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US Pokémon Online Store to Launch on August 6th — Take a Sneak Peak at New Merchandise

Hey there Pokémon fans! The news today isn’t completely VGC related, but I know many of you really enjoy collecting some fantastic Pokémon merchandise, so we thought you might like this news. is relaunching starting on August 6th, which will allow fans to purchase plush, apparel, stationery, and many other exciting items! Some of these items are brand new and some of them were previously only available in Japan, so this should be an excellent opportunity for fans to pick up some cool Pokémon items without paying as much as they had to previously with import fees. However, the site will only ship within the United States so those outside America will need to look into other means through which to get their items.

You may have noticed several other notable Pokémon personalities posting about it already, but The Pokémon Company International decided to give a sneak peak of some of the new merchandise to some fans. Nugget Bridge also received a package, and we thought our readers would enjoy seeing some higher quality shots of the new merchandise. Take a look at what came inside the box!

I imagine most of you are most interested in the plush. Pikachu was captured by a plastic bag and also some words:


Oh, hello, Pikachu!


Tag. Aptly named:


This tag has not one, but TWO sides:


Oh! What’s in this mysterious box?


I enjoy the packaging a little bit too much :3


Ah! A canteen!


Closeup on the logo


Detachable top


Next up is a notebook, which will save approximately 8 million hotel notepads


Like Food Network, this notebook is unwrapped


Inside. Cute :3


Finally there is an iPhone case. As an Android guy I am jealous (except for the part about not having to use an iPhone)




The back is pretty cool even though you wouldn’t normally see it, nice attention to detail


If anyone was curious, this was the little card with the information we got:


Actual Text:


You can read for yourself in the last picture, but I hope everyone is excited for the ~Grand Opening~ of POKEMONCENTER.COM on August 6th! I would have been excited just for the Japanese merchandise to be more attainable, but the new stuff we were sent is fun and looks to be high quality, so I’m excited for what products will be available when the site launches. Really good stuff here, and it was cool of Pokemon to get the community involved with promoting the launch. Put some money aside for the site launch, everyone!

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started playing VGC in 2011. He finished 17th at US Nationals, then lost in the final round of 2011 Worlds LCQ. He finished 10th in the 2012 World Championships and qualified for Worlds again in 2013 after going into US Nationals second in CP. Instead of playing, he commentated at US Nationals and the World Championships in 2013 and 2014. Follow him on Twitter @NBNostrom!

21 Responses to US Pokémon Online Store to Launch on August 6th — Take a Sneak Peak at New Merchandise

  1. Firestorm says:

    Charmander Nexus 4 case or riot. Will ship to someone to bring to me at Worlds like 90% of my Pokemon t-shirts from various websites as well as my current phone case.


  2. Scott says:

    canadians are weird

  3. feathers says:

    this is the reason i was born

  4. Jamesspeed1 says:

    Can’t wait to take a look at the merch and get a iPhone case.

  5. sh4dowzon says:

    This is the cuttest report ever made here !! :D!

  6. petersongames738 says:

    Shut up and take my money!

  7. artexplosion says:

    Is it only for the US? It seems to me that many people got this stuff. Oh well, still really happy about the pokémon online store launching :p

  8. Firestorm says:

    Yes, like it says in the article, it is US only.

  9. PreyingShark says:

    Is it only for the US? It seems to me that many people got this stuff. Oh well, still really happy about the pokémon online store launching :P

    Well, the letter explicitly says “for the United States”. This implies that it is only for the US. Other regions might get their own stores eventually, though, but for now it’s a US thing.

  10. Scott says:

    The only reason we shipped Nugget Bridge’s to me to begin with instead of to Rushan is because it is US only.

  11. shinryu says:

    Complete awesomeness, now a chance to get some excellent swag finally. May as well request cash in lieu of birthday presents as this launches 3 days after mine…

    Shut up and take my money!

    And this pretty much; my credit card isn’t going to look pretty come 8/6.

  12. RastaCharmander says:

    The Master Plan:

    1) Win Nationals
    2) releases Rastafarian Charmander iPhone case

  13. LithiumAcid says:

    Prays plushies will be finally available here instead of for ridiculous prices from shipping them from Japan. Prays for Mega Manectric plush XD

  14. Politoed Punch says:

    *Quickly goes into debt.

  15. Architeuthis says:

    Just explained to my boss that I need extra shifts to buy pokemon stuff

  16. Cinaclov says:

    Second picture; is that a Swinub in Pikachus bag?

  17. PreyingShark says:

    Sneak Preview’s up today, just as the letter said. I hope you guys have your F5 keys ready.
    …Even though there are only 3 items for now, I actually do like the selection.

  18. feathers says:

    you can make an account right now, just need to refresh a bunch. this is like a dream come true for me, as a long-time merchandise collector i never thought i’d ever see something like the eevee evolution charms available in america. those things have been japanese exclusives since like 2010 or something…
    i’ve been working with users here to help bring them things from japan for a long time now, this website is exactly what we needed.

  19. PreyingShark says:

    Accepted cards:
    Diners Club
    American Express
    For you youngsters who don’t have a debit card or whatever, you can get a few of these in gift card form at a local gas station or something and it should work fine. So you can still get stuff if you only have cash, but do remember that there’s a small gift card fee. There are also prepaid cards but those are a bit different and probably not what you want.
    Oh, and shipping’s apparently $5 + $1 for each item. Could be worse I guess.

  20. BaileyGoodstuffs says:

    My bank account is ready :3

  21. shinryu says:

    Not really sure how that’s a running Pikachu, looks like it’s lying down to me…still pretty cute. The tumbler is nice looking, but a touch pricey considering it only holds 16 ounces.

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