-Magic Pro Gerry Thompson (Thage) walking us through the transferable skills that helped him get up to such a high level in Pokémon in his rookie year.

Collin H. (TheBattleRoom)

Gerry T. (Thage)

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is an avid lover of Jigglypuff and all things VGC. He also runs a youtube channel named "bearsfan092drums", which hosts a series of RNG abuse tutorials. He recently won the 2012 Philadelphia Fall Regional for VGC.

11 Responses to Thursday Nights with Bearsfan: Collin H. (TheBattleRoom) & Gerry T. (Thage)

  1. Drizzleboy says:

    Are you going to start doing this every week now? Because I really enjoyed it! :D

  2. Everyone here could learn a lot from listening to Gerry. Great interviews.

  3. Leathan15 says:

    got motivated breeding a scizor of my own. . excited to see a couple of famous players next week ^^ nice and informative vid! ! =)

  4. Snormax Miltank says:

    When I look at usage rates and see all the same things being used it makes me cry, but to see diversity like this turns that frown around xD Just waiting until Diggersby becomes a staple

  5. Tief says:

    What that IS Gerry T from MTG??

    I stopped Magic not too long ago as well and have been grinding on Pokemon now.

  6. bearsfan092 says:

    For anyone curious, this is going to be the new format for the Thursday stream.  Main difference is that we’ll only be covering one player a week from here on out

  7. KLVkboom says:

    That Fire/Water/Grass core on Gerry’s team seems to be coming up as very popular lately. I for one am definitely afraid of the immense pressure those 3 Pokes provide as they are all insane threats.

  8. Thage says:

    I was also pretty surprised at how often I’ve seen that core considering it hasn’t been published anywhere (that I’ve seen). I’m not sure if they’re playing it as aggressively as I am though.

    Hi Tief!

  9. samgei says:

    Very interesting interviews from both players. A very nice watch, especially as I play the odd bit of MTG and have also been looking into TR teams recently too, so this was kind of a complete package. Keep up the good work!

  10. Tief says:

    Great to see a familiar face Thage.
    You going to Indy for Nationals?

  11. Thage says:

    Wouldn’t miss it.

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