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The Season 4 Nugget Bridge Major Final is Set

1327 players entered. 1 will emerge victorious. After five long months and over 4300 best of three matches of Pokémon, we’ve come to our final two. Jake Muller (MajorBowman) of the United States will play Juan Carlos Mateos del Amo (L3ctro) of Spain this Sunday, June 7th at 12:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time. It will be streamed live on the Nugget Bridge Twitch channel with commentary by Duy Ha and Alex Ogloza. Both players have earned an invitation to the Nugget Bridge Invitational and will be playing for the first prize of $300. Second place will walk off with $150.

Jake Muller (MajorBowman)


While Jake’s (centre) first Pokémon game was Silver, he didn’t start playing competitively until the Diamond and Pearl days, where he mostly stuck to Smogon’s Singles OU format. After watching the live stream of the 2013 Pokémon World Championships, he was inspired to start competing in the Video Game Championships. His first tournament was the Philadelphia Regionals that fall and he hasn’t looked back. While his 2014 season was somewhat quiet, Jake began establishing himself in 2015 and has consistently been near the top of the rankings this year. His biggest accomplishment at a tournament so far has been going 9-0 in Swiss at Missouri Regionals with a somewhat metagame-defining team as well as 4 Premier Challenge wins to date. He is hoping for a strong run at the upcoming US National Championships to secure his first invite to Worlds.

Juan Carlos Mateos del Amo (L3ctro)


Juan (left) started playing Pokémon when he was seven years old with Pokémon Blue and has played every game since. Pokémon was his childhood and he looks to make sure his name is remembered in the game that has given so much to him. His competitive involvement began in 2011 with Pokémon Black & White playing Singles OU on Pokémon Online. Juan didn’t look at competitive play very seriously until 2014 when he purchased a Nintendo 2DS and Pokémon Omega Ruby at which point his friends, including established players like Eric “Riopaser” Rios pointed him towards the Video Game Championships.

Since starting, Juan has played in two non-official tournaments in Spain finish 77th in Barcelona and 12th in Madrid. Next season he’s looking to continue the success he’s seen in the Nugget Bridge Major and travel to some National Championships and doing his best to earn an invitation to the Pokémon World Championships.

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is one of the co-founders of Nugget Bridge and the Community Manager for eSports Tournament Platform Battlefy. He has been playing Pokémon since 1999, competitively since 2007, and attending tournaments since 2010. He lives in Vancouver, Canada with a degree in Interactive Art & Technology + Communications. You can follow him on Twitter at @rushanshekar.

16 Responses to The Season 4 Nugget Bridge Major Final is Set

  1. aerodactyl says:

    cmon jake! but should be great games! #teamjake

  2. JackOfClubs says:

    I played Juan Carlos in the first round of top cut, and I knew that he was something special! I said he could go all the way and look at him now. I’m pulling for you!

  3. Paulvick says:

    I really hope a juan´s win, he´s a very good player and so much nice person. Good luck to both,

  4. Yanguas says:

    The pepino of Juan gots this. Gl

  5. Sogeking says:


  6. RevRush says:

    Both are great battlers and this should really be a close one! Either way they both walk away with a nice amount of cash too! Good luck!  :D

  7. Has Juan Carlos won yet?

  8. Siplick says:

    It’s great to see a fellow Spaniard reached finals, good luck!

  9. riopaser says:

    Juan will wiin this, let’s goo bro!!!!! #TeamSpain
    Haz lo que el tato i.. te dijo. hahahaaha

  10. Gonzo says:

    This needs more trash talk and a crispy beef between players. Let’s hype it up :D

  11. Seawolf17 says:

    The fact that Juan started playing competitively with Omega Ruby gives a new player like me hope that I can climb the ladder!

  12. Skytidus says:

    Juan won the Major , i see #TeamSpain

  13. MajorBowman says:

    This needs more trash talk and a crispy beef between players. Let’s hype it up :D

    juan carlos ur going down XD

  14. juan carlos ur going down XD

    I can’t lose against you, noob xD

  15. doctorstorm says:

    Is that 19.30 UK time?

  16. Kortex says:

    #TeamSpain WOOT

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